Spike's Heart Chapter 10

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Spike's Heart

Chapter 10

The Dragon Who Returned

The Everfree Forest

In the deepest cavity of the volcano, a dragon lay asleep in the blazing magma. Slowly the eyes open as his frame lifts off the rocky floor, cradle in flames taking him out of the chamber and up towards the surface. The flames, made from a multitude of colors, rockets upward.

A claw hand breaks the surface of lava, grabbing the edge tightly as the rest of the figure crawls out on his hands and knees taking deep breathes. Not caring about the sulfur flumes in the air, Spike stands up his wings spreading wide as he looks at the damage that the battle has cause. His hand stretches out and forms a fist as the surrounding fires settle down into nothingness.

With the fires under control, his hand opens out as a ball of green flames instantly appears in his palm carrying an amethyst ring. Putting the ring back on his finger, he sits on the edge of the volcano, looking at the sky. With the flap of his wings, a breeze swept across the volcano and the foggy surrounding. The inscriptions in the fog float up into the sky and disappear taking the fog with it.

"Hey, Lily! Please take me home. I am too tire right now. It seems gaining real wings is a draining process." Spike says as his back falls backwards, too exhausted to stand on his own. Soon golden vines burst out the ground lifting him as they cover him.

"I miss hearing your voice, Master." Lily's voice sounds out all around him and in a flash, all that was left were golden petals.

As sight comes back to him, Spike sees Lily jumping up on him along with Chrysalis, Zecora, and Dahlia, instinctively he grabs them. Losing his balance, he was about to fall when a thick vine spring up, supporting him. He looks over their figures. Each one of them having tears falling down their cheeks. Also, Spike notices that Dahlia gotten much bigger since he left.

"I'm back! Did you miss me?" He smiles trying not to cry himself as his wings wrap around the crying girls. "I promise not to leave for so long." Taking his hands, he wipes each of their cheeks "I won't leave you all alone. Whether there's danger or not, I won't just disappear." Looking at the evening sun starting to set, Spikes rubs Lily cheek until she stops crying and she looks up at him.

"Lily, please takes us to the Treehouse and I make something nice for dinner. I know we have plenty of spare rooms that Chrysalis and Zecora can sleep in as well."

Holding the hand on her cheek, she smiles. "Okay Master!" The vines spread out of her wrapping everyone.

"""Lily? What are you doing?!""" The other mares cry out as they hold on tighter to Spike.

"It's time for Master to make dinner, and it was such a long time since I tasted his cooking" Lily says as she starts walking towards the Treehouse. "So, no complaining!"

The vines gathered and lifted them all along for a ride.

Chrysalis POV

The being called Lily. She was an interesting creature. At first, I thought she commands the smaller creature and the zebra around, but I was wrong. The three have a more complicated relationship. I can feel it… so it makes me more confuse. Lily respects Dahlia yet Dahlia is caring towards Lily, helping her if she needs it. Zecora feels grateful to them. I feel like they see something in me. It was when Lily inform us of Spike's return, leading us outside the Treehouse that I discover we all share something in common. As soon as his name was mention again, the room bloom in the sweet fragrance of love. A mare's love. I was shock by the amount Dahlia was releasing, closely follow by Lily's love. They are clearly dedicated to him. Zecora was a mixture of emotions. There was joy, happiness, and caring. I did not understand why she was releasing deep guilt, but I can taste a little hope and a love with some spice. The zebra was remarkably interesting too.

When he appeared, I could not deny my own feelings as I leap onto him, hugging him without restraint. Unloading emotions, I never felt for anyone as I do for him. If we were alone, I would have kiss him. Heck, I would have done more than that.

Holding him, feeling the warmth that we share for months. His comforting heat.

Dinner was meatless burritos. As he laid down our plates, he also places a large salad by mine, saying "You need to eat your veggies. If you eat only meat, it will cause problems." He shrugged his shoulders, as he places down his own salad and a couple burritos with a few gems on the side.

"I guess it will… now that I am living here." I said with hope that I can stay. I am his queen. The dragon just gave me a wink and smile.

He looks at everyone and says, "I am taking a week off on eating meat." He looks at me, "We are taking a week off on eating meat. I will make it up to you later, Chrysalis, but I know you thank me for it later." After taking a bite out of his burrito, nodding his head with a smile, he looks at Zecora, "I do not regret drinking your potion, Zecora. It brought more benefits for me in the long run. I would not have survived without letting myself completely going draconic, let along saving Chrysalis. I…" He stops as he sees the zebra tears fall with her head lower.

Sighing, he looks at us before sending out green flames that teleports her food. Standing, his food goes up in green flames too, as he walks over lifting a crying Zecora into his arms. "You can let it all out. No need to whole it all in." Spike says as he places her head on his shoulder, lightly pats her back. "I guess I tuck you in bed, myself, and hit the hay as well. It been a long day for everyone." As he leaves the dining room, he looks at us again, "Lily when everyone done with dinner can you take Chrysalis into her room." Seeing her nod as she continues to eat, he smiles, "Goodnight girls!"

With him gone I focus back to my plate, taking a bite out of my own burrito… *Mmmm* This is unassumingly wonderful. I quickly spotted Lily and Dahlia reaching for seconds. 'Oh! It is on now. If I can steal meat from a dragon, I don't think I can stop myself. Not when something, as good as these burritos, are in front of me.'

Zecora POV

As the days pass my heavy guilt only grew, it was impossible to relieve the pain in my heart. Only I knew what was in the potion, and how much pain it will cause. They have reached my room for the night and he just wholes me tightly as I cry. Tears falling down his chest.

"It would had killed you, if you weren't a magical dragon, Spike!"

"I forgive you, Zecora." Spike said in his deep voice as he rubs his cheek against my own.

"Deadly pain inducing fungi, bone tearing frog toxin, skin burning viper venom, cursed soul clouding grasses…" I starts to recount ingredients as I tightens my hoofs around his neck.

"I forgive you but was there anything good in that thing" Spike said slightly shook, but he never once loosens his grip.

"No, if anything… it only destroys. It is not medicine." I look into his eyes, "It one of the dangerous concoctions written in my tribes records." He takes a claw tracing the stripes along my cheek. "I not truly a doctor Spike. I am not a dragon expert either. I not even a PONY! I am an escapee of the Zebrian Tribe. I had taken their most dangerous records and been marketed as a witch."

"Why you took these records? I had known you for a lone time, and you're no thief." Spike said as he sits us down on the bed. He did not care about anything expect understanding his friend's past.

Laying my head back on his shoulder as I let out a few sighs, "I took them because they were mine." Holding out a hoof behind Spike, I can see the blood that once coats it still fresh as if it hasn't been years since I left. "Wars were our culture. Wars were in our blood. We believe the number of stripes you show than the deadlier you." Taking a moment to show my figure without any cloths but golden rings, I continue, "We also give a ring for each record you have created."

"And you have 12 golden rings if we include your earrings." Spike states.

"Yes, I am one of the Tribe most important war chiefs. But I wanted the wars, killings, and murders to stop. I wanted to take back my records. I wanted to change my tribe." Leading back, putting my hoofs in front of me. I can feel Spike's deep glaze, as he takes my hoofs.

"If you going to say wash the blood off your hooves than don't" He said deeply, his eyes changing into slits as they glow a bright green. His scales turn black as a few spines emerge out of his frills. His appearance is shocking, but his words were more so. "We can't control how are surroundings can change us. We made decisions we thought were right. Later, we made understand what's wrong, but it is too late. We may think ourselves as monsters…" He smiles like a predator, "Or are monsters." Slowly his changes disappear, and he continues, "What matter is that we learn from our mistakes and move forward. As for what the world may think about us, I can care less."

"Now, my beautiful witch doctor, are you going to stay here in this crazy Treehouse or are you going to go back to Ponyville tomorrow?" Spike said as he laid back with his arms folded under his head. His eyes glowing green as his wings slowly fades away as he gets comfy.

Hastily, I look away before hesitantly laying myself on his chest, "I stay if you fulfill a wish every night."

"Hmm, that I can do. What do you want tonight?" Spike said.

I move my lips to rest by his ears, rubbing against his cheek, "It is an easy task. Thy must kiss me to sleep."

"I don't have much experience. As a matter a fact, I only have one, but I'm a dragon who always keep his promises." He said as he undid my mane letting my hair fall.

"I always known, thee, is one to keep his words," I said as he picks me up taking us under the covers. "and thy will be my first." The words came out bashfully.

"Well we can learn as we go, but sadly I never have a job that uses my lips." Spike said as he laid back down on the bed with me on top. "However, you will surely not regret, because if it one thing I got going for me, it's being a quick learner."

Then he kisses me.

The first one was simply a quick peck on the lips. My heart skips.

The second was a longer kiss and I can feel him humming as he thinks on his next one. Boldly, I lightly bite his lower lip and quickly let go to see his reaction. He had a smug grin taking shape.

"Oh, so you a biter too? I guess I need to get a little forceful." Spike says.

"Forceful? What is…" *Mmm* Spike next kiss forces his tongue pass my lips, wrapping it around mine as he uses the fork end to scrape the roof. *Ohh* It feels so… so forceful, indeed. *Moans* "Oh, Spike!" I moan out, giving my full support in making out with him.

As the night begins to settle, I believe we really didn't stop until we were force to sleep.

'I miss his lips already…'

Chrysalis POV

'It's cold… How can this bed be colder than that one in the cave…? What's different? What's- Oh!... It's because of him. I'm too used to sleeping by his body heat. Oh, I'm so cold… I hate being cold-blooded… Ok, it's decided! This Queen needs her dragon. Ok, I open the door and the halls are clear, check!... Now, I use the emotions, I gather unnoticeable, to transform into Lily, check!... Now, I follow his heat signature and find his room, check! The room is dark and if he discovery me in his bed, Lily will take the blame. Double CHECK! This is what happens to those who take the last burrito, Lily. Hmm this bed is very warm just like how I like it…'

As the morning rays shine into the room, I wake up with my head resting on his shoulder, and I see, Spike, staring at me. Putting on my cutest expression, I say as coyly as possible, "Morning, Master… Do you want a kiss to start your day?"

Spike smiles as he lends in waiting with his eyes staring into mine. Steeling my nerves, I gave him a little peck on the lips. "Here you go Master. Please have a great day."

"Well, how sweet of you, Chrysalis." He says as he smiles. My cheeks grow a blue blush as his tail wraps tightly around me.

"How you know I wasn't Lily" I confess turning back to my original form.

"Well…" He shifts a little, showing a sleeping Lily, blooming with flowers all over, on the other side of the bed, "She always sleeps with me… She won't let go since it been months. Now, I'm back. She had really got attached." As I see Lily vines slowly crawl up his left arm.

"I should have change into the zebra, you wouldn't have guess then." I pout.

"Well…" He begins again.

"No! you couldn't have." I softly sound.

Lifting, what I thought was a mound of covers, turns out to reveal a sleeping Zecora without any golden rings, laying on his chest.

"You. Pervert. Release me this instant!" I said trying to escape his infuriating tail.

"Now. Now. My queen, you can't just leave. You must have come here for a reason" Spike said as he reaches and held my cheek with his claws.

"I refuse to answer you." I look away from him.

"Is this any different than the cave? Did you forget all the skinship we shared?" He said as he pulls me closer and rub his cheek against mine. "I believe I was licking you every other night. I think you like it and you started licking me back. Did that mean nothing to you? A dragon needs a queen and who is his queen?"

"I am… but it was okay when you only had me. Now, I find it impossible to sleep without you by my side." I acknowledge as my head drops a little, "Why can't I have you by myself."

"You already know why. If something, you deeply love. was taken from you, the pain will form scars in your soul. Scars that only fade with time." He says as he lifts my head where I can see his emerald green eyes and kiss me. I lay my head back on his shoulder and sigh as his tail releases me.

"I have a question for you, Chrysalis."

"Ask away, my stupid perverted dragon" I can see his left eye twitching a little.

"It's time for me to return, and I am taking everyone which includes you." He run a claw threw my mane as I flinch from his words. "It's time for you to return as well. Are you willing to follow a dragon meeting his end? Ha! Ha! But, seriously, I won't let anything happened to you!" He declares with an aggressive snarl.

"Where my dragon goes, I will follow. How else will I go to sleep?!" I wail out softly.

"No shapeshifting."

"What! So, do you want me to go out there and have this big transformation like those other changelings to show everypony that I'm okay?" I grimace.

"Oh goodness! No! All your sexiness will be erased… I will miss it too much… Oh I'm getting chills!" He ready did shiver.

"Oh well thank you… anything else?" I asked.

"Yes, be yourself."

"So, we are taking over Canterlot?" I laugh.

"No. But if anyone hurt one of you girls, I will burn it down." He says with a not so real smile. He wasn't gloating as he said those words, and I believe he can do it, quite literally.

Spike is sitting in a desk, reviewing the letters roll out, before finally placing his pen down. Leaning back in his chair, he notices Lily standing by the window as the sunlight illuminate her green skin.

"How long you been here?" He asks.

"I just decide to stay here after breakfast." Lily walks over pouring some tea into a cup. Placing the teacup on his desk. "I made you some iced tea, Master."

Spike sips the tea and smiles as he tastes citrus and ginger. "It's lovely Lily." Placing the empty teacup back to the desk, which Lily quickly refills. "Lily, I keep telling you that you're my friend, right? Didn't I tell you how much I care about you? Why are you acting like my maid?" He questions.

Lily smiles as she stands back by the window, "Yes, I know you love me, and you don't ask to be pamper." She holds her chin with her hand, contemplating her words. "Well I saw… No, I believe a maid isn't a bad job." She smiles. "And I like serving you. So, can I be your maid, Master?"

"Hmm, I guess, but how much will I need to pay you." Spike says while reaching for his pen and paper.

"Oh, kisses will suffice." Lily says without any shame. Spike jerks his head up to see her smiling with threatening eyes.

Getting up from the desk, he walks to the couch nearby, grabbing Lily with his tail. Sitting down, he places her on his lap, wrapping his arms around her. He sighs.

"I'm busted and I am not going to give out any excuses. Are you hurt? Is Dahlia ok?" Spike asks.

"We both are hurt-" *Hmm* Lily sounds out as Spike gives her a deep, long kiss. He hugs her from behind when he stops kissing her.

Lily smiles as she touches her lips. "Dahlia says that kissing me is the same as kissing her. I think she like that one a lot."

"I'm confused"

"It's something about being her tether, Master. It isn't that complicated. Well I guess it is complicated." Lily sighs.

"When we go to Canterlot, calling me Master is going to blow the place up."

"I know." She says as she holds his arms that are wrap around her waist. "It will also run off any more mares that will look at you."

"I don't know. Some mares are strange. Are you serious about being my maid?"

"You think maids are sexy. So, I need to be one to keep the castle maids away, right?" Lily says as she kisses his cheek.

"Rarity will have a good selection of maid uniforms." Spike agrees on maids being sexy.

"I don't like Generosity!" She shouts out.

"I guess I just ask Mom for a few even if it gets a little awkward. You be looking like a maid in no time."

"Is it wrong to called you, Master?" Lily asks.

"It's more of a society issue for Equestria. Their ruling system where any true power belongs to alicorn princesses. Having no princes that are alicorns for centuries can do that. The examples of Prince Blueblood and the former-king Sombra, as controlling or useless beings made things worst. They may not be alicorns, but their influence is still there." Shaking his head, he says, "Mistress will be fine, but the word, Master, coming from the lips of any female will ruffle up both mares and stallions in different ways."

"You are a prince, so me calling you Master wouldn't be bad." Lily pouts, "They can't stop me. Anyways, it was my own choice. Master Spike~" She smiles.

"Ha-ha! A secret prince wouldn't have any influence, but I know that whatever happens. We will come out alright." He says as the scrolls lit up in green flames on the desk. "I wonder just what their reactions will be when they see me?"


The sun crests over the horizon, peeking across the large balcony and through the lavish double doors' crystal glass, to reach the bed's hoofboard. Princess Luna is deeply asleep as the morning hours pass; the sunshine steady crept over her resting form to shine over her closed eyes.

"Mmm… I found him…" The princess mumbles as she turns away from the light and goes back to sleep. Another thirty minutes pass as the sunlight shifts back over her eyelids with more intensity.

"Mmm… I found him… Mmm… M-massage… Mmm… Spike's lips-" The princess mumbles again, but she suddenly stops. Luna eyes shot open as she gasps, bolting up and jumping off her bed to her mirror dresser.

She moves a lock of her mane to reveal a series of small white runes revolving around the base of her horn. As more memories are recalled of last night, a fierce blush covers her cheeks. She focuses her eyes away from the seal to her lips, placing a hoof over them as she remembers his taste… who knew gems can taste so good, the blush covered her cheeks going a deep red. Her heart was beating quickly.

'We, I kiss him…' She gasps, 'It wasn't a simple one… No! We-I went deep, deeper yet I … I am, I am-'

*Knock! Knock! *"Luna. Are you up?" Celestia asks, using a hoof, knocking at the door.

'Why is SHE here? She couldn't have known what occur yesterday!' Luna quickly begins styling her mane, so it covers Spike's seal. Checking the mirror, she looks for any other areas she left out. Finding none, she sighs in relief.

"Come in. I'm up." Luna responds.

"Luna, I came here to check up on you" Celestia says as she walks into the room. "You always present before me in the council meeting. You couldn't imagine how surprise I didn't see you there, nor anywhere else all morning"

"Oh…" Quickly, Luna looks at the hanging clock to see that she really overslept. "I didn't notice" She looks back to her sister, trying to act as normal as possible. "How did the meeting go?"

"The meeting isn't important, how are you feeling?" Celestia looks at her distraught bedcovers and the floor seeing pillows throw all over. "Hmm"

"I'm okay, better than okay, actually" Luna picks up a few pillows without magic tossing them back on the bed.

"If you say so…" Celestia tries to continue but Luna quickly cuts in.

"Is there anything you need, sis." Luna now finish with the pillows, begins fixing the bedsheets.

"No… Nothing but…" Celestia is again interrupted as Luna's hoofs start pushing her out of the room. "Luna?!" She says as she passes the doorway.

"I be ready for the tonight's discussion, no need to stay here sis" Luna states her eyes staring at Celestia. Her eyes never wavered. "I see you later..." Stops before closing the door, she smiles at Celestia. "with some great news." The door closes.

Standing outside the door, Celestia shakes her head in disbelief, "What's wrong with that mare? It almost like she trying to cover up a scandal…" She stops her steps as she thinks about that possibility. "a scandal?"

'I guess I have to wait for that discussion tonight', Celestia thought walking towards the court hall to perform her duties.

The Crystal Empire

Flurry Heart POV

On a busy street, I was heading towards Spike's statue when I see a line of white flickering puffs leading into a different direction. Seeing an adventure to go on, I follow the path towards an old building at the edge of the park. My eyes widen as I see a large purple dragon with wings sitting on a bench.

A large newspaper serves as his cover as he quickly spots me. Snapping his fingers, the white's puffs all disappear. Looking at both sides of the streets and seeing no one, he lowers his newspaper. When I step in front of him, he smiles and says, "I heard a little filly wanted an adventure with a purple dragon. I don't have an adventure, but I do have a story about a purple dragon's adventure. It comes with a sacred necklace. Does this little filly want to hear it?" As he pulls out a glowing white necklace inlayed with an emerald. "This necklace has the power to summon the purple dragon. All you need to do is called his name."

I sat down beside him, taking the necklace and put it on. "UNCLE SPIK!" I yell until I felt a hand on my shoulder. I look to find that hand belongs to that big dragon.

"I'm here, Flurry Heart. I'm sorry I made you worry and upset." Spike says looking down where I can see his emerald eyes.

Gasping at his changes, I ask, "You got so big, and you had gotten wings too! TELL ME EVERYTHING!" After giving him a hug, I grab a hold of his arm.

"Well, little one, you're early and I do owe you some stories. Actually, my biggest adventure wasn't a plan one. It begins with a dream a few months ago…"


Standing in front of Celestia's chambers, Luna knocks on her sister's door while holding a letter that is address to Celestia. Her own letter with topics about the seal on her horn and other details was safety in her own chambers. She wasn't sure if her heart should be beating so fast, but it was after reading his letter.

"Luna, you can come in."

Entering the room, Luna sees Celestia waiting in her robes, looking at a few topics discuss earlier today.

"Sister!" Luna smiles, "Remember my promise? I found Spike yesterday, and he sent you a letter just now!"

"REALLY!" Quickly, the bright princess hugs her sister before grabbing her son's letter floating near. "I can't thank you enough sister!" Celestia says as she smiles while reading the letter. It was a truly short letter, only saying one sentence: Mom, I will be in my old room in two hours, knock, and I open the door.

Clearly confuse, she looks at Luna and give her the letter. The lunar princess was shock by the few words of the letter as well.

"What type of letter is this?" Luna snaps. "After disappearing for months, this is his greetings to settle your worries. Just wait till I get my hooves on him."

"Luna, it's okay." Celestia says calmly.

"But, Tia! He is being so UGHT!" She bellows.

"It's okay because I going to see him soon." Celestia reveals a smile that brightens your day. "I miss him being around." She takes her letter back and starts out of her room heading to Spike's old room. "And waiting an hour or two is nothing compare to how long I already been waiting."

Following her sister as well, Luna asks, "Where is Spike's old room, is it in the castle?"

"Its not in the castle." Celestia leads Luna pass many corridors and down some stairs taking them out of the castle's backdoor that the royal gardens are located. Walking on a brick path, it takes them to a mid-size villa, located at the edge of the royal forest. "He is a secret prince. I can only really be a mother when we're alone." She frowns.

"So, his room is inside the villa…" Luna deduce.

"You're wrong again." Celestia smiles as she teases her sister. "The whole villa is his room. He likes to pick a random room to sleep in as he waits to see how long it takes me to find him." Celestia turns back to the villa's front door, waiting.

"I believe its time, Tia. It takes a while to get here on hoof." Luna states.

"Oh, you are most correct." The sun princess says in a daze, as she raises a hoof towards the door. *Knock Knock*

They heard a few steps before the door opens to show a large purple dragon with glowing green eyes. The dragon looks at the two princesses and smiles deeply at the taller one. Opening the door fully, he shows the large wings behind his back. "Hey Mom, sorry I was gone for so long." Spike says sheepishly.

Shock. Shock couldn't describe her feelings. When Celestia was shaken from her trance, as Spike gives her a hug and her tears fall down her cheeks, her heart grieves and rejoice. Her failings as a mother, and the physical conformation that this dragon was really her son. She cries out, "I'm so happy to see you my beloved son!" And hugs him tight.

"You didn't tell her?!" Spike looks at Luna as he wraps is wings around his alicorn mother.

"I didn't know how. So, I decided to give her a surprise." Luna turns her head as she blushes after seeing Spike's lips up close.

"Mom, I want you to meet my marefriends?" Spike says as he comforts his crying mother.

"Marefriends?" Celestia asks still in a daze.

"Yes." Spike conforms.

"How many?" Luna asks with narrow eyes.

"A few, about 3 ½." Spike reasons.

""A half? How is that possible?"" The sisters shout.

"She is a complicated species. You understand better if you meet her and the rest." Spike shrugs as he leads them into his villa, using his tail to close the door. "I hope you two don't freak out."

""Why will we freak out- Chrysalis!"" They shout out, getting their horns to glow as magic begins to gather. Which dissipates, as Spike wrap them both in a hug, pressing them tightly to him.

"No, freaking out you two! Chrysalis not going to hurt you. Now are you?"

"Not unless you want me to." Chrysalis calmly says as she walks away into the villa's dining room. "Dinner is ready, Spike. Lily and Zecora are done cooking it. Princesses, we can talk while we eat."

"She harmless trust me. Come on let's eat." Spike says as he stops hugging them, and he walks into the dining room.

"Spike, she's…" Luna begins to yell when Celestia puts her hoof over her mouth.

"She is one of his marefriends, Luna. I trust Spike. Let's eat." The sun princess says as she follows her son. Luna pouts her lips and follows her.

Taking their seats along the table on the opposite side of Spike, they were served by Lily which greatly shock them again as seeing another smaller being behind her, helping sit bowls on everyone's plates on the table. They starting to get used to the strangeness as the two mares of unknown species choose their seats.

Zecora walks over and greets them. "Hello, royal princesses, today's dish is from a distant land. It's called, Noodles. The dish is served within bowls, and it's okay to make a mess." She smiles. "Lily and I make a good team in the kitchen. I hope Spike joins up us next time." She says and winks as she sits in her own seat. And dinner starts.

After a while, Luna not understanding how they can behave like lovesick mares. She got curious and ask, "How you all became his marefriends?"

The four mares of different species gasps, before showing bright expressions. The four mares gather around them as they start explaining the events that lead to their relationships.

Luna begins to heavily blush as the conversations begin to really bloom flowers around the being named, Lily. The flower mare wanted a few sets of maid uniforms, explaining a certain type is better than another.

Celestia gasp as Zecora and Chrysalis begin telling the events leading to their relationship with her son.

Looking at how their excitement is only increasing, Spike sighs as he pours himself another glass of his homemade blueberry wine. Who said having a harem was easy? His close calls to death being too many to count. What more proof he needs? His eyes glow bright green as he stares out the window, as he investigates the distant horizon, his frills rise slightly. He can feel it, and it is… Dangerous? Most defiantly is. Deadly? That's highly likely.

He smiles as his pupils secretly turn into slits. For whatever reason, if this threat comes around, he will be ready. He is part of the ancient dragon race. Oh, time to join in on these discussions…

"Master Spike~! They don't want me to call you Master! Tell them they can't stop my love!" Lily cries out. "Oh, and Luna won't give me her bat pony's maid outfits!"

"Spike, your Mother want us to move here! I can't live here; I need to keep studying those new plants near the Treehouse." Zecora complains.

"Son! You have to stay here! You just got here!" Celestia commands.

"Spike can we PLEASE take over Canterlot! I like how there're ponies here to serve and pamper us." Chrysalis smiles as she starts saying, "A queen and her dragon…"

"SPIKE, we-I'm keeping my eye on you!" Luna says.

"These noodles are great, but you have to cook them next time, Spike!" Dahlia orders.

Seeing the mares rushing towards him, a bead of sweat drops down his spine. 'It's going to be a long night.'

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