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The Secret Origins of Watch Boy, part I


"BENJAMIN KIRBY TENNYSON!" the redhead girl - now blue-haired - stormed out of the RV's bedroom foaming with rage, "You put dye in my shampoo, you mega-doofus!"

Ben couldn't hold back his laughter, "I particularly think your new look is wonderful, cuz!"

"Ben! You shouldn't have done that." Grandpa Max reprimanded the boy.

A smirk crossed Gwen's lips, "Grandpa, Ben deserves to be punished. I think you should make him do all my chores on the Rust Bucket for the next two weeks."

"Alright, Gwen," Grandpa Max agreed, "Ben, you're now responsible for your chores and for your cousin's chores."

"This is not fair!" Ben protested, "I just put some food coloring in Gwen's shampoo, it will easily wash out when she washes her hair with real shampoo! Working twice as hard for two weeks is much worse than my prank! And I wouldn't even have done it in the first place if the Dweeb hadn't put toothpaste on my face while I was sleeping!"

"And I wouldn't have done that if you hadn't put a rubber spider on my bed, Doofus!" Gwen snapped.

"And I wouldn't have done that if you hadn't scared me with a clown mask, Dweeb!" Ben said.

"And I wouldn't have done that if you hadn't put salt in my juice, Mega-Doofus!" Gwen replied.

"And I wouldn't have done that if you hadn't-"

"ENOUGH!" Grandpa Max raised his voice, "You two are sixteen, but sometimes you act like you were still ten! Ben, I can't leave you unpunished, because then Gwen will pull an even worse prank on you thanks to your last one, and I want to stop this endless cycle of pranks between the two of you."

Gwen winked at him. She had won again, as always!

Ben got up, still upset over his punishment, and left the RV, deciding to walk a little through the woods of Yosemite Park - the place where the Tennyson trio was visiting that day - to clear his head.

Despite all their bickering, the cousins were actually inseparable, and Ben wouldn't trade spending the summer vacations with Gwen and Grandpa Max for anything. Ever since they were ten, Ben and Gwen spent the summer traveling with Grandpa Max all over the country in his RV - the "Rust Bucket". The first time, it was an idea of Ben's father Carl and Gwen's father Frank to help Grandpa recover from the loss of Grandma Mary. But the children liked it so much that in the following years they themselves insisted on taking more road trips.

"How does Gwen always get things to go her way, huh?" Ben thought, "I want to have at least a little bit of her luck ..."

Suddenly he heard a loud and weird noise. Looking up, Ben saw a small ship flying awkwardly in the sky. Looking at it more carefully, he realized the ship wasn't flying, it was falling. A few seconds later, the boy heard the sound of the ship falling on the ground, not far from where he was.

Ben ran as fast as he could, approaching the crash site. People could be hurt, he wanted to help. When he arrived, he saw the small ship crashed in a clearing, and, with a chill on his spine, he realized that ship hadn't been built by humans.

It was an alien ship.

The boy had never seen an alien in person. He was curious to see one. But on the other hand, he had no idea what kind of aliens could be inside that ship ... It could be Loboans - that is, Werewolves - or Vladats - popularly called Vampires - or maybe even Ectonurites a.k.a. Evil Spirits... And Ben was an unarmed boy walking alone in the middle of the forest, the typical first victim of every horror movie.

Ben hid behind the woods nearby at a safe distance, just peeking to see what would happen.

From the ship, a single alien came out, a humanoid being with grayish green skin, and head shaped like a squid. Ben knew that the members of this extraterrestrial species were known as Vilgaxians, and they were very dangerous and feared.

They could shapeshift their arms into tentacles and strangle a human in seconds, and the most powerful of them also could shoot lasers from their eyes, but they weren't feared more than other aliens because of their abilities. While other aliens usually acted without an organized structure, alone or in small groups, the Vilgaxians found on Earth were military troops following orders of their overlord Vilgax, who wanted - guess what - to conquer the planet. That's why they were so dangerous.

The Vilgaxian walked with difficulty, seemingly wounded, and after a few steps, he collapsed onto the ground. A metal sphere he was carrying in his hand rolled a few yards... stopping very close to the spot where Ben was hiding.

Ben could see the alien's red eyes turning towards him and he froze…

"Please . . . Help me . . ." The Vilgaxian said in a weak voice.

It was certainly a trap. Ben's brain told him to run back to the Rust Bucket as fast as he could to talk to Grandpa Max so they could get the hell out of there and call the professionals to deal with that alien. But drawn by curiosity, Ben approached the alien. That Vilgaxian was alone and hurt, he couldn't be a danger to Ben... right?

"The Omnitrix..." The alien whispered pointing toward the metal sphere, "Take it to a safe place... away from Vilgax..."

"Vilgax? Your boss?" Ben asked.

"He is not my boss... Not anymore... I deserted his army... And I stole the Omnitrix... You have to take it away before Vilgax's soldiers get here..."

"What is your name?"

"Tomyx... But don't waste time."

Tomyx might have been lying, but he seemed to be telling the truth - although Ben had never heard of a Vilgaxian who wasn't loyal to Vilgax before.

"Okay, how about you? If you're a deserter, and Vilgax's soldiers are coming soon, they'll catch you."

"It doesn't matter... The Omnitrix-"

"Yeah, yeah, I know, this Omnitrix is important," Ben said, cutting off the alien mid-sentence, "But I won't leave the only Vilgaxian who dislikes Vilgax here to die."

"Not the only one... There are many others of us... on our homeworld."

Ben put Tomyx's arm around his shoulder and tried to give him support so he could walk, but Tomyx was over a foot taller than him and he was very heavy, Ben's plan didn't work.

"Go . . ." Tomyx said.

"No!" Ben snapped.

"You have a good heart . . . Are you willing to risk your life?"

"If I cared for my own safety, I would've ran away as soon as I saw an alien ship," Ben said coldly. Most of the beatings he had taken from bullies at school were because the bullies were picking on younger kids, and Ben would stand up to defend them. He never ran from a fight.

"Get the Omnitrix ... I'll teach you how to use it ... And you'll be strong enough to carry me..."

Ben went to the metal sphere and brought it to Tomyx. The Vilgaxian gathered his strength to sit on the ground, and Ben crouched beside him. Tomyx touched the sphere, whispered some words that Ben did not understand - probably in his native alien language - and the sphere opened, revealing a device similar to a watch inside.

"Grab it . . ." Tomyx said.

Ben did as he was told, and the "watch" clung to his left wrist, glowing green. Tomyx began to "dial" the Omnitrix, and its screen showed several silhouettes of weird creatures.

"This one is fast ..." Tomyx said, as the screen showed a silhouette resembling a velociraptor.

"This one is intelligent..." The screen showed a silhouette of a very small creature.

"And this one is strong." The screen now showed a silhouette of a big four-armed creature. Tomyx slammed the watch on Ben's wrist and Ben felt a tingle all over his body.

Ben's skin began to turn red, and the boy felt two extra eyes sprouting on his forehead, and two extra arms sprouting beneath his original arms. His body also began to increase in size, ripping his clothes. At least the creature had his own clothes - black pants and a white shirt with a black stripe in the middle.

"You turned me into a Four-Armed monster!" Ben snapped at the Vilgaxian.

"It's only temporary... You became an alien… a Tetramand," Tomyx said.

"Tetra what? I'll call it Four Arms," Ben said, being able to carry Tomyx very easily now. Being a super strong alien was actually cool, and he trusted Tomyx's words that the change would be only temporary.

"BEEEN!" Ben heard Grandpa Max's voice calling him.

"DOOOOFUS! WHERE ARE YOU?" Now it was Gwen's voice.

"They're my grandfather and cousin." Four Arms said as he ran towards the voices, "They must be pretty worried about me, it's dark and I should've been back to the RV a long time ago." Less than a minute later he found them. "Hey, folks!"

"AAAAAAH," Gwen yelled scared, and Grandpa Max immediately pointed a gun at him.

"Wait, wait, it's me, Ben! Don't shoot, Grandpa!"

Grandpa Max was an agent of S.E.C.T, the Special Extraterrestrial Containment Team, and even after he retired, he hadn't lost the old habits of always being prepared for any possible confrontation with an alien. Thankfully, Grandpa Max wasn't the type to shoot first and ask questions later.

"Ben, what happened to you?" Gwen asked worried.

"Long story." Four Arms said, "Let's get back to the Rust Bucket soon, this alien I'm carrying is wounded."

"Ben, you know this is a-" Max began to say, clearly uncomfortable.

"Vilgaxian, yeah, I know. But Tomyx is good. "

"I wouldn't be so sure... But he's actually hurt. Helping him is the right thing to do, but I'll keep an eye on him anyway." Grandpa Max said.

On the way back, still in the forest, the sound of a beep came from Four Arms. Something that looked like a metal plate with an hourglass symbol on his left shoulder began glowing red.

"The Omnitrix is about to time-out..." Tomyx whispered.

Four Arms put the Vilgaxian on the ground. A few seconds later he felt a tingle again and... He was back to normal!

"Cuz, you've become another hideous creature, even uglier than before! Hahaha just kidding, I'm very happy that you're back to normal!" Unlike Ben, Gwen didn't know the alien transformation was only temporary, she probably thought he would be stuck as Four Arms forever.

Gwen threw herself into Ben's arms and gave him a tight hug. Ben's stupid teenage hormones - which couldn't tell the difference between a hot unrelated girl and a hot cousin - made him feel very tempted to simply return Gwen's gesture and wrap his arms around her, but he knew hugging her in that moment definitely wouldn't be a good idea - because he was naked.

"Gwen, do you mind? I'm kinda naked here..."

Gwen quickly let go of the hug, "Ewww ... I'm so sorry, Ben ... It's dark, and I didn't even realize your clothes were gone ... I'm feeling so embarrassed right now ..."

"No problem, cuz." Ben replied, also feeling a little awkward. It was dark, so none of them could see the blush on each other's face, but Ben knew both were blushing hard.

Grandpa took off his Hawaiian shirt with a floral design and handed it to Ben. Fortunately Grandpa was wearing another shirt underneath and the Hawaiian shirt was big enough for the boy to cover himself as if he was wearing a dress.

"Help me carry Tomyx, Ben," Grandpa Max asked.

Ben and Grandpa Max together were able to carry the Vilgaxian through the forest until they finally were back at the place where the RV was parked. They laid the wounded alien on Grandpa's bed so he could rest.

But, before anyone could start asking questions, the sound of an explosion was heard in the distance.

"There is a cloud of smoke above the area where most tourists are camping. The explosion came from there..." Grandpa Max said, looking through the window.

"It's them..." Tomyx whispered, "My fa- Vilgax's soldiers, they are looking for me and the Omnitrix."

"I'm going to call S.E.C.T., they'll be able to deal with the problem. We're leaving here." Max said, already dialing his cell phone.

"How long will it take for them to get there, Grandpa?" Ben asked, but the question he really wanted to ask was "How many innocent lives will be lost from now up until help arrives?"

"Ben, they'll be here fast. There's nothing we can do." Max replied, and soon after, he started talking to someone on the phone.

"I can do something ..." Ben whispered, looking at the alien watch on his left wrist.

"Don't even think about it. It's too dangerous!" Gwen said, holding his right wrist, "You could die, doofus!"

"Then you can have the upper bed on the bunk and my Game Station," Ben chuckled.

"This is no joke, Ben ..." the look on Gwen's face... Ben could clearly see that she was frightened, terrified with the possibility of something happening to him.

Ben and Gwen stared into each other's green eyes for a few seconds without saying any words. Until Ben kissed her forehead and said, "Thanks for your concern, cuz, but this is my chance to do something important with my life, to save people… I have to do this."

Ben began dialing his watch to select an alien, and when he came across the silhouette of the one who looked like a velociraptor, he remembered Tomyx's words, "This one is fast." A fast alien would come in handy now. He slammed the watch, just as Tomyx had done before, and within seconds he became some sort of a big blue lizard with a black armor and wheel-like appendices on his feet.

"BEN! NO!" Gwen shouted. Grandpa Max put the phone aside and tried to hold him too, but neither one of them was able to stop him. The new alien accelerated out of the RV, heading towards the danger and leaving Grandpa Max's Hawaiian shirt behind him.

Accelerated ... Accelerate... XLR8. That was a good name for this one.


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