Pain. I could feel the pain coursing through my body temporarily keeping me from moving. Probably low on blood, I'll need to feed soon. Opening my eyes I quickly shut them as sunlight beamed into them. Well, that explains part of the pain.

Gathering my remaining energy I sit up and look around me. Huh? Trees. Big ones. That's not right. Even if the explosion threw me far off from the base I should still be surrounded by snow.

Instead I'm surrounded by trees in a forest. I'm definitely not where I 'm supposed to be. My CO's are not going to be pleased. I shuddered at the thought of their punishments. I may be able to heal fast but that just extends the torture they can inflict.

Looking down at myself I could see I still have all of my equipment, despite the shredded and burnt state of my pants and jacket. My pistol on my left thigh, 3 throwing knives strapped to my right with some shuriken. Checking my boots I still had another knives in its hidden holster as well as the ones on my arms in the sleeves of my jacket on my arms.

Seeing the 3 satchels still attached to my belt I open it and check the one on my left hip. Sighing in relief when I see the inhaler and 5 tubes to put in it full and unharmed. Good, even if I drink a full one now I'll still have enough to last be the next 4-5 months.

Quickly putting one tube in the inhaler and bringing to my mouth, I quickly drained it. Putting it away I clench my jaw and let myself lie back down as I feel my body begin to heal itself. Bones snapped back in place, bruises and cuts healed, new skin formed over burns and everything healed leaving no scars.

Feeling my energy replenished, I stand and begin to look around me. Seeing only trees around me I close my eyes. Letting my sense sink into the life around me I could feel forest all around. Animals of many types of life signatures dotted all around me. Sinking deeper I finally found a human presence.

Opening my eyes I head in the direction the human is at. Pulling out my compass from a different satchel than before I quickly note that I'm heading North. Well, that is good. perhaps I can ask this person for directions to the nearest airport. I can hijack a plane or helicopter to get back. Even though I don't want to go back.

I have no where else to go though. My own family rejected me once they learned what I had been turned into. I held back my sorrow at being tricked years ago into thinking I had escaped when it was really a set up for me to see I was not going to be accepted anymore. I have resigned myself to being an experiment and assassin till I could find a place they could never find me.

I blink in surprise as I feel the person is nearby, much sooner than I expected. Must of sped up while thinking of then.

I exit the trees into a clearing and was surprised to see a teen sitting on a rock facing me as I came into view. Immediately I knew this guy had been expecting me.

Studying him, at first glance he didn't look like much. I estimated he would be about 170 cm tall, had a simple red t-shirt, black pants, and black combat boots. He seemed kind of scrawny and wore a worn straw hat on his black haired head.

Further study showed the lean muscles, calluses on his hands, scars on his arms from long years of training and his eyes showed intelligence and a readiness to fight as well as sharp intuition. I could also feel the quiet pulsing of strength and power coming from him both already trained and unknown.

He is a force to be reckoned with, but in the future with more training, I dare say he could become unstoppable.

"You are a long way from home, stranger." The teen was looking at me like he was staring straight into my heart and soul. "Matter of act, you are a long way from your world."

My heart sped up at that news. "So I was right. I thought something felt different. I thought it was just the forest, but the shift in energy before I blacked out from the explosion took me here."


I studied the guy again. "How do you know this and where is here?"

"Dawn Island, Goa Kingdom. You told me. Or your inner voice did." he stated this as if it was obvious.

"Inner voice? You can hear peoples hearts and feelings?"

He nodded.

"Interesting. So can I. Not to the extent that you can though, it seems. I can only feel their level of power and location."

He gave me a gentle smile. "Empathy. It requires empathy to hear more than what you do now."

"Ah. That's why." I see. Perhaps I'll never reach further than what I have. I threw away most of my emotions and feelings a few years ago.

"Join my crew." The guy states out of the blue.


"Join my crew."

"Repeating isn't going to help me understand." I glared at him.

"What is there to understand? Join my crew." Again the tone like it was obvious and done.

I groaned. "First off, what kind of crew? Second, who are you? Third, why?"

The guy stood up excitedly and rushed to the middle of the clearing, grinning at me with such a smile, it should be impossible to smile that wide. "Why? Because you are strong! And I'm Monkey D. Luffy! I'm going to King of the Pirates!"