Time. It works in mysterious ways. Events in the present can run simultaneously with events in the past and the future. In some instances, travellers can move beyond the Temporal Gate and interact with other eras. This creates ripples that affect events that occur prior to arrival. One decision can alter the entire fabric of cause and effect. And this is where our story begins.

She had been with them for over a year, but now it was time to return home. She remembered the day her mother had requested she go back. Back to a less civilised era 1000 years in the past. To learn from a younger version of her mother and her friends. In that time, they had averted at least two potential apocalypses, one from a demon, hailing from deep space, the other a fallen queen hell bent on eternal youth. But she felt that her parents, Serenity and Endymion, or as she had come to know them, Usagi and Mamoru, were missing her, especially since she had nearly been erased from existence. Now Chibi-Usa, or as she was known in the future, the Small Lady, was ready. In the past, she had been known as Sailor China-Moon in deference to her mother's former title, Sailor Moon. She had planned to continue this alias upon her return to the future. But when she entered the Gate of Time to go back to her future, something was different. Instead of the usual white mist, there was a sort of red thunder. Chibi-Usa tried to resist, up she was pulled in.

2 years ago

Mina sat down dejected. Though being new to the Sailor team, it didn't affect her as much, she knew how the others felt about the loss of Darien. Despite her own past experiences with love, she had to be the team's source of positivity now more than ever. To that end, she had taken Serena to a hairstylist for a total makeover. It helped that the place was offering free treatment to teenage girls. She didn't question this seemingly poor financial decision. If they thought it brought in customers, who was she to argue with them? Suddenly, one of the staff came up to her.

"We're ready for you now.", said the woman patronisingly.

"Oh no," said Mina "I'm only here with a friend."

"Nonsense.", said the woman "you look like you could use a free treatment." This insistence told Mina that something was off about this woman. She pulled out her power pen and said the magic phrase to unlock her powers.

"Venus Power!" In an instant, the Sailor Scout of love and justice was standing there, shocking the woman. But before Mina could launch her Crescent Beam attack, someone hit her on the back of her head. The last thing she saw before segueing into unconsciousness was a blond man in a red-trimmed uniform, then she blacked out.

1 year ago

Raye was sat in her grandfather's temple. Technically it was her's now, since the old man had been taken away. Recently, she had been having visions of destruction. A large wave of silence eclipsing the entire world, destroying everyone in it's path. This appeared to be an even bigger threat than the Nega-Verse could be. She decided that something needed to be done to try and keep the world turning. She went over to one of the temple's trees, in which people would put slips of paper. These slips had the people's various wishes written on them. Raye honestly had no idea if they ever came true. But now she would try it and find out for herself. She wrapped the paper containing her desire around one of the tree's branches.

"I wish for world peace.", she said quietly to no one in particular. Suddenly, there was a Flash and the tree began to shake and turn into a humanoid woman, who declared "Heart Attack!" Considering that meatball brain Serena's current state-of-mind, this was something Sailor Mars would have to deal with herself. But even she, with her pyrokinetic abilities, could not stop this monster in it's mission. By the time two similarly dressed figures arrived on the scene, the creature was gone and the girl had collapsed, dead away.

A few months ago

A large circus had appeared in the middle of town. Compared to the somewhat derelict buildings surrounding it, the tent was pristine. Inside, several of the various occupants were discussing their arrival. The creatures, who would not look out of place in a freak show, were discussing how apparently no-one had seen them arrive (even, considering the solar eclipse they had arrived in).

"How could they miss something like us?"

"Perhaps they did notice and simply didn't think much of it. This sort of thing must be pretty commonplace by now."

Suddenly, a loud booming voice filled the air. "SILENCE!" Out of nowhere, Grand Zirconia appeared on his podium, all light focused on him. "Amazon Trio, present yourself!" From their own personal dimensions, his servants, Tiger's Eye, Hawk's Eye and Fish's Eye appeared before him. "As you know, the pure one has surfaced here on Earth, in the dreams of a human. There are only a few candidates it could be in this country's current climate. The search should be simple. Do not fail me, or I shall punish all 3 of you!" "Yes, Grand Zirconia!", replied the three underlings.

Once they were gone, Zirconia turned towards his master, trapped in the dark mirror. The voice spoke to him "Good work my puppet. I shall soon locate and send forth my other warriors, the Amzoness Quartet. Soon, the Golden Crystal and the power of Elysion will be ours!"