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As the darkness closed in and the gaping whole in his chest began to heal, his last sight was his best friend walking away from him and toward that snake, Orochimaru, and his promises of power.

-Four Days Later-

Tsunade marched through the halls of the Hokage's Tower towards the Konohagakura No Sato Council Chambers. She paused before the doors, took a deep calming breath, and opened them. Quickly, she strode inside and to her seat at the head of the long oval table. As she sat she observed those around her.

To her left sat the five civilian Councilors and her three advisors: Mebuki Haruno (Merchant's representative and mother of Team 7's Sakura Haruno), Daisuke Kuro (Land of Fire Bank's representative), Tamora Kusunagi (The Fire Damiyo's representative), the two elected councilors and brothers, Sosuke and Yusuke Taichi, and the Hokage's Three Advisors: Danzo Shimura, Hamura Mitokado, and Hoharu Utatane. On her right sat the representatives of the villages Ninja clans and the general forces: Clan Head Tsuma Inuzuka, Clan Head Hiashi Hyuga, Clan Head Shibi Aburame, Clan Head Choza Akimichi, Clan Head Inoichi Yamanaka, Clan Head Shikaku Nara, and the two general forces representatives: Hana Ame and Ichigo Hi.

As soon as she Tsunade had seated her self, Danzo spoke up. "Why, may I ask have we been called here, Tsunade?" Tsunade looked around, sighed, and then spoke, "This morning I received an envoy from each and every country's Damiyo as well as envoys from Iwa, Suna, Kumo, Mizu, Hoshi, Getsu, and Nadeshiko." Into the following silence, everyone heard her next words. "Due to the logical reasons and united front offered by what is practically all the major powers of our world, I decree that for the attempted destruction of the entire Elemental Nations, Sasuke Uchiha is hereby given a KOSO listing to every country's armed forces, Ninja and all."

Predictably stunned and outraged yelling came from the civilian members of the council. While the Shinobi members, while no less stunned were thoughtfully trying to understand what could have prompted such a reaction other world powers.

Tsunade quickly grew annoyed at all the noise. "Silence!" The room soon quieted down and Tsunade moved to explain. "My reasons for this action are twofold. First and most importantly, if I had not done this we would face war with every ninja village and armed force that had sent their envoys and also those whose envoys are still on the way, and I assure you all there are still more coming. Of this, I'm positive."

Danzo spoke up, incredulously, "Why would so many forces put such pressure on us for a matter that should barely be of note to them?"

Tsunade answered back, "Because Sasuke Uchiha tried to kill the, as far as we know, last Uzumaki alive and thus threatened to unleash the Kyubi no Kitsune upon the world with absolutely no way to seal it away again. As an Uzumaki, Naruto is of the only bloodline capable of holding the Kyubi at bay and if he dies without any heirs, then there will be no way to stop the Kyubi from rampaging across the world. No one it can be sealed into, without it breaking free within a day. Only an Uzumaki could hope to hold it and Naruto is the last one around."