Author's note

This has oral sex not penetrative sex. I might make one with penetrative sex if the future, and I'm going to make one with their text conversations (it will be weird and funny like me). And if you're following my other story I will update soon I promise.


It's been a year since the last book, Alex and Magnus are dating (they have been for 6 months and Magnus practically moved into Alex's room a month ago). Now you're going to see what they do alone. And what happens when you leave your door open. (in this fic the rooms are soundproofed. You'll see why that matters.) (BTW Alex is having a guy day).

Alone Time

3rd person pov

Alex-"Beantown!" He yells as he finishes putting a pottery stuff.

Magnus yelled back-"What!? And I told you not to call me that."

Alex-"Oh you know you love it, and come here." It was then that Magnus noticed the huskiness in his lovers voice.

Magnus-"Ok."(there was ten feet between them) Magnus walks 3ft closer to Alex then stops.

(very annoyed) Alex-"Closer." Magnus walks 2ft closer. Knowing exactly what he's doing.

(in the most seductive voice he could muster) Alex-"Come here and I'll give you a treat." With that Magnus couldn't take it anymore and all but ran to Alex and forcibly (not that Alex was against it) kissed and felt up his lover. Feeling the smirk on Alex's lips he separates their lips and asked Alex's neck knowing he would crumble. and crumble he did, using this magnus takes off there shirts and Alex's pants. eventually notices that his and Magnus's shirts are gone so he teases Magnus's nipples, in return Magnus bites and sucks making a hicky on Alex's plus point. Well Alex takes off Magnus's pants and boxers. Then his wandering in hand finds it's way to Magnus's large dick (it's 8 1/2in long and has a girth of 2in). Wall Alex messes with the tip, Magnus groans and moans very loudly.

Their hallmates hearing the moans and groans knowing their Magnus's (he groans when he dies) assuming he's in trouble go to watch him die (Hey, it's what they would do). Only to walk in on Magnus cuming in Alex's hand. (Magnus nude, Alex in only his boxers they also noticed magnus's dick is bigger than they thought.) Alex notices them and runs to grab a blanket to cover them with.

Alex yells-"OH MY GODS! What are you doing here!"

Mallory-"We heard Magnus grone and he usually groans when he fights and you left the door open."

Magnus-"Oh, uumm ok, as you can see I'm not in trouble, so get out."

HalfBorn-"Ow, Alex is finally rubbing off on you in two ways."

Magnus and Alex-"GET OUT!"

and let's just say they didn't hear the end of it for a few days.