Spot propped his cane against the bunk next to him, staring at the worn piece of paper on the wall. He had tacked it up there years ago, when he had first taken over the borough.

Spot Conlon's Rules of Brooklyn

No one sleeps on the street.

Brooklyn don't beg. We ain't a charity case.

If ya wants respect, ya gotta earn it.

Always respect the King of Brooklyn.

Brooklyn don't back down. Ever.

If you'se got a fight, sort it out yourselves. Don't draw blood.

The Bridge is neutral territory.

Any 'Hattaner who crosses the Bridge is intrudin' on our turf. Brooklyn don't share.

Brooklyn ain't weak.

Respect the leader. Respect the key.

Never start a fight ya can't win.

No one tangles with Queens unless I say so.

Brooklyn don't lose.

Just a few words scrawled on some old piece of paper. A few rules, made up on a whim and enforced by Spot Conlon himself. There were others, of course, that he hadn't written down. The unspoken rules that his boys had figured out of their own accord.

Don't cross Spot Conlon. Not if ya know what's good for ya.

Never talk about the Refuge. Ever.

Stay away from Spot when he's in a mood. Ya might end up with a black eye, or worse.

Never lay a hand on Spot's girl. If ya even look at her funny, he'll soak ya.

Spot's strict, but he's fair.

If you'se one of his birds, do your job right or face the consequences.

Turf wars happen every day. Stay out of 'em.

Spot ain't afraid ta soak his boys ta teach a lesson.

Spot smirked slightly, fingering the golden top of his cane. He liked to think his rules were what separated Brooklyn from Manhattan. Jack let his boys run wild. They did what they pleased, because Jack wasn't a leader. He was just some kid in a cowboy hat, everyone's big brother and friend. Spot was no one's friend, and he was certainly no one's brother. Not anymore, anyways. No, he was the King of Brooklyn. Under his tight rein and iron fist, Brooklyn had become the most feared borough in New York. At sixteen, Spot Conlon had armies at his command. And that was just the way he liked it.

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