Honoka and the rest of the muse were having practice in the rooftop. "I feel like someone's missing?" said Honoka while stretching, "Ah, you must be talking about Maki, She's in the music room." said Umi (who is also stretching)."Why?" Honoka asked "I think she said she wanted to take a break from practice."

"Oh..,I didn't get a chance to see her." Honoka thought. Honoka sighed

Umi looked at Honoka.

"Why did you have something to tell her or anything ?"

"It's nothing, Umi-chan can I go to the clinic." said Honoka.

"Okay." Umi said

As Honoka left, "Honoka-chan." said Kotori looked at Umi, worried after the conversation Umi and Honoka had. All of the rest of the muse saw the conversation that Honoka and Umi talked about.

"What do you think about it kayochin nya~." said Rin looking at Hanayo.

"I don't know Rin." said Hanayo "Maki-chan."

*While the muse continued to practised . Honoka*

"I need to go to the music room." She started to rungoing to the music room. After 5 minutes running in the school, She finally arrived at the music room, She was now standing in front of the music room. When she opened the door, She found Maki sleeping on the wall, Honoka was walking to Maki, She kneeled down "Your so cute when you sleeping Maki-chan!"

When Honoka was about to stand up she saw a light from the window "What's that?" , The light was getting bigger, Honoka was shocked when it was getting bigger, She covered her eyes, 3 minutes have past Honoka opened her eyes,Honoka eyes widened, She saw a house "H-how did I end up here, I remember that I was in the music room with Maki-chan,Then there was a light from the window and…" Honoka tried to remember as she put her hands on her head "Why I can't remember!" While Honoka was thinking how she got there, She noticed a sign " A sign." Honoka walked closer to the sign and read the sign.

"Nishikino Household." said Honoka while still looking at the sign " Nishikino, Nishi-AHHH!" The family name of Maki-chan!"

"I wonder how I got here?" Honoka put her fingers on her chin. "Why do I feel so light and why I can't touch the ground?, And why am I always asking questions!" Honoka looked at her feet. Honoka's eyes widened (again) "I'm flying!, Am I dreaming." Honoka pinch herself Ouch! Honoka rub her cheeks (she was flying in the sky, She could see anything.) Honoka saw a figure on the window, the figure was small like a little child. Honoka can't see because she was very far from the ground so she tried to lower herself.

" let's see who's that little child on the window." said Honoka as she lowered herself a little bit.

"A little bit, okay here!, so that I could see the person!"

Honoka was still in the sky. But not far she lowered herself to the figure that was in the window. It was a very familiar figure had a red hair like Maki-chan ( but it was longer a little bit and the figure had a amethyst eyes like Maki-chan, Honoka leaned closer to take a closer look. The figure had hair like Maki and eyes, Honoka saw unrealistic.

"MAKI-CHAN TURNED INTO A CHILD!" said Honoka still shocked what she saw


Guys I'm really sorry about my grammars I'm really bad at english

Someone taught me a little bit from my story "Love"

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