A Madagascar story

A Mason and Rebecca (my OC) story

Circus Love

Chapter 2: Our first performance in 10 years

The next day we're in Rome. Before I exit the train car, Mason walks over to me and says, while putting his left paw on my right shoulder, "Do you and your friends remember what you all used to do when you were in Circus Sakura?" I shake my head, look into his eyes, and say sadly, "Kanashī koto ni, watashitachi wa kesshite betsu no sākasu no ichiin ni narenai to omottanode, wasurete shimatta." Jim says, "We thought we'd never be part of another circus, so.. We don't remember what we used to do..." We see Kelly, Tony, Rachel, and Nathen with Stefano, Marty, Gia, Alex, and Vitaly, Kelly wanted to do what Marty and Stefano do, and they allow her to, Tony wanted to do what Vitaly does, and he allows him to. Rachel and Nathen wanted to do what Alex and Gia do, and they allow them to. Stefano says to Jim, "Jim, maybe you should do what Sonya does, she rides on a motorcycle with a lemur." Jim nods and says, "Alright." Mason says, "Me and Phil play a keyboard that shoots the cannons that Marty and Stefano are shot from, maybe you could help us with that, Rebecca." I smile, hug Mason, and say, "Sore wa subarashī kotodarou. Arigatō, meison." Jim says, "She accepts." Mason smiles, hugs me back, and says, "Alright then." I blush a little and kiss his left cheek, he then puts his left paw on my right cheek and kisses my left cheek.

A few minutes later, the performance starts, Vitaly pours hair conditioner on himself, tells Stefano to pull out a ring that would fit a small child's finger and light it on fire, after Stefano lights the ring on fire, Vitaly runs and jumps through the ring not getting burnt. Tony then tells Stefano to pull out a ring that is three times the size of the other ring, after Stefano pulls out the ring, Tony then runs and jumps through it. Me, Mason, and Phil (Mason and Phil are actually in a disguise) then played keys on the keyboard and each key shot Kelly, Marty, and Stefano out of rings. Alex, Gia, Nathen, and Rachel then begin trapezing using rings. A brown bear riding a motorcycle holding a lemur then rides around the audience, Jim also does the same thing.

End of chapter 2: Our first performance in 10 years


Chapter 3: Mason and I become more than friends