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Hello newbies to my stories! Thanks for choosing mine out of all the other (probably much better) stories available.

(Get used to it. I'm very self put downy. (There is a word for that but I can't spell it accurately enough for autocorrect to guess it.)

So right now I have 3 SYOT's! (One complete, one ongoing and the other a side story!)

This led me to start thinking. What could I do for my next SYOT?

I wanted to do something AWESOME! (Here my 14 year oldness really shows through -_-)

I decided I wanted to do a survivor Hunger Games (I'm so original.)

This will start when the SYOT I'm currently working on finishes! (I'd say end of July-ish) Obviously my writing isn't the best (I'm really selling my story to you guys aren't I -_-) but I'm hoping that you don't totally hate it and decide to submit a character anyway.


Heipua Tajah

(Teenage Capitolite)

I watched excitedly. It was time for the merge and I was almost on the edge of my seat. My TV was crackly, father didn't get payed enough for a better one, but I was still entranced.

The new twist both fascinated and disgusted me. Someone actually had to get close to district brats. To me they were nothing more than the insects my 7 year old brother, Molivan was so fascinated with. I hated the things myself, both insects and District peasants, but they had one thing in common.

It was fun to watch them flail under the magnifying glass.

6 months earlier

Allegra Romilly

(Third in line for head gamemaker)

"Everything on the island is almost ready Sir." One of my interns told me nervously. I nodded and him and waved him away. At least 3 people had already passed on that message in the past 20 minutes and I was beginning to feel a headache coming on.

After our president announced the shock twist to the districts, the only thing left to do would be to find someone to overlook all the challenges.

We needed someone charismatic, that could steal the hearts of the Capitol ladies, but also someone strong willed enough to not care about the brats.

It wasn't going to be easy but we'd find someone.

Someone perfect.


General rules

Only one tribute:

As most survivors are, this is a voting Games and it's completely unfair if someone got 4 tributes and had four votes.

No resubmissions:

If I find a character has been resubmitted, they'll be dead so quickly you won't even know what's coming. If they become victor and I find out, well it's not hard to arrange a nasty 'accident'

FOR THE CHARACTER I MEAN! I'm not a psycho!

No Mary Sues:

The only time Mary Sues are in any way acceptable are in a Mary Sue Hunger Games!

No Gary Stues:

Read above rule.

Nothing cliche:

No one wants to read about Flower McFlower from district 11 who's 12 years old, is the oldest of a large family, loves animals and singing and can climb trees really well.


No hate when your tribute dies:

All the SYOT's I've worked on have been super cool and the submitters have been SO nice when their character dies. I have seen other stories where people go crazy and that terrifies me. You can express sadness but no:


Reservations only last Two days:

I'd rather not get reservations at all but if you REALLY need a reservation, say the spot you want is quite popular, you can reserve. Once the two days have past the spot will open again.

Don't go inactive:

You don't have to review, but when you need to vote, VOTE! If not, it isn't an authentic reader vote.

Rules more specific to me

No hate all together:

I have experienced this, though not on this account. You probably font care but I'mma share my story anyway.

13 year old me posted a SYOC

13 year old me had sh*tty (really trying not to swear) grammar.

(So does 14 year old me but that's neither here nor there.)

Asshole comes along and doesn't just insult me but anyone that submitted to my story, calling them desperate.

13 year old me got emotional and listened to sad music.

No telling me I need a Beta:

I know I do! I can't find one that I'm comfortable using.

Thank you if you read through that. You deserve a medal.

I do not have a medal to give you.

I am now sad.

I also want to mention that whilst I check my stories as much as possible, my autocorrect hates me and corrects 'So,' to 'Do.' EVERY. SINGLE. TIME

Sorry for all my rambling. I hope it hasn't put you off.

And now for the part you've all been waiting/scrolling down for!


(Please submit using PM with the subject being Name, District, Gender)

Name: (If you want to find a really good one, type in names meaning... I often use things like 'Precious' for D1 for example.)


Biological Sex:





Faceclaim: (This'll be important, please no links.)







Reaping oufit:

Ideal Chariot outfit:

Nightmare Chariot outfit:

Interview Outfit:

Interview Angle:

Weapon of choice:

What stations will they most likely be into:

Weapon of choice:

Likely score:

Opinion of the twist:

Opinion of the Capitol:

What would they likely be doing before the reapings:

Reaped or volunteered:



Ratings: (I won't accept straight 10's)





Brain solving:


Strength of mind:


(Sorry if the form was long. I've so many times messed up and forgotten something crucial.)

~Dreaming of Starry Skies~

Fun fact (you'll get 1 per chapter)-

Green eggs and ham by Dr Seuss was created by a bet that he couldn't write a book that had 50 or less distinct words.

Another fun fact... You should check out DjEKat.