"Wake up." Came the short rebuke causing the King of Heroes to open his eyes. He saw the ceiling directly above him. He reached his hand out and felt the soft comforter, he was in a bed. He remembered now.

"What is it?" He chided as he rubbe his eyes.

"We were supposed to be at Shiro, and Rin's almost an hour ago. You need to wake up." Came the gentle yet stern voice again.

"Damn it woman, can't a king rest?" Gilgamesh asked throwing his pillow where he knew she was standing. If he had been looking he would've seen her catch it out of the air and with the skill only acquired from countless battles she spun it back down onto his head. "Gah!" He screamed in shock. "Fine, I'll get up." He said turning over and looking at the dresser in front of him.

He stood up and quickly put his clothes on before throwing his black jacket over everything else. He felt a pair of arms as slick as alabaster wrap around him. "You look dashing my king."

"And you look beautiful my king." Gilgamesh said with a smile as he turned around and his red eyes met emerald green ones. "How did I get so lucky Artoria?" He asked with a smile.

"Persistence." Saber pointed out as she grabbed her own jacket. "Now hurry, I don't want to be later than we already are." She said pulling him towards the door. "By now everyone else is probably already there!"

Gilgamesh smiled as he was pulled out onto the city streets. He didn't know if he could say he loved London, or if he even liked it. What he could say was that all of the people he loved lived in this city and that was more than enough for him. The two of them walked down a flight of stairs as part of the rest of the crowd. "How do you think they'd react if any of them knew who we really were?" Gilgamesh asked the woman who was staring at an ad for fried fish. "King of Knights." He said getting her attention fully.

"I'm sorry, what?" She asked turning quickly to look at him. A bit of drool still perched on her lip.

"It's nothing my treasure." Gilgamesh said with a smile as the two of them got on the Tube. At first the King hated the idea of travelling with the commoners, but seeing as revealing Vimana to the masses would only cause problems he had resigned himself to this.

"Here's our stop." Artoria pointed out before the doors opened the two blonds walked out and back towards the stairs that led to the surface.

"There." Gilgamesh said nodding to the building where the Faker and Tohsaka lived. They walked inside and nodded to the door man who recognized the young looking duo. They took the elevator up and after hearing the ding they walked to the door.

"Now remember," Saber started as she turned and made sure his clothes and hair were straight. She grimaced when she noticed that he didn't have his hair up this morning, but decided not to say anything this time. "we're their guests. So no starting fights with Shiro, or insulting Rin. And please, please don't pick on his little sister, Iris hates it when you do that."

Gilgamesh scoffed as he looked away from her. "You give me a command?" To anyone else the question would've been more of a threat, but for the two of them it was almost a game.

"And if I did?" She asked coldly.

"I will make you pay King of Knights."

"And I will return the favor a hundred fold." Saber said her eyes steadying on his.

"Is that them?" Came the voice from the other side of the door.

It opened and Gilgamesh almost felt his heart stop for a moment. "What's with you? You look like you've seen a ghost." Andrew said with a big smile. "Come in, we were just about to get started." He said grabbing both servants shoulders and dragging them into the apartment.

"Saber!" Rin shouted as she saw her friend come into her home. "We were starting to get worried."

"I'm sorry Rin." Artoria said covering her face quickly. "He's so hard to wake up some times."

"Oh I know all about that." Rin shouted. "Shiro is exactly the same way. He's either up at the crack of dawn, or the crack of noon, there's no in-between."

"Don't lump me in with that faker." Gilgamesh shouted.

"I wish that was our problem." Came a familiar voice. Gil turned his head and saw Alia walk into the common room. "Andrew is up all hours of the night. Sometimes he doesn't even come to bed until after three."

"I feel like if we stay here we're just going to get sad." Andrew said watching the girls talking to one another. "Want to go and see the others?"

"If I must." The king said walking into the sitting room.

"Hey Gilgamesh!" Shiro shouted getting to his feet and going over to shake his hand. "Glad you two could make it."

"Hn." Was the only response the king gave before Andrew smacked him on the back. "Thank you for having me." He said shaking the mage's hand before pulling him in close. "Faker." He whispered before the two separated. "Well…" Shiro said trying to shake off the weird greeting. "Just about everyone is here."

"Shiro, is Saber here?" Came a gentle voice from inside the kitchen.

"Yeah mom!" Shiro shouted over his shoulder.

Gilgamesh turned his head when he saw a blue come behind Shiro's legs. "It's him." Came a whisper. "Why did Aunt Saber have to bring him?"

Gil rolled his eyes in response but looked closely as Andrew walked around Shiro and picked the girl up in his arms. "That's no way to talk about a friend." He said looking at Illya.

"Andrew, I'm older than you!" She shouted pushing him away from her but he was still able to hold her up. "Stop babying me!"

"But you're like a little sister to me!" He teased turning to Gilgamesh. "Look at that face, who could ever stay mad at that face?"

The Einzbern and the King were face to face and glaring at one another. "King of Heroes." Was the only greeting Gilgamesh was going to get.

"Lady Einzbern." And that was the only one Illya would receive.

"Hello there Gilgamesh." Irisviel said coming out of the kitchen with a bright smile on her face. "I hope that the two of you are finally getting along."

"Sorry." Andrew said turning and putting Illya under his arm and getting a heated stare in return. "I'm gonna need some more time for the two of them."

"Let go of me!" Illya screamed trying to wriggle free from her underarm prison.

"Fine." Andrew said dropping her face first on the floor.

"You will pay for that." The girl said popping up and directing her fierce gaze upon him.

Gilgamesh held in a laugh at their interaction before another voice caught his attention. "Shiro, get in here and help me or this bird is going to get burnt!"

"Coming dad!" Shiro shouted going into the kitchen himself.

"Come on Gil." Andrew said patting his former servant on the back. "Let's sit down for a few minutes, you must be pretty tired after fighting Avenger."

"What?" Gilgamesh asked looking at Andrew.

"I said you must be pretty tired after riding the train." Andrew said looking at his friend closely. "You aren't getting sick, are you?" He asked as he put his hand onto Gil's forehead before it was smacked away. "Can a two thirds god even get sick?"

"Stop worrying Andrew." Gilgamesh moaned as his eyes looked towards the door.

"She's not a gentle nurse, is she?" Andrew asked with a smile.

"Not at all." Gilgamesh said with a quick shudder before the two friends laughed together.

"Phew." Kiritsugu said coming out of the kitchen with sweat on his brow. "Thought I was going to botch that for a minute." He said with a chuckle. "Hey Gilgamesh, glad you could make it." The former mage killer said with a quick wave.

Illyasviel ran past Gilgamesh and jumped up to Kiritsugu who caught her effortlessly. "Daddy, daddy he's here!" She said pointing at the King of Heroes. When she turned there was a single slice cutting perfectly through her eyes causing Gilgamesh to step back and trip over the leg coffee table. "What's the matter with him?" Illya whispered to her father, her red eyes now back to normal.

"I don't know." Kiritsugu said putting the girl down. "Are you running low on mana?" He asked looking closely, his black hair changing to white and then to black again. "I know how hard it is for you to use Ea like that."

"Ea?" Gilgamesh asked in confusion.

"Ea?" Kiritsugu mimicked. "I didn't say anything about that." He looked closely at the servant before he was pushed away.

"Don't touch me." He snarled.

"Suit yourself." Kiritsugu said standing up.

"What happened?" Saber asked coming into the room as she helped Gilgamesh back to his feet.

Rin followed after her and grimaced at the sight. "Keep it together Gilgamesh." She said. Her usually blue eyes a dazzling gold.

"I'm fine." Gilgamesh said looking closely at Saber to make sure everything was normal with her. He then looked over and saw that Andrew was fine too.

"Lunch should be just about ready." Shiro said coming into the kitchen with an apron on. "We might want to hurry so that everyone can get there on time."

"Get where?" Gilgamesh asked Andrew.

"What do you mean where?" Andrew asked cocking his head to the side. "I'm graduating today. I'm gonna be a fully-fledged mage." He smiled brightly.

"Are you sure you're ok." Saber asked just loud enough for him to hear.

"I'm fine." Gilgamesh whispered back. "I must've just had a bad night's sleep."

"Alright." Saber said quietly as the two of them walked to the dining room where a large turkey was placed in the middle of them all.

"You guys didn't have to go to all this trouble." Andrew blushed as Alia rested her head on his shoulder.

"It's no trouble at all Andrew." Irisviel said happily. "Today's a big day."

"I know." He said, his blush not going anywhere. "But why turkey?"

"In America turkey is eaten on Thanksgiving." Illya pointed out with her eyes closed and her nose in the air. "Today we're all thankful for you."

Gilgamesh smiled as his friend was given the credit he deserved. "Let's eat!" Saber shouted earning a laugh from the room as everyone sat down. Kiritsugu sat at the head of the table with Irisviel on his right and Illya on his left. Beside Illya was Shiro and Rin followed by Alia. Beside Iris was Saber and Gilgamesh followed by Andrew who sat opposite Kiritsugu.

Gilgamesh smiled, the food was well made he had to give the faker credit there. He wouldn't have been excess in Uruk if he was in the kitchen. He especially loved the flabby purple stuff that Saber called cranberry sauce. He looked up with a genuine smile on his face, he was finally with people he cared about, and they in turn cared about him. He tried to think back to how that came to be but frowned when he couldn't remember. He knew Andrew was his best friend, but he didn't know why. He remembered he fought the Faker years ago and he had lost, but he couldn't remember why they fought.

He looked over at Artoria, he knew that he would remember her. The first time they met was during the Fourth Grail War and she was being attacked by Lancer and Berserker. After that he saw her use Excalibur and was enamored. Then he proposed to her, and she accepted, no that's not right. He looked up at Kiritsugu who was laughing along with his son. He did something that drove them apart, he was covered in mud and a priest was there when he woke up.

Then he spent years, somewhere until he saw Artoria again. He still couldn't remember when they became close. In all of his memories she hated him.

Saber turned to Gilgamesh with a mouthful of food and smiled at him. "This isn't right." Gilgamesh said as he looked around. He looked and saw that the people around him were wildly different. Illya had a stab wound and her eyes had been destroyed. Her lifeless body sat in her chair.

Iris' eyes had rolled to the back of her head and her neck was clearly broken. She too sat lifeless in her chair.

Kiritsugu's hair was ashen white and he was armed to the teeth in weapons. His bright smile was replaced with the look of a man tired of war.

Shiro's face looked wiser than it should've. He seemed experienced rather than being some mage from a small household that fell in love with a Tohsaka.

He turned quickly and saw that Artoria wasn't even beside him and Andrew was breathing heavily and in pain. "Andrew!" The servant shouted getting to his seat so fast that the chair he was in slammed into the wall.

"Don't bother Gilgamesh." Rin said taking another bite of her food. "That's not really him."

Gilgamesh felt his blood freeze. That was Toshaka's voice, but they weren't her words. "It can't be." He said turning to look at her.

"Figured it out?" She asked calmly as she wiped her mouth with a napkin.

"I did." The servant said solemnly sitting in the chair Artoria had been sitting in. "It's been a long time, Ishtar."