Undertale: A Series of Crossover One-Shots

Chapter 1: The Itsy Bitsy Spider




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…. What… What happened?

Where… am I?

Am I dead?

No, I can't be dead. Not yet at least.

I can still feel my body. It hurts. It aches all over. A headache too? I feel something soft under me. So maybe I'm in a bed?

No. Whatever is under me isn't a bed. Actually, I think there's more than one thing under me. Multiple soft spots supporting me. Yet… they feel flimsy.

I try and open my eyes. I wince as a flow of light shines down on me.

I quickly turn, unable to face the light in my weakened state. My head bangs, telling me to close my eyes again and rest. To regain my lost energy and let my body heal.

Yet I can't just yet. I need to make sure of a few things before I could even attempt to go back to rest. And the first thing I need to do is check my state of wear.

There's a slight blur in my vision, so I guess my mask stayed on alright. Looking down to my hands, I sigh in relief as I see my gloves are still there. A little torn, but still there. I push myself to my knees, already feeling my body protest in agony. Yet I somehow manage to crane my neck down to see both where I am, and what my suit looks like.

Least to say, I'm confused as my eyes spot a wide circle of little yellow flowers under me. That must have been what I was laying on. I see a few that collapsed and bent in odd direction because of me and my weight. I'll remember to tell whoever planted them thanks and sorry.

My eyes then travel to my suit, and I'm glad to see that it was mostly okay. A few rips here and there, but nothing too big to worry about. Yet the scorch mark on my side bothers me a bit.

The red and blue skin tight suit follows me as I try and push myself yup. Yet even with my enhanced strength, I fall flat on my face.

I can't remember a time since I got my powers that I felt so… vulnerable. Sure, I got near death experiences all the time. But now? I'm in incredible pain and have no idea where I even am. Worst off, I don't know when someone will come by and see me. If I fell asleep now, then someone would defiantly come and see me like this. Then either two things would happen.

One, they get out their phone and take a video where they eventually take off my mask. Or two, they respect my privacy and try to patch me up as best they can. The latter was far less likely when I think back on my multiple experiences with the people of New York. Sure, they all like me. But I wouldn't place it above some street rat to try and make it big by selling my secret across the world.

With another breath of pain, I push myself up once more. Only to fall down once more. That's when I realize just how screwed I am. My body seems to agree with me, forcing me into a sleep like state.

I can't move anymore, so I guess I better get as must rest as I can and hope for the best. Maybe no one will find me? I mean, I shouldn't be asleep for more than a few hours at most right…

My eyelids force themselves to close. I try and fight back against the overwhelming sense of sleepiness. My eyes go from almost closed to just barely opened multiple times. Yet my struggle ends as my mind drifts away from reality. Going to the back of my head where the lands of what I assume dreams are.

And my eyes closed.


"Who are you?" A strange voice asked from the darkness.

I turn in hopes of catching a glimpse at whatever's talking to me. Yet no matter where I look, nothing but darkness. I can hear noises all around me. Children laughter, the sounds of people running around me. It almost seemed like a cliché movie set up for a second.

My eyes squint as I try harder to find something in the everlasting darkness. My lenses narrowing with my eyes.

A sudden chill on the back of my neck sends my sixth sense into frenzy.

"I said... Who… are you?" The strangely feminine voice said from behind me.

I turn in a panic, ready to beat this person into the ground for-

My thoughts go dry at the sight before me.

My eyes widened in complete shock.

For standing not three feet away, is a young woman that sent chills down my back. A creepy smile on her face as she comes into the light. She looked to be around her late teens to early adulthood, and stood just a little shorter than me.

Her hair looks like a light brown, with maybe a bit of blond showing. She wears a light green sweater with a bright yellow line going across. Brown and slightly baggy pants and a pair of sneakers. Yet the two things that stood out most were her eyes and something in her hand.

Her eyes were a deep, crimson red with a curious look. Yet there was something else. Something I instantly recognized from my many past experiences. These were the eyes of a cold blooded killer.

My sixth sense immediately went haywire as I made the connection. I instinctively crouched to defend myself in case of attack. In her hands was a knife that seemed a bit too red for my liking.

The girl seemed amused, yet curious at the same time. Her eyes traveling across the darkness with that same look of amusement and curiosity. Then those blood thirsty eyes laid themselves on me. Her lips turning into a sinister smile that would put the Green Goblin to shame.

"Oh, you're an interesting one, aren't ya?" She took one step forward, I took one step back. There was no way I was going to let her get any closer. This seemed to amuse her even more as that smile somehow became wider.

"You're a strong one. Fast, agile, smart, and above all, determined." I narrow my eyes, not liking where this was going. I readied my body in case of attack. She took notice and let out a small chuckle.

"No worries," She said with a dismissive wave of her hand. "I won't attack you. In fact, I want to thank you."

Please tell me I didn't help her already. I really don't wanna be held responsible for this girl and whatever she has planned. That would really put down my already low self esteem.

"You helped wake me up from my long nap." …. I hate life now.

She took yet another step towards me, I took another back. She then started to walk to me at a calm pace, causing me to try and hop back away from her. Key word being tries, as I felt something bump into my back. I look behind me, and I look on in surprise as all I see is nothing.

I hear her soft footsteps getting even closer. Her insane chuckles getting louder as she closes in on me. A can feel her breath on me at this point!

A cold hand grabs my shoulder and forcefully turns me around. Where I stare at her, eye to eye. Or more accurately, lenses to demon possessed eyes. She then takes her hand and lightly puts it on my cheek. Her eyes seem to soften just a bit as she brings her face closer to mine. What looks like a surprisingly genuine smile graces her feature as she starts to stroke my cheek.

"You know, I still don't know what my 'savior' looks like." She smirks at my panicked state.

I try to push her away! I try to grab her hand and force it away from my mask! I even try to force my way through whatever was behind me! However, I find myself not responding to any of these go to reactions. My body stands still like a statue even though my mind screams for it to move.

Her hand then slips under the edge of the mask. Her fingers slowly go up, taking my mask with it as her smirk grows little by little. She passes my mouth, then brings it above my nose, and right when she's about to pass my brown eyes, she rips the rest of it off.

Revealing my full face to her. My young features, chocolate brown hair, and eyes that stared at her with rage. She only continued to smile, taunting me as she swings my mask in her hands.

"Hmmmm…. Cute." Is all she says with a real quick wink. If I wasn't so angry about my mask being forced off, then I'm sure I'd be a blushing mess.

She then places her finger on my chest, her smile fading with her glaring up at me. Her hair covers her face in a shadow, the only feature I could see were her deadly red eyes. Eyes that bore into what I could tell was my very soul.

"I can see it." She tells me in a low voice. "I see that you like to play the hero."

She grabs the collar of my costume, this time bringing my face down to hers. My face just inches away from her threatening glare.

"You saved me from that awful nap. So I'll give you this warning," Her glare somehow intensifies as her grip around my collar tightens.

"Don't go against me." She says plain and simple.

"For if you do, I will not be so merciful." I would gulp in slight fear if I could move.

She lets go of my collar and straightens up her clothes, letting her glare fade back into that genuine smile she had before. The strange girl then grabs both my shoulders.

"I know we'll cross paths again." She says in a much calmer tone. "It's unavoidable at this point."

I tried to speak, but my voice caught up in my throat. That's when I remember, wherever I am, she is in complete control.

"So please," her face softens as she grips my shoulders a bit harder. "Choose the right side."


Before I could even look at her in surprise, the girl pulls me down to her waiting face. She then locks lips with, giving me a passionate kiss.

My eyes widen at the sheer shock of it! I actually thought for a second that she was gonna kill me!

Just as fast as it happened, the girl broke off the kiss with a gentle shove. A smirk and what I assume as a small blush on her face. Yet I hardly care. My mind's still is racing a mile a minute from how sudden it was!

"Bye bye Pete!"

With that, my world goes black once more.


My eyes open. I can feel my heart beating rapidly. It takes me a moment to fully remember what happened in my sleep.

"Did I just get kissed by a demonic dream demon?" I feel stupid SAYING that sentence. Mostly because the only other 'dream demon' I know of is Freddy Kruger. And the last thing I want to do is kiss the ugly mug.

I immediately shack my head to get that disturbing image out of my head. Only to have it replaced by the strange girl in my dream… or was it a nightmare? Sure felt like one from where I was. I can still feel how helpless I was. The only thing I could have done was run, and that proved completely useless.

I push myself to a sitting position. I'm glad that in my nap I managed to heal from my internal injuries. Sadly, I could still feel the aches and sores from earlier. Only a lot, lot, less painful.

I scan the area around me, wondering exactly where I was. And I can't say that I recognize wherever the heck this place was.

For one, it was really dark. Yet that proved to be no problem as my eyes adapted to the darkness a while ago. I could see four tall white pillars surrounding me, each going up about thirty to forty feet in height. The flowers I saw earlier were still there, showing an obvious impression of my form. And off to the side is some kind of giant purple door! Easily able to fit in someone of even the Hulks size. Above me, is what looks like an endless void of blackness? I can't even see if there is a ceiling up there.

I stare at the door in suspension. Not every day you find yourself in creepy room with only a single exit. And every time I found that Kraven was somehow involved… I hope this isn't another one of his 'hunts'. And with that, I lift myself up to my feet. My legs immediately try to buckle once more, but I stand my ground. They wobble for only a few second before I gain my balance.

I sigh, "There we go." I take a few more shaky steps towards the door.

I feel on edge as I slowly make my way to the huge gate way door. My Spider-Sense hasn't tingles yet, but after all this time I've learned to stray to the side of caution. I mean, just because the door isn't dangerous doesn't mean there isn't anything else dangerous on the OTHER side of the door.

My uneasiness flares as I find myself not being able to see through the darkness on the other side of the door. I slowly crouch into my Spider Stance, prepared for whatever the door has beyond it's-

Is that a flower? Is that a flower with a face!? What. The. HELL!?

I blink. I blink again. I blink so many more times that I can't count. Yet no matter how many times I blink, the face flower is STILL THERE. Worst off? It seems like the flower is watching me! I can see eyes staring at me! Following my movements! It even has a smiling face!

After a few seconds, the flower seems to bow to me in greeting. "Howdy!" Holy shit. "I'm Flowey, Flowey the Flower!"

Whaaaaaaaaat? The flower talked. A small plant, possible a dandelion, talked to me. The sheer stupidity of this whole situation just… it just makes everything I've ever done in my life as a Superhero seems normal. And that includes Deadpool.

"You're new around here, aren't ya?" The… flower says in an awfully chipper tone. I find myself hating this situation.

I reply, "Yeah, I am." The flower looks me up and down, apparently studying me.

"You're really strange kid." It said with a chuckle. "Never seen a human dress like THAT before."

"Hey!" I shout, "Don't diss the threads!"

"Aw, I'm sorry about that little remark kid."

I give it a deadpan stare. "Sure you are."

The snide comment flies over the flowers' head as it continues to give me that slightly weird smile. It's way too friendly for me in this situation. Especially since that Nightmare still has me on edge.

The flowers' smile widens as he looks me directly into my eyes. I feel my Spider-Sense buzz in the back of head just by it staring at me. This only confirms to me that something's up. And I can already tell that I won't like it.

"Say, since you're new and all," It starts with a smile, "Why don't I show you exactly how things work around here?"

Since I don't have many options, I nod my head. I mean, it's not like that flower is actually going to be able to anything, right? It is just a talking flow-

"WOAH!" I shout in surprise, jumping back as a sharp pain came from my chest! It only lasted a second; feeling like someone popped a dislocated shoulder into place. Oh boy, it wasn't a pleasant experience.

"Huh, a red heart. Should've figured you were a determined individual." It said in a 'matter of fact' tone. Yet its words were lost on me. I mean, what did he mean by a red heart?

That's when I just barley catch something glowing from the bottom of my eyes. They went down to look at what it was by instinct, and I nearly jumped back again from the shock!

Floating in front of my chest is a bright, glowing red heart. Hell, not even an actual heart. It's like one of those hearts you see on Valentine cards. Yet for some reason, I felt odd looking at it. Like it wasn't something I should even know about! Gave me the chills, while at the same time… filling me with an unknown emotion. I feel… determined, for lack of a better word.

"You see that Human?" It rhetorically asks, "That's your very heart. Or more simply, you're SOUL."

"I'm pretty sure humans are NOT supposed to have souls shaped like hearts." I remark, a little shaken.

"Its magic kid, everyone can do. Humans to a lesser extent though." Oh, so we're going with the cliché 'because it's MAGIC' excuse then?

"Seems legit…" The sarcasm is lost on the plant.

"You see kid," It continues, "Your SOUL starts off really weak. However, you can strengthen it by gaining lots of LV."

"LV? As in a Video Game?"

"Sort of, but a lot more complicated."

"Okay then, explain old and wise house plant."

"LV actually stands for something." Flowey says that smile never leaving its face.

"It stands for level, right?"

"Nu huh kiddo." It says in the most condescending way possible and where's all this 'kid' stuff coming from? I'm in my late teens.

"You see, LV in this world stands for, get this, LOVE!"

…. Did Deadpool do this? Did he set up this whole thing just to prank me? Seems like something he'd do. Maybe got some help from Arcade just to mess with me even more.

"Say, you want me to give you some?" And now a flower just asked to give me love. Screw Deadpool.

With a sigh I say, "Fine."

Suddenly, five white balls of light appear from behind the flower. And with them, came my Spider-Sense roaring in the back of m skull. Telling me to avoid those at all cost. Not like I really needed it to…

"You see human, these are what are known as little white 'friendliness pellets.'" I notice how the flower shifts his eyes just a bit, gaining a more suspicious look for only a moment before his smiling face came back.

"Grab as many as you can! Your SOUL won't strengthen itself!"

Before I could protest, the 'friendliness pellets' all start to slowly float to me. I stare at them for a second before I began to duck and weave my way around them. Making sure my newly acquired… heart, stayed out of their way.

This seemed to annoy the flower. It gave me a blank stare with his smile a little deflated. Clearly, it was unhappy about my decision to NOT touch the 'pellets'.

"You know kid," It starts with a monotone voice, "You were supposed to CATCH the pellets."

"Sorry Dandelion, but I just don't want white on my perfectly red and blue suit." I see its eye twitch at my comment.

"Let's… just try that again." More pellets shoot up from behind it. And without further warning, they come at me a little faster than the last ones.

With my sixth sense blaring, I once again proceed to dodge all the pellets. I didn't want to know what they would do to me or my new little heart.

The house plant doesn't seem very happy with me as its eyes drops and that smile becomes a little less friendly. I could quiet literally tell it's extremely annoyed. At least I know I'm doing my job right.

"Okay kid, last chance." Its tone seems less friendly before, bordering on pissed if I guess right. A lot more of those white pellet appear from nowhere, and without warning they rush me at even faster speeds. Luckily, my Spider-Sense catches this and allows me to just barley dodge them in time! One almost snagged my torso, but I quickly spun out of its way.

"Didn't I tell ya," My mouth fires before I can even register what's coming out, "I don't want white ruining my amazing suit!"

The flower is bemused by my witty humor. Actually sending me quiet the nasty glare. I just glare back, crouching down into my spider stance. If this thing wants to fight, then by hell I'm gonna give it a fight!

"You know, don't ya?" It lowers its head to the floor. Keeping his face hidden from view, which suddenly makes me very nervous.

"Know what?" I ask, not getting the joke.

"Oh, don't pretend. You'd have no other reason to dodge my 'friendliness pellets' if you didn't know." I notice that the voice got darker, much harder to hear. And I suddenly feel like I'm in a horror movie. Great.

"Look pal, I don't know what you're talking about." I try again, yet I don't think it bothered to listen.

" T." Its face shoots up to look at me! I flinch and take a step back in surprise at what it looks like!

Instead of its' normally smiling face, it's replaced with what I could only describe as the face of a demon. With pitch black eyes that seemed to be a never ending void of darkness. It's horrible smile that looked hooked and jagged. Especially for a flower.

"You just played along to see me suffer!" Suddenly, my Spider-Sense goes freaking haywire! Like everywhere around me is dangerous and that I should get the hell out of dodge! Yet no matter where I think to go, my Spider-Sense tells me it's a bad idea.

"Hehehehe… Get ready kid." Again, I prepare myself for the worst. And by Parker luck, the worst is exactly what happened.

Suddenly, from out of absolutely nowhere, those white pellets appeared around me in a wide dome. Nowhere was safe, as in every direction I looked to, there were only those stupid small pellets. Blocking my way from any hope of escape.

My lenses narrowed. My brilliant mind raced to find some way out of this situation. Some defense I could put up. I just realize how little spandex can protect against stuff. And I don't want ANY of those things near my new tiny heart.

It cackles evilly, "Try dodging this!" The bullets then slowly begin to hone in on my location.

I look on in fear. My mind works over time trying to think of some plan to get me out. Some way I could live through this mess. Yet I find no hole in the mass of white. Nothing to help shield me from harm. I was totally alone, and was about to die.

After everything I did in my life, dying to a flower? I can see it now!

'Here Lies Peter Parker.' 'Friend, Hero, death by small flower.'

I can practically hear my villains laugh their lungs out when they hear about this. Hell, Johnny and Logan just might join them. Maybe some other heroes if I'm being honest with myself.

I close my eyes, waiting for the pain that's soon to come. My life flashes before my eyes, memories of my younger years. Before my powers, before Spider-Man, before being a hero. Back when things were simpler. When Uncle Ben and Gwen were alive. I remember fishing in the local pond with my Uncle Ben. Hanging out with Gwen and Harry, just sitting down and talking. The three amigos just having a good time.

Then I remember getting my powers. The spider bite that changed my life for better and worse. How I used them selfishly. How I could have saved Uncle Ben. How I got careless over my secret identify. How that got Gwen killed. How my mistakes constantly came back to bite me in the ass.

I suddenly can't wait for those stupid pellets to hit me. To make sure I can't hurt anyone else with my mistakes.

"What a horrible creature. To torture such a young child like that." I hear from in front of me.

The voice was calm, almost motherly in how she said it. Or I assume it's a she. From how light her voice sounded, I am almost sure it's a she.

Shakily, I glance up from my crouched position. Only to look on in shock at the figure standing before me with a kind smile.

A goat woman. Not kidding, a literal woman with the face and fur of a goat. White fur, kind eyes that looked me over in both interest and worry. She wore a purple and white dress that went all the way down to her ankles. With purple being the main color and with a white design. I couldn't help but notice that she didn't wear any shoes. Exposing her fur covered feet, and oddly sharp toe nails.

None of that compared to how tall she is. She is at the least two feet taller than me! While I'm not exactly the tallest guy around, I wasn't a dwarf. She towered over me with her motherly stare, which I got to say, is kind of creepy coming from a random stranger. It made this whole situation even more suspicious than before.

"Uuhhhh… hi?" I say with a short wave.

"Hello young one." She replies.



"… So… how's the weather up there?" She looks down at me in amusement.

"Just fine young one. How's it down there?" She chuckles.

I'm a little thrown off from her reply. Not many times do I get to do some actual banter. And it's with a goat woman of all things?

"Ah, y-you know," I say with a slight stutter, "all sunshine and rainbows."

She chuckles again, this time placing a hand over her mouth to keep some laughter in. I laugh as well, yet more so for myself. Really trying to keep my sanity, or what little I have left, in check. I mean, I am talking to a goat woman that's looking at me like her long lost child.

After we're both done laughing, she straighten ups. Yet that same calming smile stays on her face the whole time. It has a very weird calming effect on me, like I'm talking to Aunt May.

She then starts to crouched eye level with me, placing one of her furred hands (?) on my shoulder. Soft and gentle like, as if she were trying to calm down a… child.

I'm now very creped out by this.

"My name is Toriel young one." The now named Torile says. "What is your name?"

"My name?" Do I tell her? I mean, I'm in costume and nothing around here has been particularly nice. On the other hand, she isn't setting off my Spider-Sense on any level and she did just save me from the evil house plant…

"If it isn't too much trouble…" Her tone takes a hesitant shift, wanting to be sure if I'm comfortable telling my name.


"… You don't have to tell me if-" I hold up a hand to interrupt her, not trying to be really rude about it.

"No, it's fine." I say.

I see her sigh with relief. I let out a breath of air I didn't even know I had. Appears we're both a little unease about this meeting.

"My name…" I hesitate… still haven't decided what to tell the goat woman.

"Please, take your time." I'm amassed at how patient she is. Again, like a mother to a child. Oddly, this makes me feel better than crept out.

"My name is…" I suddenly fill myself with determination.

"My name is Spider-Man!"


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For Toriel's short appearance, not much to explain there. Basic game stuff changed to better fit writing. Same thing with Flowey, as their game dialog mostly works when the main character is silent. Doesn't work as well when the person they're talking to talks back. Also, some of you may wonder why Peter didn't just web sling himself up or climb his way out. Well that's because I went the lazy route and had this story take place during a cloudy night, where hardly any light would be able to enter the hole. And the reason he was there in the first place will remain a mystery.

And that's pretty much it. Yet I'm not done here yet, at the end of each chapter, I'll give away who the next character will be at the end of each chapter. I'll either do it by a character quote, name of their show, some idiotic riddle, or just flat out tell you. I'm lazy, and this chapter had been filled with so much filler already. So I'll just go ahead and tell you guys.


A lone figure walks into the golden room of the Judgment Hall. The shining gold of the floor and walls reflecting on his red helmet. He stood tall, taller than most men his age. With broad shoulders that only added to his intimidating stature. He wore a full black body armored suit, which was tough enough to take small gun fire and stab wounds, while being light enough to allow him to comfortably move. A red bat symbol was emblemized on his chest, dark crimson like his helmet. A brown combat jacket covered his body armor.

The man kept two pistols strapped to his sides with holsters, and a combat knife hidden in both his combat boots. He his multiple weapons in his jacket, a trick he learned from his old mentor. The helmet he wore was a dark red, covering all of his face from the outside world. With two eye holes that made his eyes look pure white.

He stepped forward, admiring the Judgment Hall in all its glory. That's when he realized he wasn't alone. Looking ahead, the man could clearly see the one person that defiantly shouldn't have been there. His eyes widened under his helmet, and he took a sharp breath of surprise.

"Sans?" He asked confusion evident in his voice.

The stubby Skeleton looked up at the man, a wide grin that was ever present showing itself to the man.

"hey ya buddy." The Skeleton said in the same calm voice as before.

"What are you doing here skeleton?" The man asked warily, his eyes darting to scan every inch of the undersized Skeleton.

"sorry to say kid, but it's time to be judged." The man didn't like the cryptic way Sans had said that. It wasn't like him at all.

"Again, what are you doing here?" The man demanded, his hands already inching towards his weapons. He hadn't needed them thus far, but for some reason Sans was giving him the feeling that something was about to go down.

"you did god down here kid." Sans said with his eyes growing a bit darker.

"….." He stood there, watching the skeleton with a baited breath.

"sorry kid. i really am. everyone likes you well enough, even if you are a pain in my backbone." He chuckled at his own pun, yet the laugh seemed hollow.

"i wish it could go any other way," Sans took a deep breath.

"sorry again, Jason."