Chapter 2
Time ticked slowly as darkness swept through the night. Thrashing and rattling everything with fear and fright, sinking into the weak, causing havoc for the mind - a merciless and unforgiving force. For the mind does not know what it wants until it's given orders. The mind no control, but what does? Those who influence it.

Hatred, fear, anxiety, pain, failure, and suffering; confidence, happiness, excitement, love, and joy. Signals. Signals that are sent by darkness or light. Orders of which the mind must obey unless you tell yourself to run.

"You are like everyone else!" The boy yelled, tears rolling down his face

It hurts.

"No different from players, no different from bullies, no different from the ignorant bitches who litter this world."

"Absolutely worthless" the boy screamed at the top of his lungs.

I didn't mean to hurt you

"I am done with this world, most importantly I'm done with you!" looking up at the grey skies the body cried "Oh why have you forsaken me, forcing me to endure hell on Earth, how merciless."

I'm scared I pushed you too far past the point of return

"Now excuse as I perform my greatest disappearance act"

"Kira!" Lacus screamed out loud pulling herself up from her bed. Hot tears rolled down her cheeks, her lungs were in overdrive, and her heart was beating. She was hyperventilating. Her shaking hands gripped her blanket, as she shivered in fear "It's just a dream, Lacus" she whispered to herself "Kira would never say those things to you".

Taking a deep breath in, the pink haired girl let out a long exhale "What are you doing having nightmares, you have an exam tomorrow" she said scolding herself, giving her cheeks a light slap. She gently pulled her tired gazes to the clock she had on her desk '3:17 am' it read prompting Lacus to sigh.

She brought her left hand up to her face and wiped away the tears before scratching her eye "I need to sleep" she replied to herself laying back down on her bed, once she got comfortable she pulled her blanket over her small frame until it covered from her neck to her toes.

Her blue eyes stared blankly at the wall in front of her "I'm too afraid to sleep" She thought to herself, shivering underneath the blanket that covered her.

She slowly turned over to her right side and pulled her phone off the nightstand beside of her. The groggy pink haired girl felt for the power button on her phone and turned it on. Her eyes winced as the bright screen of her phone blinded her, shielding her eyes with one hand, Lacus navigated to her screen brightness and lowered it to its lowest setting.

"Much better" she replied rubbing her eyes with her hand. The pink haired girl moved the phone closer to her face and began to scroll through the different texts she had sent throughout the day, taking the time to read each message with care. Eventually, she came across her texts with Cagalli, Lacus tapped the screen opening the message thread and began to type to her.

"What do I have to bring next week?" she asked curiously

And almost immediately she received a response "A week's worth of everything"

Lacus let a light giggled escape her lips "Define a 'week's worth'."

"Our mission will probably take the whole week"

"Ah" the pink haired girl replied, she locked her phone and threw it to her side "I need to get some sleep" Lacus rolled away from her phone, pulled the blanket back over her arms, slipped her hands underneath her pillow and nestled her face on top of them, before once again falling victim to sleep.

Next Morning

A bright orange haze filled the cool summer air, as the sun slowly rose from behind the tall Campus tower that stood at the entrance of the school. It was a quiet morning, the only sound to be heard was the chirping of birds waking from their nightly slumber.

It was 6:50 am and all throughout the dormitory, not a sound could be heard. Except for one all too familiar sound, the sound of an alarm going off in one individual's room - Lacus Clyne.

Slowly, she pushed herself up from her bed with her tired arms "mmm" she mumbled rubbing her eyes with her hand. The pink haired girl pulled her nightgown shoulder strap back onto her shoulder and pulled herself up so that she was now sitting cross legged on her bed.

Lacus' eyes slowly scanned her room and came face-to-face with her calendar she had pinned on a bulletin board in her room. There circled in bright red were seven dates April 16 - 20. A sigh fell from her lips "I just need to get through this week" she told herself, swinging her feet to the side of the bed.

Rising to her two feet, she tucked her long pink hair behind her left ear be waltzing into the bathroom to get herself ready for the long week ahead of her. After her long shower, she slowly slipped into her favourite faded jeans and covered her upper half with an oversized black sweater that was given to her as part of student council.

With her hair tie on her wrist, she gathered her hair into a ponytail and pulled the elastic over it, tying it in place. Lacus continued to straighten her hair until she was confident enough that all her tiny strands of pink hair fell behind the hood to her sweater.

Reaching out in front of her, Lacus unconsciously moved her hand briskly over her desk until they touched the glasses she had resting on it. Gently she clasped it with her hand and slowly put it on "Much better" she said smiling to herself.

Lacus began to pack her bag with whatever she thought she needed for the day ahead, throwing her bag over her shoulder, she glanced behind her and looked back at the room she was about to leave, quickly her eyes scanned the area making sure she hadn't left anything behind that she thought she would have needed. Satisfied with the reassurance, Lacus closed the door and began her walk down the hall, through the dining hall, and out the dormitory as she made her way to the Library to get some 'last minute' study before her exam.

Pushing the library door with her back, Lacus slowly slipped into the quiet library. She smiled and waved at the librarian as she passed by the checkout counter "Good morning" she whispered walking past the desk and to one of the study cubicles that were off to the side of the building. Pulling her back onto the table, she pulled out her books and slide earbuds into her ear "Okay, let's do it" she said getting comfortable before the long road ahead.

Luckily for her, since she woke up, got ready, and was in the library studying for her upcoming exam all by 7:30 am, she had a good 2 and a half hours of good study time. But knowing this was the case, that didn't calm her nerves, the anxiety that accompanied her stayed and affected her dearly. Glancing at her phone, she read the time off her lock screen "9:45 am" it read. Letting out a sigh, pulled the earbuds from her ears and packed her bag with the books she had pulled out "It's time to go" she whispered.


Being the last to leave the examination room as always, Lacus let out a tired yawn as she stretched her arms up in the air "Finally done!" she exclaimed triumphantly.

"Took you long enough," said a voice coming from behind, which caused her to turn around.

Smiling she sai, "Hi Athrun, did you wait long?"

The boy shook his head "Nah, I had a feeling you'd be the last one out. Looks like I was right"

"That's good, you're done for the day?"

"Oh yeah, my last exam was yesterday. Ready to get going?"

"I thought you were going to call me?" Lacus said walking alongside Athrun as they made their way to the dorms.

He shrugged "Yeah, I thought it would be easier to just get you myself".

"We'll be going to get Cagalli right?"

The boy stuck his tongue out "She's already here?" he replied while scratching the back of his head.

The pink haired girl stopped in her tracks "What do you mean she's already here?"

"I mean, I went to pick her up before I went to pick you up"

"Yeah I get that much, but where is she"

He brought his finger up and pointed at the dorm "She may already be in your room"

Athrun didn't expect what would happen next, as soon as he finished explaining himself, he saw Lacus run as fast as she could to the dorm. Leaving Athrun behind in the dust.

"What's her problem" he mumbled to himself chasing after her "Why we running?!" he yelled from behind Lacus

"Because I don't want her to see the mess that is my room!" she replied running past the elevator and towards the stairs.

Hunched over, he stopped in front of the elevator as he tried to regain his breath "You can take the stairs, I'll just take the elevator" he said reassuringly to himself. Athrun watched as Lacus' figure got further and further away before disappearing behind the door to the stairs.

In Lacus' dorm

Rummaging through the various documents in the disorganized room, Cagalli carefully examined the different papers scattered across Lacus' desks and dresser she had there "Damn Lacus, you're so unorganized" she muttered to herself staring at the paper covered desk, the unmade bed, and piled up clothing on a chair in the corner of the room.

"Looks like the necklace isn't here either" she replied to herself just as her eyes came to rest on an opened white box, where she knew the necklace should have rested. Of course, she would know, Kira showed her a long time ago.

"Cagalli!" Lacus screamed pushing open the door with all her might. Immediately she ran up to her and began to push her away from the mess that was her room "Invasion of privacy!" the girl screamed, her pale face reddened with embarrassment.

"Jeez Lacus, what happened to being organized" responded Cagalli flustered by Lacus' sudden childish movements all she could do was chuckle.

"Shut up!" Lifting her blue eyes from the floor, Lacus glared at her friend "And how did you get in here?!"

Cagalli reached into her pocket and pulled out her keychain "Remember, you gave me a copy of your key at the beginning of the semester saying "If I wanted to come by, here's a key".

"That's beside the point, at least you could have waited for me to get back"

"Yeah, well, I already knew you were going to be the last person out of the building, so why wait that long?" the blonde said pointing the fact of the matter.

"Besides, I helped you pack" she added pointing to a suitcase behind her "Should last you a good few days"

Athrun sighed "At Least close the door, I can hear you two from outside" the boy said casually walking into the room, making sure to close the door behind him.

"Cagalli, I have to do a dorm clear out, as it is the end of the school year, before we start again in September"

Athrun tapped Lacus on the shoulder "Don't worry, we called your dad. He'll clean up for you"

"No it's okay" she replied, not wanting her father to clean up after her.

"Yeah, it's okay for your father to clean up for you. He knows the plan" Cagalli replied reassuringly.

"Did you really have to tell him?" Lacus asked in disbelief.

The boy nodded "Obviously since we're going to be stealing you to sort this thing out with Kira. Props to your dad for agreeing with us".

"Guys… I - "

"You're going" Cagalli demanded "Both you and Kira have a problem, and you two have to sort it out. I don't care if you don't want to go"

Lacus looked at Athrun with pleading eyes "Yeah, sorry. She's the one who forced me to convince you to come with us".

Lacus let out a long and deep sigh "Where will we stay? What if I run out of clothes to wear?"

"I got that all sorted out" Athrun replied

"And do you really plan to buy a whole wardrobe while we're in the PLANTS?"

"Well, I do need to update my wardrobe" the pink haired girl replied teasingly.

Giving Lacus a playful shove, Athrun let out a dry laugh "Yeah right. Let's get going, shall we? Flight leaves in roughly 1 hour and a half".

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