A Madagascar story

A Mason and Rebecca (My OC) story

Circus Love

Note: This takes place after Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted.

Note 2: My OC, Rebecca is actually a circus monkey, she used to be a member of another circus called, "Circus Sakura". But that circus lost all it's mojo 10 years before the time that this story takes place.

Note 3: This story is in Rebecca's point of view.

Disclaimer: I only own the story itself and my characters, Rebecca the monkey, Jim the panda, Rachel the leopard, Tony the wolf, Kelly the beagle, and Nathen the jaguar. All the other characters belong to Dreamworks.

Chapter 1: Joining Circus Zargozzi

Me and my pals, Jim, Tony, Kelly, Rachel, and Nathen were out looking for jobs, since our old circus, Circus Sakura lost its talents years ago. Soon we come upon a circus train and see that this circus is called, Circus Zargozzi. Jim lightly bangs on the door to one of the cars, and a sea lion's head pops out, he says, "Are you circus?" I nod and say, "Hai, watashitachiha sākasudesu. Watashitachiha, sākasusākasusakura de mottomo ōkina hoshi no ikutsu kadeshita." Jim says, "Sorry, Rebecca speaks only Japanese, she'll need lots of time to learn English. Anyways, yes, we are circus. We were part of Circus Sakura. One of the best circuses in Japan. Our circus has been down for years now. So we were wondering if we could join your circus?" The sea lion sticks his head back in the car for about 4 minutes, he then opens the door, and says, "Come on aboard." We enter and look around, we see a tiger, a cheetah, a lion, a hippo, a giraffe, a zebra, and four penguins. The sea lion closes the door, looks at us and says, "So what are your names?" I smile and say, "Watashinonamaeha Rebekkadesu." Jim says, "My name is Jim, and these are my friends, Rebecca, Tony, Kelly, Rachel, and Nathen. What are your names?" The sea lion says, "My name is Stefano." The tiger looks at us and says, "I am Vitaly." The cheetah says to us, "I am Gia." The lion walks over to us alongside the zebra, hippo, and giraffe, the lion says to us, "My name is Alex." The zebra says, "I'm Marty." The hippo says, "I'm Gloria." The giraffe says, "I'm Melman." The penguins walk over and the second shortest one says to us, "I'm Skipper, these are Kowalski, Rico, and Private." While he said the last three names he pointed to the tallest penguin first, then the second tallest, then the shortest.

After a minute, two monkeys come walking in from the car in front of the one we're currently in. When I see the one with the darker colored fur, my eyes go wide, and my heart starts to beat faster. The two monkeys walk over to us and the darker colored one says, "So I'm guessing we've got six new members." Alex nods and says, "Yeah, these are Rebecca the monkey, Jim the panda, Rachel the leopard, Tony the wolf, Kelly the beagle, and Nathen the jaguar." The monkey with the darker colored fur nods and says to us, "Hello my name is Mason, and this is my friend, Phil." The monkey with the lighter colored fur nods and waves. I walk over to the darker colored monkey and say, "Kon'nichiwa watashinonamaeha Rebekkadesu. O ai shite ureshīdesu, meison. Anata wa kanari hansamuda to iu kamo shirenai." Jim says, "Sorry, Rebecca speaks fluent Japanese, she doesn't know any English. If you'd like I can translate what she said for you." Mason nods and says to Jim, "Thank you, I'd really appreciate that, Jim." Jim nods and says, "She said, 'Hello my name is Rebecca. It's nice to meet you, Mason. And might I say that your quite handsome.', her words not mine." Mason looks at me and smiles, "It's nice to meet you too, Rebecca. Also thanks for the compliment, I believe that you're very pretty." I giggle, blush a little, and say, "Anata wa dai kangeidesu sore wa totemo amaidesu. Watashitachi ga tomodachi ni naru koto o nozonde ita. Soshite,-go de, watashitachiha yūjin ijō ni naru kanōsei ga arimasu." Jim says, "She said, 'You're welcome and that's so sweet. I was hoping that we could be friends. And maybe later on, we could become more than friends." Mason puts his left paw on my right shoulder and says, "Of course we can be friends, Rebecca."

End of chapter 1: Joining Circus Zargozzi


Chapter 2: Our first performance in 10 years