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Sorry that this took so long, but I'm changing the way I write these stories. It's gotten pretty hard for me to write the fight scenes, and I couldn't even manage to write the first few paragraphs for this battle. So now I'll do these in sections.

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Jason: The heavy cruiser. An integral part of every navy, and these two are some of the best.

Neo: The Dragon, the ship of Moff Delurin.

Jason: And the Dreadnaught, the heavy cruiser of the Galactic Republic. As there are multiple versions of the Dreadnaught, such as the Katana Fleet variant and the Imperial variant, we will be using the one the Republic used during the Clone Wars.

Neo: I'm Neo and he's Jason and it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and shielding to determine who would win, a Death Battle.


Model: Dreadnaught-Class Heavy Cruiser

Class: Heavy Cruiser

Length: 600 meters: 1,968 feet 6 inches

Width: 116.5 meters: 382 feet 2.6 inches

Height: 123.3 meters: 404 feet 6.3 inches

Hyperdrive: Class 2, Backup 18

Speed: 13 MGLT

Shield Rating: 192 SBD

Hull Rating: 105.6 RU

Roles: Battleship, Frigate, Patrol

Jason: Created by around 121 BBY by Rendili StarDrive based on the Kandosii-Type Dreadnought used during the Mandalorian Wars, the Dreadnaught revolutionized modern warfare within the galaxy. It was the first ship in 900 years to be a true capital ship. It was easily the strongest ship of its time.

Neo: The Dreadnaught was used for a very long time, by plenty of factions. It started its career in the Galactic Republic Judicial Forces. There it served as a flagship, seeing action in several small conflicts, such as the Stark Hyperspace War.

Jason: It began to lose relevance in the years leading up to the Clone Wars, with the Judicial Forces losing prominence to the individual militias, such as the Trade Defense Force. In 46 BBY, an attempt to restore the Judicial Forces to its former glory. They made 200 Dreadnaughts, these using a full-rig slave circuitry, lowering the required crew from 16,210 to 2,200, as well as adding some ion cannons.

Neo: The Katana Fleet failed miserably. On its maiden voyage, the entire fleet and its crews contracted a virus, which turned the crew insane and caused them to jump the fleet to Hyperspace to an unknown location, where it wouldn't be found for 40 years, and wouldn't be used for another 55 years.

Jason: After the Battle of Rendili in 19 BBY during the Clone Wars, the Galactic Republic passed legislation rolling local militias and fleets into the Grand Army of the Republic, the Republic began using a version of the Dreadnaught similar to the Katana Fleet variant, but without the ion cannons.

Neo: After the the reformation of the Republic into the Empire, the Dreadnaught would undergo a massive retrofit, replacing the laser cannons with turbolasers and giving it a squadron of starfighters. During this time period they would also find their way into the hands of the Rebellion. The Rebellion would convert many of their Dreadnaughts into the Assault Frigate Marks I and II.

Jason: In 6 BBY, a smuggler ship would come across the Katana Fleet, and the captain would go on to sell many of those ships. In 9 ABY, Grand Admiral Thrawn managed to find and capture 178 of the Katana Fleet Dreadnaughts, with the New Republic acquiring 21 of them and the last one being destroyed. This addition to his forces allowed Thrawn to attack 20 New Republic systems.

Neo: These ships would continue their service in the New Republic until they were phased out in the New Class Modernization Program. However, they would be put back into service by the New Republic and it's successor state the Galactic Alliance, during the Yuuzhan Vong War.

Jason: These legendary ships wouldn't see much use after the Yuuzhan Vong War, with them only being seen used as building material for the Hidden Temple in 127 ABY.


Model: Dragon-Class Heavy Cruiser

Class: Cruiser

Length: 700 meters: 2,296 feet 7.1 inches

Hyperdrive: Class 2, Backup 6

Shield Rating: Roughly 224

Hull Rating: Roughly 96

Roles: Carrier, Cruiser

Jason: The Dragon was made sometime around 4 ABY as the pinnacle of Imperial technology, and only one of them was ever known to be produced. It was used by Moff Delurin during his reign as Warlord of Wild Space. It took part in very few battles, and nobody even knows what happened to it.

Offensive Capabilities


Jason: The Dreadnaught has had several different armaments, but for this fight we'll go with the one used during the Clone Wars. It's weaponry consisted of ten turbolaser cannons, ten laser cannons, and 20 quad laser cannons.

Neo: Its turbolasers were mounted on blisters, with five on each side of the Dreadnaught. A turbolaser blister houses the turbolaser, control room, and gunnery station. The Dreadnaught's turbolasers are slightly heavier than the average turbolaser. These served as its main weapons and damage dealer. It has five of its laser cannons on its front and five on its back side. It also has seven of its quad laser cannons on its left and right side, with the final six on the front.

Jason: Of course, the Dreadnaught's weapons have their own weaknesses. As the majority of its weapons are on its left and right side, including its turbolasers, the Dreadnaught could only do real damage in a broadside attack. Plus, as the majority of its weapons are laser cannons, the Dreadnaught is more suited for an anti-starfighter role than an anti-capital ship role.


Jason: The Dragon has a pretty heavy armament for a ship its size. It came equipped with ten turbolaser batteries, 15 quad turbolaser cannons, seven concussion missile tubes, and eight tractor beam projectors.

Neo: Its turbolaser batteries are slightly heavier versions of turbolaser cannons, with five of them on the left and right sides of the Dragon. It had three of its missile launchers in the front and in the back, and carried an unknown amount of concussion missiles. Each concussion missile was capable of destroying an entire building, and enough of them could destroy entire towns. The tractor beams were used to keep enemy ships from escaping, with four on the front and two on its left and right. However, its main firepower came from its 15 quad turbolaser cannons, which made up most of its damage output. It has five of these on the front and another ten on the back. All of these weapons allowed the Dragon to destroy an entire city.

Jason: However, just like all things, the Dragon's weaponry still has its faults. The majority of its weapons are on its rear side, and its left and right sides have the least amount of weapons, despite being the most exposed part of the ship. Plus, it is only equipped with anti-capital ship weaponry, leaving it defenseless against starfighters and small ships.

Offensive Capabilities Verdict

Jason: I think this one is rather obvious. The Dragon, while it does have faults, is just much more heavily armed than the Dreadnaught. The Dreadnaught focuses more on anti-starfighter, meaning there is simply no way it could compete with the Dragon's firepower.

Defensive Capabilities


Jason: The Dreadnaught suffered from shielding problems. Due to the age of its design, the shielding it used was outdated. While the shielding itself had okay strength of 192 SBD, falling behind newer ships of similar size like the Immobilizer 418 Cruiser, the real problem was that it was faulty. The shielding was known to fail on occasion.

Neo: Where the Dreadnaught really shined was its hull, which had a strength of 105.6 RU. Dreadnaughts were known to be able to take beatings from ships several hundred meters larger than it, such as Munificent-Class Star Frigates and Victory I-Class Star Destroyers, for an extended period of time. It was this hull that allowed some of these ships to last for well over half a century.


Jason: Not much is known about the Dragon's defensive capabilities, it has no official shield or hull numbers, and it doesn't have any actual feats either. For this, we'll have to compare it to a similar ship used by the Empire.

Neo: For the comparison we'll use the Immobilizer 418 Cruiser, as it is similarly sized, made at about the same time, and is also made of top of the line Imperial technology. This means it likely has an shield rating of roughly 224 SBD and an hull rating of roughly 96 RU.

Defensive Capabilities Verdict

Jason: This one is a bit harder to determine, but in the end, we have to give it to the Dreadnaught. Not only was it famous for its defense, but the Dragon has no actual feats, and our numbers are just assumptions, while the Dreadnaught was renowned for for its durability.

Speed & Maneuverability Capabilities


Jason: The Dreadnaught had outdated engines, a problem that was never really fixed in its century long service. It only had a speed of 13 megalights, meaning it's less than a quarter as fast as ships twice its size. It was also nicknamed as the "Flying Brick" by some for its lack of maneuverability.


Neo: While the Dragon has no official numbers for its speed or maneuverability, it was build with top of the line technology, and likely had a high level of speed, such as 60 megalights, which was common for ships of its time.

Speed & Maneuverability Capabilities Verdict

Jason: This is a bit tough to determine, as the Dragon has no official stats and the Dreadnaught was known for being slow. In the end, we have to give it to the Dragon. It was made roughly 140 years after the Dreadnaught, and the Dreadnaught's weakest area was its speed.

Carrying Capacity


Jason: While some variants of the Dreadnaught had fighters, the one we are using has none.


Neo: The Dragon came a little more well equipped in this area as the Dreadnaught. It carried two squadrons of TIE/LN Starfighters, also called TIE Fighters. These were small and fragile starships that were extremely fast and maneuverability. These came equipped with two laser cannons and had a speed of 100 megalights. Each TIE Fighter had no shielding and a poor hull, and were crewed by a single pilot.

Carrying Capacity Verdict

Jason: Once again, this is obvious. The Dragon carriers starfighters, the Dreadnaught does not. This one goes to the Dragon.



Jason: This version of the Dreadnaught required a crew of 2,200 and could carry 3,000 passengers. This made it relatively easy to crew and a good troop transport.

Neo: It could carry a capacity of 9,000 metric tons of cargo, and came standard with one year worth of consumables. This made it ideal for longstanding deployments and relief missions, as well as long term sieges.

Jason: It would find use in at least 11 different organizations, including major ones such as the Galactic Republic, the Galactic Empire, and the New Republic. It was also used by smaller organizations, such as the Corporate Sector Authority, the Sons and Daughters of Freedom, and the Hutts.


Jason: The Dragon took 3,529 people to crew, and could bring 1,335 soldiers into battle. Of course, in dire situations when the Dragon was short on personnel, it could operate on a minimum crew of 1,260 while still being combat ready.

Neo: It's cargo capacity was 6,000 metric tons, and had enough supplies to support a full crew and passengers for two years. Just like the Dreadnaught this made it useful for long term deployments and sieges.

Jason: It was only used by two factions, the Galactic Empire, and Warlord Delurin's Faction, which essentially just consisted of a single Dragon-Class Heavy Cruiser named the Galaxy Dragon.

Final Verdict

Jason: Personally, I think this one is fairly obvious. The Dragon is newer, more heavily armed, and likely faster. While I doubt its fighters would make a difference because of the point-defense on the Dreadnaught, its superior armament wins this for it.

Neo: While the Dreadnaught's durability would allow it to survive against the Dragon for awhile, it lacks the firepower to defeat the Dragon before it itself is either destroyed or forced to retreat.

Jason: In the end, we say the Dragon wins this 8 times out of ten.

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