"Um..actually….yesterday." Honoka said, she hesitated a bit but was in serious face. Maki was now curious. "Actually, the reason why I caught a cold is because…."Honoka said, "Because of what?" Maki asked.

"I got wet yesterday while I was going home!" Honoka said Maki froze.

"What happen yesterday?" Maki looked at Honoka.

"Actually yesterday." Honoka said, trying to remember what happened yesterday. "It was after school was over, so I was thinking I could go home alone and pass by some lake near and seat around and enjoy the view of the sunset and then there was a kid playing with a ball, then the ball got into the lake the kid tried to get it, the child didn't know how to swim, so he almost got drown, the lake was very quiet with just only few people, no one was able to see the child and I was the only one saw the child drowning the mother of the child was talking with her friend they were far they couldn't see what was going on, so I tried to-" Honoka was cut off by Maki,

"Tried to save the child" Maki said, finishing Honoka sentence. Honoka nodded. "Then after that I got really wet and I didn't bring any extra clothes, so I got home really soak up." continue Honoka, "That's how I got my fever."

Maki didn't say anything, until Maki sighed and sat in front of Honoka, Suddenly Maki hugged Honoka tightly. Honoka eyes widened, pretty much shocked what was happening.

"Please don't make me worry about you idiot." Maki said, Honoka could see Maki was really worried about her. Honoka return the hug. They embrace each other. A child appeared on Honoka's mind" Yume-oneechan!" she remembered a red head girl. Honoka stopped moving. "Honoka?" Maki asked, Honoka realized that she promised to herself to stop loving Maki and just be friends with her. She already confessed to Maki's child form, she was satisfied with it. "It's nothing." Honoka said, Honoka pushed Maki "Honoka?"

Honoka ignored Maki and walked to the door "Maki-chan." She looked at Maki "Do you want to eat breakfast." Honoka smiled at Maki. "Yeah, sure." Maki replied. The two went down to eat breakfast.


"Thank you for the food." Honoka said, finishing her breakfast.

"Thank you for the food." Maki said, also finishing her breakfast.

"Ah, Honoka will you please wash the dishes." Mrs. Kousaka said, "I'm going to take a little nap in the living room."

"Okay!" Honoka replied, "I'm going to help too." Maki said, "What!?, why you're the guest so why would you do chores in other house." Honoka said, "Why? Maki-chan."

"It's nothing, I just wanted to do something!." Maki pouted, Honoka giggled.

"L-Let's go!" Maki said, going to the kitchen. "Hehe~, Maki-chan is so cute~" As Maki heard this, her face was now red, Maki was flustered. Honoka could see Maki flustered but pretend not to see it. "W-What are you saying, I don't get it?" Maki said, Maki's blush was slowly fading away.

"And by the way make sure to take care of your health."

"Oh~, is Maki-chan worried about me hehe~" Honoka teased Maki. "W-What!?"

Honoka laughed at Maki "Will you stop laughing at me!" Honoka continue to laugh "Argh, Honoka!" Maki was embarrassed, she covered her face. Honoka stopped laughing, Honoka walked towards Maki "Haha, Maki-chan you're very cute when you're embarrassed." And pat her head. Just when someone interrupt them.

"Ahem!," Mrs. Kousaka looked at the love birds. "I thought the two of you were washing the dishes, Instead of washing the dishes the two you of were just flirting here." As the two heard flirting the two of them blushed and Honoka quickly putted her hand down. "We weren't flirting at all." Honoka said, Maki eyes widened and looked at Honoka. "Weren't flirting at all huh, that could make sense she was just teasing me at all." The redhead lip's curled downwards. Honoka saw Maki sad face "Maki-chan?" Honoka thought why Maki was making a sad face "Why is Maki-chan wearing that sad face, I don't want to see her like that but I didn't said anything wrong."

"Eh, I thought the two of you were dating already, so that's why I thought the two were flirting." Honoka and Maki froze. "W-WHAT ARE YOU SAYING ." Mrs. Kousaka giggled at the two that were blushing.

"Really~" grinned at the two, "WE'RE NOT DATING AT ALL." Honoka and Maki said together. "Alright alright now you two wash the dishes." Honoka and Maki quickly walked going to the kitchen.

"I'm sorry, Maki-chan about my mother." Honoka said, rubbing a plate using a towel to get the plate to be clean. "it's okay." Maki quickly said, washing the plates.

"But it's your fault that your mother said that thing to us." She says

"Why?, is it my fault."

Maki stopped washing the plate "Because you were teasing me long!"

"Hehehe~, because Maki-chan is cute when embarrassed~" Honoka said, "Why do you keep saying that!" Honoka froze and looked at Maki in the eyes.

"Because I love you, no because I loved you."

"Honoka?" Maki called, "Is there something bothering Honoka." She thought

"Because I like Maki-chan, hehe~" Honoka said, Maki knew that Honoka meant that in a friendly way, Maki sighed.

They continued what they were doing; they were silent at first just when Honoka broke that silent.

"Maki-chan, do you like someone."Honoka suddenly asked, "W-what are you even asking about, of course I don't have someone I like." Maki said, washing the last plate.

"Maki-chan, do you believe that you'll fall for the most unexpected person that you thought you'll never love that person in a romantic way."

Maki eyes widened and after a while she remembered something " if you fell in love with someone it doesn't matter if it's a boy or a girl, but at least you fell in love is always important, but at least you tried to love someone, that someone you love, care and you miss that person everytime you gone home, you think of that person what she's/he's doing, that's how love is." Maki said, Honoka eyes widened, Honoka was shocked.

"She remembered!, how could she remember, I thought that was a dream!?" Honoka was now confused.

"Maki-chan where did you get that saying?" Honoka asked, "I don't know it just came to my mind." Honoka was curios "how could she remember it."

"But I remembered a person saying that." Maki continued.

"Who was that person Maki-chan."

"I don't know but know I remember it there was a person who was very close to me when I was 7 or 8 years old."

"What kind of person was she/he."

"Actually that person was a she I could remember saying onee-chan to that person but she was also older than me, I think she was wearing a high school uniform, the uniform was almost the same as the otonokizaka school uniform." Maki said.

"Crap, what if she also remembered that I confessed to her." Honoka was panicking, she was sweating. "Why are you sweating so much Honoka?"

"I-It's nothing, continue Maki-chan." Honoka replied.

"She was very a nice person, she treated me ice cream, She even bought me a stuffed toy and I remembered that she wanted to go a beach nearby and we did found a beach nearby but I don't know what kind of transportation we used to get there." Honoka was listening, her heart was beating fast. "Why do you even want to know who that person is." Maki asked Honoka, "Um, Nothing I was just wandering if that person was the one who said that saying to you."

"Actually the person did." Maki said, "Wha-, when?"

"My memory is scrambled, so I don't really know when she said that to me and I don't really remember her face." Honoka was relief when Maki said she doesn't remember her face.

After Honoka clean the last plate. The two of them head to Honoka's room "Are you sure you're going to leave Maki-chan, you could stay here." Honoka said, "Are you stupid, what am I an adopted child besides my work here is done." Maki replied,

"Booo~" Honoka pouted, "You were just here because Nozomi-chan ordered that you'll take care of me."

"And also I have to go home now, I have to do my homeworks." Maki said, Honoka just let it go and nodded. Maki began to walk and soon heard a shouting

"Bye Maki-chan!"

Maki sighed, blushing because the ginger shouted her name loudly.

"Goodbye, Idiot." Maki murmured.

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