"Seventh heaven clad by the great words of power, come forth from the circle of binding guardian of scales, I summon you!" A man with short brown hair and a trench coat shouted as he stood inside of a glowing circle. After a loud bang the library he had broken into was deathly silent. "Did it work?" He asked as he looked down at his hand that had a red symbol on it. If he were a betting man, he'd say it was supposed to be a wine glass. The three seals being, the cup, the stem, and the base.

"It's been some time since I've been summoned by a mongrel." Came an arrogant voice behind the man.

"Yes it did." The man said to himself as he turned around and saw a man wearing a black jacket over a white shirt, with a pair of black slacks. "Archer." The man said nodding his head in greeting before he held his hand up. "By my command seals," he began earning an immediate scowl from the man in front of him. "I command you to never attempt to kill me, or to plot my death!"

A wave burst out of the room only causing the blond man's hair to shift slightly, his glare however remained. "You have a lot of nerve commanding me that way mongrel."

"Stop right there." The man said holding his hand up. "That is the only command seal I hope to use, I summoned you specifically because I need your help."

"Oh?" The blond asked. "I thought that the grail had been destroyed."

"It has." The man said nodding his head. "Something else is happening though, for some reason a grail war is starting only there is no grail."

"Without the grail, I am uninterested." The blond man said passively. "You've wasted your summoning on me mongrel."

"I thought you were the king of heroes." The man added as he crossed his arms. "Heroes have been summoned who may do great or terrible things."

"And that interests me why?" The servant asked again.

"Because without a grail, this war might just end the world."

"That is of no concern to me." The blond said as he turned around.

"Gilgamesh." The man said sharply causing the hero to stop in his tracks and glare ahead. "I'm not Tokiomi, and I'm definitely not Shinji Matou."

Clearly the man was not as experienced as Tokiomi, but he had more talent than Shinji. "And what makes you so different?"

"I aspire to be one of you." The man said crossing his arms. "I don't have the same ideals as one of my teachers, but I do intend to one day stand as a heroic spirit."

Gilgamesh had to compose himself, because that was not something he was expecting to hear from one of the mongrels. "And what do you know about my past masters?"

"I know that you're partly responsible for one of their deaths, and I know you tried to kill the other."

"Yet you were foolish enough to summon me anyway." Gilgamesh said with a smirk as a golden disk appeared next to him and a sword came out pointed at the master. "What's to stop me from doing the same to you?"

"The command I just gave you."

"Clever mongrel." Gilgamesh said with a yawn. "I take it other servants have already been summoned."

"They have."

"They're of no consequence to me, I find that only in cases of rare exception are the servants interesting. The masters however seem to entertain me far more. Do you know the identities of any of the servants?"

"Only one." The man said shaking his head.

"Would I know this mongrel?"

"You would, but that's not important." The man said walking up to the king of heroes and extending his hand. "I don't want to be your master, and I don't want you to be my servant. Instead let's be partners."

Gilgamesh scoffed at the man and turned away. "I think I preferred Tokiomi's worship, and Shinji's admiration."

"And you won't get that from me." The man said sternly.

"Clearly." Gilgamesh said as he shook the man's hand. "And what will you be needing from me?"

"In life you were a great warrior and hero." The man said walking towards a table and picking up a book. "After the previous grail wars this book was popularized by mages, partially to warn against summoning you." He said holding up 'The Epic of Gilagamesh'.

"Not all mongrels are fools." Gilgamesh said with a sneer.

"However, I knew I'd need someone as strong as you. And the only servants I know of that are comparable are unreachable."

"And who do you think compares to me?" The red eyes man asked as he leaned against a nearby table.

"The saber of the last two wars, and the archer of the last." The man said boldly and without fear surprising Gilgamesh again. "It was him that killed you wasn't it?"

"He didn't do it alone." Gilgamesh sneered.

"So you were my last choice, besides Saber has fought enough, and Archer deserves to rest in peace." He said picking up another book, his back still turned to the king of heroes. "Come on, we don't want to get caught." He said as he started using his shoes to scuff the summoning circle. "If either of my teachers knew I did this they'd kill me." The man joked.

"I never did get your name mongrel." Gilgamesh said crossing his arms. "If this book is so popular you must already know everything about me, and yet you haven't even given me your name."

The man chuckled. "Andrew West." He said with a smirk. "From America."

"That reminds me." Gilgamesh said as he pushed off the table. "Where are we?" He asked as he looked around the massive library.

"The Clock Tower, in London." Andrew said with a smirk.

"Ah." The servant said with a nod. "And are you a teacher here?"

"Nope, I'm a student." The man said as he put all the books he had gathered into a backpack. "This should be my last year." He added as he put the back pack on. "We should go, my apartment isn't far."

Gilgamesh grunted as he faded away into gold dust. "I won't be far if danger arises."

"That's cool." Andrew said as his eyes widened before going out the same window he had come in.


The next morning the master and servant who remained in spirit formed walked through the crowded college. "What year is it mongrel?" Gilgamesh asked in a way that only Andrew would hear.

"2017." Andrew whispered. "Thirteen years since the last war."

"Andrew!" Came a shout down the hallway that caused the master to freeze in place as he quickly tugged the gloves he had on over his hands. "Come with me." Came the voice as he turned around only to see a glimpse of red go around the corner.

"Shit." Andrew said.

"This is getting interesting." Gilgamesh said. He did not say it lightly however, he did not plan to ever forget that voice.

"Please keep your cool." Andrew said as he walked down the hall, he knew exactly where he was expected to go. "Maybe she doesn't know yet."

"Oh, she knows." The spirit replied, if he were visibly a massive grin would be seen on his face.

Andrew walked into the office and gave a quick bow to the Japanese woman in front of him. "Teacher."

"We know what you did last night." She said as she crossed her arms. "Come out Goldey." She said with a sigh.

"Is that any way to greet an old enemy?" Gilgamesh asked as he materialized beside Andrew. The spirit scowled as a dagger was put to his throat. "Andrew, you didn't tell me she was a master."

"She's not." Came another voice as a red haired man walked around a corner glaring at both the servant and master.

"You." The blond glared before the knife on his throat tightened.

"You don't get to talk to him in that tone." The servant growled in his ear.

"I'm going to guess that this is assassin." The Archer said looking slightly up and seeing the glimpse of a red coat. His eyes flared as a golden ring appeared beside Andrew.

"Gilgamesh, don't!" Andrew shouted trying to get Assassin to release the blond. "Tohsaka, you know we need him."

"Last time someone needed him he tried to commit genocide!" The red-haired man shouted pointing at Gilgamesh. "We told you not to try and summon a servant, especially not him!"

"I don't like this either mongrel." Gilgamesh glared. "Unhand me!" He shouted ripping the knived hand away from himself. "If any of you touch me again, you will die." He pointed at Assassin who had a red hood pulled over his head. "You, I would enjoy killing!"

"That's not who you think it is." Andrew said putting his hands in his pockets. "Just calm down." He glanced over at his teachers. "Tohsaka, Emiya, it's already done. The best we can do now is hope that all of us together can figure out what's going on."

"That still doesn't excuse this!" Rin shouted as she stood to her feet. "We've told you so many times about how we had to fight him."

"How he tried to kill Shinji." Shiro added.

"That mongrel was useless." Gilgamesh said calmly. "I merely gave him purpose."

"And Iilya." Assassin said glaring at Gilgamesh as pale white eyes met blood red.

"What's done is done." Andrew said as he crossed his arms. "Now are you willing to work with us?" He asked the trio in the room as Gilgamesh watched for their reactions.

"What about him?" Shiro asked nodding to Gilgamesh. "What if he turns on us."

"I have no desire for revenge faker, if that's what you're thinking." The golden servant said rolling his eyes. "This man his piqued my interest, killing you would only ruin who he is." He said pointing at Andrew.

"You killed all your other masters." Rin interjected.

"No I didn't." Gilgamesh groaned. "You saved Shinji, and as for your father, Kirei was the one who held the knife." He said smirking at the brunette.

"Still, he can't be trusted." Rin added.

"Trust me, or don't." Gilgamesh groaned. "Either way, if all you have is an assassin you'll need me to fight the other five."

"Five?" Rin asked turning her attention to Andrew. "You didn't tell him?"

"I haven't had the chance."

"Tell me what?" The archer asked narrowing his eyes at his summoner.

"There's more than seven servants." Shiro interrupted.