Spike's Heart Chapter 2

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Spike's Heart

Chapter two

On a train heading for Apple Loosa…

Pinky Pie was sitting near Fluttershy across from Rainbow Dash and Rarity and in front of Applejack and Princess Twilight. First, Pinky's tail starts to stand up rigid hitting poor Fluttershy's back gaining the attention of everyone from their conversations. As Pinky tries to control her tail, her eyes close and her whole body begins to shake as if riding a roller-coaster causing Fluttershy to fall out of her seat.

"Are you okay? Pinky Pie…" Twilight asks as Applejack help Fluttershy up. Pinky Pie eyes shot open.


"What do you mean, Pinky Pie?!" Applejack ask, "What big thing is happening?"

"I don't know. All I know it's really BIG!" Pinky said with certainness.

"Well we can't head back now the map directed us to come to Apple Loosa. The apple festive is happening soon, and we need to make sure everything is okay. The Wonderbolts can handle everything at Ponyville for at least a week. As for Spike, he wouldn't abandon his responsibilities at the castle, and I can't image him involve with something that big. He is just a baby dragon, after all."

"He is small… and slower than Apple Bloom." Applejack said honesty.

"Yeah! That squirt is probably asleep now, right Twilight?" Rainbow said while looking over to them.

"Yes! My little, darling, Spikey-winky must be asleep at this hour." Rarity said.

"And then he… he is safely … in bed. Right?" Fluttershy said when she got back in her seat looking at Twilight.

"Yes, yes, and yes. He must be asleep by now he should be done, and he did half of his chores yesterday. Where he be going to now, anyway. Every pony then started to settle back down for the trip. as Pinky Pie looks out of the window towards the sky.

'I hope you right, Twilight, for Spike's sake. I hope you right.' Pinky thought as she looks at a strange orange hue in the clouds.

In Canterlot, two powerful alicorns are standing on their royal balcony in the palace. They were witnessing a strange orange hue in the clouds. The smaller of the two alicorns begin to speak while looking at the older one.

"Sister, can thou feel this power? It is worrying. Maybe, we should go…", the bigger alicorn cut her off, calmly.

"No, Luna. Princess Twilight live there, and it is her duty to watch over Ponyville. However, we can send a guard to inform us; what is going on. You are right. This power can be dangerous. Goodnight, sister." Princess Celestia said, while leaving Luna at the balcony to search for a royal guard.

"Goodnight, sister." Luna said as she continue to look at the sky.

Two days had pass…

Spike has been literal buried in the thick covering of tree roots, brushes, and flowers. In a way, you can say he is pushing up daisies as in, figuratively speaking dead, in a coma. As the time passes, the flickering light did more than just concealing Spike. In the first morning, it sent some vines which found Spike's bag hanging on a tree limb still intact and bring it back. Also, it widens the hole to make it have more room. It became as still as a rock listening to Spike's heartbeat, which it then decides to wait for Spike to wake. However, the blue flames were still active and reacting to the surroundings spreading into the ground and plants. The ground swelled near Spike's body which erupt into a shifting mass of leaves, vines, wood, and earth. In its center, a blue flame sparked and grew, which cause the shifting mass to gain some shape around the flame. By evening, the form became stable revealing a woman's shape, which crept closer to Spike's body, likewise, closer to the source of the blue flames. By the next morning, Spike had grown three more feet and completely heal, and the white light on his chest is tire of waiting for him to wake up…

Over an ocean of memories lay a dragon floating at the top. The dragon never moves and just continue to sleep. The clouds above became dark, ready to burst. Heavy and unable to release, they rest their load on the ocean. Completely, surrounding the young dragon resting on the colorful ocean. Where the dragon rested slowly grows dark…

'I feel stuck here for some reason… but the pain hasn't come with me.' It was surreal that battle had felt. And yet it didn't feel like I was in control. I was angry, so very angry and from that anger my instincts had awaken. Yes, the instincts saved my life, but I had lost control of myself. I can see it now… with all that power but with no control, it will be wasted.

'I almost die' that viper's cheap shot would had kill me. The pain was so great, and I thought it was over for me; however, I felt an astounding mixture of serenity and peace coming from deep within me. With the last of my strength, I grab hold to those emotions and I will continue to hold this comfort forever…

'I feel like I am floating. Maybe this is how Dash feels in the clouds. It feels great. I wish that I could had went to Cloudsdale.' Then the feeling changes, and remember the fight for my life and how I felt so complete as I murder that chimera and toast the timberwolves. Now, I feel sick; I can remember how hearing that once mighty chimera cries out in pain as I stab its eyes out using its own horns. I can remember feeling satisfaction from those cries.

It is too confusing. It feels as if I changing in more ways than one, but why now? Why after all these years, I began to change now? I can see these flames that are in my body. Is this my power? How can I control them? Or was it all just luck? It's too dark here… My head feels dizzy. It is too confusing. I don't understand….

'Now this you cannot do. Wake up Spike.' A kind voice says.

My eyes snap open, and I was drowning in the darks waters and swim to the surface. I can see nothing but the dark clouds that surrounds me; in shock, I stop swimming and sink. When I came back to the surface, I knew I was severely lost. There were no signs to point me in the right direction, and I doubt it works that way, here.

'Just remember the good times in your life, Spike, they will light your way.' Then the voice was gone.

When I begin to settle my thoughts, the clouds begin to rain. It was hard trying to push pass, the hurt I feel every time I was overlook. The memories of the times they leave me each replaying in the collective rain drops before my eyes, but I can't look away, now. It was hard to overcome the lies. The images of Rarity, Twilight, and Princess Celestia appears before me all replaying the scenes. But as the memories continue with the rain the darkness around me, lighten, it was getting less painful remembering the girls. They may have treated me as a child like everyone else. The memories showing me the truth. They were kind and loving ponies when it counted. They save my life so many times. The dark cloud had vanished and the ocean was fill with bright golden lights all heading to me.

"I can't follow them anymore, but I still love them as my friends." I look up into the sky and smile as I close my eyes.

When the lights reach him, there was a golden flash of light, and he was gone.

'I feel different.' When I open my eyes, I was staring at a woman's face a couple inches away, laying on my shoulder, asleep. It was, almost, impossible to describe. Her face was beautiful shade of brown that went well with the silk like dark green hair that hang over her body like a willow. When my eyes left her face to her hair, I notice white and red flowers at full bloom will appear occasionally in between some of the strands. I look on my chest to see a white light on it, which has a familiar presence. I look up to see a canopy of tree roots and branches. 'ok where am I and is it almost noon.' When I see the sunlight shining in and onto… 'I guess my bed.'

"What is going on in HERE!" I shout in confusion. The white light flew to my snout and shockingly, it can talk.

'Good morning Spike. Usually, it takes longer for someone to come back from their realm of memories.'

"So, you were the one who gave me that hint?" I ask.

'Yes, it had been two days, and you needed to wake up'

"Thank you, I would have been forever lost without your help." I said sincerely. I look over to the being still asleep on my shoulder. 'What are you?'

'That is a sprite.' The light flew to touch the sprite's doe-like nose, and the sprite's bright orangish eyes look curiously at me. 'They don't really talk much.' 'This one form because of your blue flames over saturated this area with magic.' 'I guess she wanted to get close to her lovely life source.' 'Oh, nothing happened last night. Ha.'

"Of course, you can read my mind. Huh, why are you here, and what is your name?" I ask.

'My name is Dahlia, and I'm here to help you with your magic, Spike.'

"How do you know my name?" I ask curiously.

'You ask many questions, Spike, but that one will have to wait till tomorrow. I need to rest helping you wake wasn't easy. Your bag is to your right. Be safe you in the Everfree Forest. Watch over the sprite, in a way, she's me.' The white light went into the sprite's hair and disappears. Now it is just the sprite and me in the middle of a pony eating forest.

"Ah, crap! This is just great. I can hardly protect myself. How I'm going to keep both of us safe!" hearing me shout cause the sprite to move off my shoulder. Free from being a pillow, I shot up to my feet, and end up back on the ground sitting on my rear after hitting my head on a tree root. Seeing me hit my head, the sprite sat by me placing a hand on my head. It glows a light blue and the pain is gone.

"Thank you, I think I grew to six feet…", I look back at the tree root, "and four inches. Um, do you have a name?" I look back over to the sprite, who was staring at me curiously.

"Nyu nyu (What is a name)?" she said. My eye starts to twitch. I took a minute to just look at her. I shake my head. 'I guess Dahlia was right.'

"Well I'm not calling you nyu", I look at a pretty flower by her ear and I got an idea, "How about I call you Lily."

"Nyu (Lily)?" she said as she cutely tilts her head to the side.

"I take that as a yes!" I smile at her and carefully stand up. "Let see what is outside, Lily."

As I reach the side of the den which may be easier to dig through my claws got to work. I guess all the digging for gems with Rarity helps a lot. Before 30 minutes had pass, I had made a suitable passage out of the entrapment. I lead the way with my bag, we went towards the bright light at the end of the tunnel. Out in the graceful wind, and the sunlight wasn't too bright. Eyes widen as I observe the incredible view. In a kilometer diameter is nothing but fine grassland and a river at the west side of the small pasture. I look towards Lily's smiling face and I smile as well. 'I guess the world is being fair today'

"Lily, you stay here while I scout around for a bit." I said as I walk towards the river.

Reaching the river bank, I reach in to get me some of the best tasting water I had in a long time. I didn't even know how dehydrated I was until now. I look at my reflection in the water. 'I really grew!' Now, I'm six feet tall, and my tail is four feet long. My spikes on my head grew thicker and sharper. I feel so strong compare to how I was a few days ago. However, it is confusing and I need more answers for these new problems. I grab my bag and pull out a gem to eat. Chewing, I start thinking about my situation. 'I don't have much food. From the surround nothing much for a shelter than the den, I dig out of. The best way to help myself in this mess I'm in is to take Dahlia advice on magic. I might even learn more about myself. At least. I can protect myself better with magic I know how to control.' As my hand search for more gems I pick out some seeds at the bottom of the bag. 'Huh? I did get the bag from a fruit stand.' As I look at the seeds an idea began to form in my mind. 'Now, what that book says again about magic. Oh, I love having a photographic memory.

For magic has three rules:

1. Magic is everywhere and in everything.

2. Magic can have one do the impossible, and this is what make it dangerous.

3. Magic is control by one's own will and intentions.

Now all I have to do is focus and have clear intentions.'

Putting the bag back over my shoulder I started heading back to the den.

Lily's point of view

I'm happy when I open my eyes to see Master has awaken. I was, somewhat, sad to see the blue flames were gone, but I can still feel them in Master. When the white light, name Dahlia, was around, I learn that Master's name is Spike. I will keep calling him, Master, he did create me. Master started to shout about protecting us. I was scare he was mad at me for sleeping on him and got off. I was so worry when he hit his head on a tree root and rush over to heal him. I was so happy he said thank you, which means he not mad at me. Master asks, do I have a name? I didn't know what was a name, but my wonderful Master started calling me Lily. So, a name is what you call someone. Master made a path outside which I follow out with him. He told me to stay by the tunnel, but I didn't mind. It was the first time I saw the sun and felt the wind go through my hair. I felt energy from the sunlight enter me and I enjoy every minute of it. I enjoy watching nature. It was evening and my master was returning from the river looking closely at the seeds in his hand.

When I came back to the den entrance, Lily was staring at me curiously again. 'Should I be worry? Maybe she hungry. If this idea works, we will have plenty to eat.'

"Lily come with me back inside, I will most likely need your help with my plan. If we lucky It be ready when the sun sets." As I continue into the tunnel, I went to the center of the clamber, and I sat down focusing the seeds in my hand.

As I focus, I felt this calm wash over me releasing a semi clear white smoke out of my mouth as I exhale.

As Master was focusing, I was trying to figure out what he was planning. When I saw the white smoke leave his mouth, I was very interested. I watch closely as the smoke reach the seeds. First surrounding them, then carrying them a few inches above his hand. The seeds start to glow white and spin rapidly until they combine in a small flash of light, leaving a big white seed in his claws. The seed outer coating was so intricate and beautiful as the lines intercept in patterns not found in nature. Then I heard master voice…

"Lily, I don't know if you understand, but you have better control than me. I will be providing the magic fuel if you can inter my mind for the details that need to be created and help me with them. I will be very grateful. I know we just met, but I feel like I can trust you." He said looking at me. I nod my head; I wanted him to know that I understand.

"Nyu nyu (I will do my best master)!" I said.

He smiles at me placing the seed into the ground in front of him, and he took a deep breathe releasing the blue flames that had created me on the bury seed. The ground by the seed began to form into wood flooring spreading towards the walls. The wood went up the walls raising the low ceiling of the den to a more approve height. Let master was starting to struggle, so I reach a glowing blue hand to his forehead and wasn't with Spike anymore.

I was transported to a tree, when I walk closer I saw a sign… 'Ponyville's Golden Oaks Library? What is a library? When I look at the tree, there was a door leading inside and It look way bigger inside than the outside suggested as I enter. I took the time to focus on the design of the structure and the utilities. I look pass all the rectangle shape objects on the shelves to focus on the furniture and materials that I never seen before. I wanted to make my master proud. I wanted to see him happy. After I left the kitchen, I head into the master's bedroom. Looking passed the doggy bed, I focus on the bed. I even sat in it to get the comfort just right for my master to be please. Walking back outside, I remember the windows and I smile thinking of improving the efficiency using the oaks leaves. Now ready to help my master, I release myself from my master's mind.

When I return, I quickly grab hold of master's hand and focus on all the details of the library gaining a bright glow between our hands.

When Lily grab my hand, everything became so much easier to focus. With her sharing the load, I could pull out more magic to put in to this creation. Immediately, the room shook as underneath us, massive roots spread in all directions looking for nutrients, water, and to provide support. I can feel my new home take shape as each floor is created and form the piping and wiring into the walls. I made sure the main root had reach into the water table to obtain running ground water. As the last guest room is finish on the second floor, I began to implement my true goal, food. The giant tree was not any known species but made up of many of them. In the branches, fruit of all kinds grew, multiple, and ripening. They will not begin to spoil, until it was pick. With it having magic flowing in the veins, it will bear fruit all year round, and we will never go hungry.

Taking a breather, I let the blue flames began to sink into the floor spreading along the tree's veins. 'I was tire, but it was worth it. Now, let see how it all turn out.' Checking over Lily, who was doing better than me. Leaving the basement, I lead us to a stairwell located at the exit that I dig earlier.

Opening a door under the stairs, I enter a living room which I thought I never see again. The fireplace and the photos were all there. The kitchen was perfect. The bathroom was built to hold me with room to spare. There weren't any books but I might have a small bookcase in my room, which has a master bed that make you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud. I look at Lily who been follow me every step of the way and smile.

"Lily you did better than okay. You did a wonderful job in though out the house." I honesty was happy. "You know, what they say, 'Mi casa su casa'…" she tilts her head again. "Oh, Lily. It means this is your home as well." She was smiling brightly when I said that. 'It was too cute.'

Shaking my head, I look out the window to see the sun setting. I open the window and pick a few apples and blueberries. This will have to do for now. 'let's hope they actually tastes good.' I took a bite…

"Wow you need to try this Lily. They are really great." I took another bite handing some to her.

Master is amazing he could provide me so much magic, and he is still able to stand. He even said, I can live here with him. I took the fruit he offers to me and bite into the red one. It was the tastiest thing I ever eaten. It was the first thing I ever eaten. I started to bite all around the fruit relishing the sweetness. After I finish the red one, I move on to the little blue ones, and I was in love with their sweet and slight tartness. They didn't last long as I quickly devour the hand full I was given. As I aim to take another bite of another red one again, I hear laughing and I froze…

Master was staring at me, laughing while rolling on the bed. I started to deeply blush without knowing, causing master to laugh harder at me. When he saw me froze, he calms down to speak.

"Lily, I didn't know you have a sweet tooth. I make sure to cook you something great for breakfast." Master was smiling and not disgusted with how I eat. "You know when I learn to control magic better I take you over to Ponyville to try some of Pinky Pie's bestselling cupcakes at Sugar Cube Corner. I'm sure you love them." He got off the bed and wrap his tail around my arm leading me to another room. "Now, this is your room. Oh! I need to take a shower and head to bed. I know that I must stink after spending two days outside. Goodnight, Lily." Then Master left me in the room, and soon later, I heard falling water in another part of the house.

'Master is so nice, but I still don't know much about him… I need to know more about him, but how I can't even speak his language.' Frustrated, I sat down on the bed. 'I want to sleep with Master and be closer to his blue flames.' I look outside the window to see a beautiful star fill sky. I owe him so much. He seems to care for me, too. 'He was so happy with the house. He praises me greatly and I felt appreciated.' I can hear Master walk into his room, and I got an idea. I run out of the room, and I went into Master's room. Closing the door behind me, I got underneath the covers and rest my head on my master's shoulder. Master's eyes slowly open looking to my face and lightly sigh.

"What you are doing, Lily?" he sleepily said.

"Nyuuu (Sleeping)." I said while I yawn with my eyes close.

"Well… ok. Goodnight." He said closing his eyes to sleeps. 'I guess he gave up trying to stop me'

With one eye open, I made sure he was asleep before I place a glowing hand to his forehead and enter his mind. I was in the library again but this time I decides to see what is in the items on the selves. They were each fill with information, which means libraries hold these items of knowledge. Now, I can learn to communicate with Master better. Now, I can learn more of this world without becoming a burden. Maybe, I can even learn more of Master's past. 'I have so many questions. I need to get to work to find the answers. It may take many nights to understand Master more, but It will all be worth it. For my master is intelligent, caring, and loving; he deserves my very best.'

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