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Harry wanted something, (which was unusual since when she was very young she learned to never expect or to want anything), she wanted a Pokémon. It was a desire that she would never even think of voicing but it engulfed her anyway like vines around a tree sprout.

At first, she wanted a Fire-type for warmth during the winter to cuddle up with, when they left her outside. Those bitter cold mornings when waking up with white hair, blue skin and stiff joints became commonplace.

Then it went to a Flying-type to run away with during her more wishful ideas when shadows of clouds lazily drifted across the lawn. How easy it would be to jump on their back and fly away. Fly off somewhere closer to the equator, never have to worry about having to unthawing her hands again.

Water-type for when the water jug ran out during the long periods in the closet. Reality blurred with fever dreams as visions of ruins and pain plagued her.

Grass-type when her bones felt funny and her bruises made it hard to sleep no matter how tired she was. She would have her own protector that wouldn't let anyone by her.

She's been doing something that was forbidden.

She's been listening to every episode she secretly ever since it first came out. The theme song would drift through the kitchen window down towards the flower beds. A bright, confident tune that made her smile. So during the morning gardening, before she went to school, she made sure to be extra slow in the flower beds in the back.

If she timed everything just~ right and a great deal of luck she could watch one episode through her bangs during breakfast as she stood waiting to take the plates to the sink on weekends.

She had every Pokémon memorized, differences between each species and the genders. Every pawprint and colour pattern was burned into her memory at the school library. She could pair each call wild or domesticated to the pokèmon.

She knew they were not considered normal by auntie 'Unnatural little cretins', but she still let Dudley watch the show and play the games who was perfectly normal in Auntie's eyes; she wasn't. That means she would be the perfect person to have one if they were real.

Some days in the heat when everything was blurring together like when Dudley dumped water over a classmates painting, she swore to herself that in the distance she could hear them. Or she'll see one in the distance from the corner of her eye.

Then she found a field mouse stuck in a trap (putting it in her pocket so aunt Petunia wouldn't find it, a risky manoeuvre ever since Dudley learned to aim for pockets. Via Sally Jenkins when her inhaler got punctured during a hit. Sally's tears filled him with glee the punishment not so much), she decided to keep it hidden in the cupboard since her aunt never goes in there. It was dark and filthy with spiders everywhere, no place for non-freaks to go into.

That was a long month ago since then and two weeks since school ended; the mouse made its home in an old shoe. Every night when feeding them, she talked to them. Telling her what she learnt in school or how far Bao got in the game.

"Sorry, I never apologized for putting you in here but I couldn't bear the thought of you being killed by my aunt. I brought you some more food." She whispered as she pulled out a tomato she flinched from the garden while working. Pushing the small red fruit towards the mouse, as an appeasement, which looked smaller than the fruit.

The mouse's ears were twitching at her from the corner of the shelf. It inched forward slowly before it proceeded to chew on the small orb. She counted that as a victory for her side.

She took more small fruits and vegetables for them both, over the next few days. Feeling more confident each time and anxious to get to the cupboard. It was a terrifying risk, last time she did this aunty hit her hard enough that the world went blurry for a few days, she didn't get much sleep those days either something told her not to go to bed. But seeing its cheeks puff up with food was so adorable and well worth the danger.

Hiding them in a small chest she took from Dudley's second room while cleaning out his pile of broken things. (Pirates were popular the month he got it.) He ripped off the lid in boredom since it wasn't the one he wanted, so she took it. The bagginess of her clothing comes in handy every once and a while like hiding food and paper or any assortment of small things. It was a good thing she did cause the next thing she knew, she was locked in the cupboard because Vernon screwed up a deal at work. Harry was surprised that she only got put in the cupboard he usually bats her around.

"I think I'll call you Daisy," Harry said as she passed the newly named Daisy another small carrot with leaves. Her hidden perk of thining out the rows. "You're getting much bigger now, I guess that means your growing up".

What she didn't know was that mice didn't get this big but with only cartoons and massive magical cats from her watcher (they ruled the outside keeping all other four-legged animals to their backyard) down the street as a reference of animal sizes in real life, her perception is a little wonky. Those dogs Marge brought over were something she didn't count with their gross wheezing and clear signs of inbreeding that she recognized from Bao's stories.

Running her fingers tips over the mouse her mind slowing thought what of Daisy would look like as a Pokémon. She would be a Pikachu naturally. A bright yellow-gold with ragged marking variations; like a tiger instead of smooth solid ones, black naturally. She'd have thick fur like that animal the chinchilla but it would be ok for her to go to warm weather area. It would be waterproof like an otter so she could swim. To be safe for her to go to tropical places with lots of rain.

She was stuck in there for a week with only loo breaks once every day before they finally let her out. Each day Harry thinks about what Daisy would be like as a Pokémon. She noticed she's doing that a lot lately. The next day she was pulled out to do the yard and garden work. Along with the chores that piled up, so she didn't Daisy see that had more than doubled in size during that night alone.

Harry filled her pockets with produce keeping constant vigilance for the Dursleys in case they were watching. Her chest ached with how hard her heart was beating by the end of the day. 'I'm done all my chores~' she cheered mentally to herself.

'I hope Daisy isn't too hungry' She glanced up at the sky was showing its first star already. So she waited for someone to open the back door. 'She going to be so angry at me...'

"Girl get in here, and start supper." Petunia said from inside having opened the door, face looking like she was sucking on a lemon. "You better not burn anything you hear me".

"Yes, Aunt Petunia". She said as she rushed to the kitchen dodging Dudley's leg that swung out. After making a roast ham and five different sides and a three layer chocolate fudge cake for dessert. She stood in the kitchen staring at the counter as the sounds of them eating caused her stomach to clench to remind her that it was empty. Harry cleaned the dishes and was given the scraps on a paper plate. Pushed into the closet the door was swiftly snapped closed behind her.

Hearing the telly raise in volume she emptied her pockets of produce into the chest. Then the leftovers and the napkin filled with serving of supper she took before placing the food on the plate. Whispering out "Daisy... I have supper."

Not hearing any squeaks in reply even though she could see her breathing along with ear twitching as she laid behind the chest. "I'm sorry Daisy, I didn't mean to leave you in here. I promise to try my hardest not to do it again".

"Promise?" Harry heard squeaking she liked to think she could understand what Daisy was saying.

"I promise." Daisy moved from behind the box and into the dim light. "Woah, Daisy soon cats won't be able to chase you, you will be the ones chasing them". Harry felt a warm pressure pushing a smile on her face. Shaking her head as she scrunched her eyes to adjust to the dark. "Anyway, I got us a feast". Harry placed the plate down making sure it was covered with the napkin. "Ta-dah! A feast that fits in with those with a wonderful companion". She flicked up the napkin with a flourish with a cheerful whisper.

"All that for us!" Squeaked Daisy as Harry passed Daisy a piece of ham. "I never saw so much."

"Yep all for us, let's eat before it gets cold". Smiled Harry as they dug in.


(The next Morning)

"Girl, this place better be spotless by the time we come back you hear me". Petunia scowled down her nose. "We're having guests tonight. So make a perfect dinner, and don't you dare break any of my chinaware you hear. I want a crown of lamb and make sure the ends aren't burnt. And duck too make sure the skin is extra crispy."

"Yes, Aunt Petunia". Harry said keeping her face down so they wouldn't see her smile. She got the whole house only with Daisy how great was that. Waiting until the car pulled away, she rushed to her room. "Daisy! You can come out now. They're going to be gone tell this evening, it takes a while to get suits to fit them."

Out jumped a large dirty blonde mouse. Stretching out her limbs Daisy started to sniff about. "You can wander around but I need to prepare supper, k?"

The next two hours were filled with food preparation and then the two eating whatever good leftovers were in the fridge were for a late lunch. Instead of throwing them out like Petunia wanted her to do.

"Supper is in the oven in a low heat for the lamb and the duck was marinating, the sorbet is in the freezer, the fruit is sliced and soaking for the parfait. The pie just has to be assembled and baked in the pastry after it rests.

"Daisy, I'm going outside do you want to come?" Harry called out taking off the apron. 'I will have to do the dishes after I plate the food.'

Thwap*-*Thwap*Thwap* Looking at the back door, there was Daisy with a paw on the window. Looking at her with- what are you waiting for?- in her eyes.

Opening up the door Daisy bounded for the tomato plants. "Don't leave any remains I don't want someone from Petunia's clubs to notice chew marks on anything." Harry kneeled down between the row and started to weed with the extreme speed that came with years of practice.

(Daisy's Pov)

I was ravenous it seemed no matter how much I ate lately if I was awake I needed to eat.

Seeing my human pulling up plants roots and all. I finished eating the rest of my tomato, before walking over to the pile. "Hey, can I eat these?"

"The dandelions? Sure there's nothing on them." She's smiling at me with a nod.

My human is smart, she can understand what I'm saying, unlike others. Grabbing the flowers I started blossom down they were a bit bitter but tasty none the less. I never ate so well in my life, but with her I get everything. I even had meat, that's not from insects. I still haven't finished destroying the colourful eight-legged one's colony in the nest. They were invaders hissing out murderous thing in the night.

'They think they can hurt my human, do they? Well, I think I should do something about that.'

Watching her water the front lawn with the not snake she called a hose, I came to the conclusion I needed to clean the nest out it was filthy. Every movement showed red bumps and even more inflamed skin. They would be gone by the evening but it mattered not to Daisy. She felt a crackling heat fill her at the thought of her human being hurt while she was around.

I climbed the steps and through the open door wiping my feet off at the door like she taught me. Then padded across the floor and under the table. I tried to nose open the door -did not work-, hmmm... aha! Grabbing the edge with my paws I stood on my hind legs and pulled. *creeek* It worked! Why I never thought of doing that with my paws before I'll never know. Balancing on my back feet I reached up and pulled myself on top of the bed.

"Daisy what are you doing?" I looked back seeing my human with her head tilted to the side smelling like cut grass and a greasy machine.

"I going to clean out the nest, you can help if you want." I jumped up and continued pushing out stuff.

"Clean…out, that's a great idea. Maybe I can make more room for us."

I nodded my head, good with the two of us it goes much easier. I started by devouring any bugs that appeared as she moved stuff. They think they can try to bite my human, yeah right!

(Harry's Pov)

I flattened then moved out all the boxes to the living room (nothing was in them, heck they didn't even have any of this stuff anymore). Threw away Daisy's old shoe nest (It's partner a long gone victim to Ripper) now that she was too big. Grabbing the bedding I placed it at the back door, it needed a heavy duty scrub a long time ago once that was done maybe I can stuff it with something.

There was so much dirt in there it was surprising that we didn't find sentient dust bunnies. Altho Daisy was attacking (with gusto) plenty of spiders that were colours I didn't even know they came in. They could be tropical.

Thwap!* *rashhh!* *THUNK!*

"Daisy! Are you alright!?" I ran back to the closet, only to see a plank corner sticking out.

"There more room, stupid wall was in the way". Daisy squeaked out from the other side dust drifting out. Small holes chewed through two of the corners.

I was gaping, a fake wall made out of plywood to a whole room. I guess I never thought about it but this was the only closet on the floor it had to be bigger. Pulling the light's line that was hidden, it illuminated the whole area. It was caked with dust, dirt and webs. A trio of coat hooks hung underneath a footlong shelf adjacent to the hallway. I could see it was in a short L shape that followed the basement stairs just behind the pantry.

"Ready to do this?" I asked looking down, I swore I saw Daisy nod her head.

(7:00 pm)(General Pov)

They did it. Not only did they clean the cupboard but the rest of the house too. Harry now has a cleaned and re-stuffed bed but Daisy had her own pillow to now. (Both done with old sheets) The old false wall was now their box spring it was wedged on the sloped wall under the shelf. Its held up by plastic crates that were shoved at the back.

You had to climb in there to see that it was larger. Since the cleaning supplies hid the opening meaning that none of the Dursley family could see. She made sure to write this day's achievement on the wall.

The dinner was ready, so were desserts. Harry made sure to grab a plate for the two of them and refilled the water jug, knowing they wouldn't get leftovers. It was waiting on the bed shelf. Harry did one last check, perfect.

They were home. Petunia squinted at everything, she even had the nerve to rub her fingers on surfaces. "Good enough, take some fruit and go to your cupboard. No noise, they'll be here in an hour."

"Yes, Aunt Petunia." Moving quickly before she changes her mind and kicks her outside. As the night progressed, the guests came and left. Two figures were having their own party in silence on the other side of the wall.


(One Week Later)

"Get up! Get up!" Petunia knuckles snapped on the door "I'm having guests over and I don't need you stinking up the house".

Harry woke with a start. "Yes Aunt Petunia, I'll be out in a minute." Pulling on her shoes she shook Daisy awake. "Get in my shirt, we're leaving the house for the day."

"Where are we going?"

"The school fields. There's a water park across the fence." Daisy climbed under her outer shirt, with the speed of a cat soaked with cold water, if there was water there was the chance they could wash up. Making sure Daisy's not going to fall out Harry left the house and neighbourhood at a full run. No way was she letting Dudley and his gang catch her. "You can come out now Daisy, Dudley and his cronies won't be stupid enough come anywhere near the school, there's always policemen watching around here".

Daisy's head popped out the top of her shirt. It dawned on her that Daisy was huge. Now a little over a foot in length, her tail was much wider and stood up when she walked. She felt over 10 pounds which made her heavier than a small cat. Jumping out to walk beside her, Harry could tell that Daisy's fur was lighter in colour. In the two months, she has turned from a dark brown to a yellow blonde.

"Hey freak, did you really think I'd let you go that easy did you?" Dudley called from behind her. She felt dread coil into a rock in her belly when laughter of his gang met her ears.

'No way.' Her head shot up noticing she was surrounded. 'When did they get here?'

"What is that thing, a giant rat!?" Malcom yelled.

"Who cares if it's the Freaks it's fair game." Dudley snorted.

A sharp pain lanced her forehead, Harry went down. Wet warmth coated her face. 'Everything was blurry...why couldn't she see normally?'

"Good throw Piers. Now grab that rat." Gordon laughed.

"No! Leave her alone, Dudley you dumb whale!" Harry hollered white-hot anger crackle in her chest, eyes blurred she kicked out at the closest blur causing a groan of pain. Then she was pinned down right under the shoulder blades, her face stung from the hits they took. Her ribs felt like they were being flattened. Something squeezed around my neck why is everything dark? She had to keep hitting back.

"Shut up you Freak, should have hit her harder Piers". Dudley sneered.

"I hit her with two sharp rocks, what more do you want."

"OW! That stupid rodent bite me!" Dennis shrieked. "Damn animal!"

Harry heard a high-pitched squeak and thump. She started to thrash she bite something near her face. She heard a scream as whatever it was pulled away.

Someone slammed their fist into her skull making her head bounced on the ground. Then nothing.

(Daisy's Pov)

'These stupid humans are hurting my girl I had to get them off her'. The weaselly looking one got my teeth into his leg. Only to get kicked towards a tree. I flipped onto my feet and bolted towards them, no way was I going down so easily.

"Let my girl go!" I felt and saw bright heat leave me in thin threads. It struck the three small ones, they went sprawling across the field. I charged at the fat one that reminded me of a river rat. Feeling that warmth around me I slammed myself into the rat's side. He was twitching as he collapsed with an earth-shaking thud. Seeing the last one try to run I headbutted him in the back of the legs forcing his face into the ground. None of them got up. Perfect.

Quicky moving towards my girl, ears twitching at the strange whistling wheeze that she made whenever she exhaled. Pushing on her cheek that was purple, no noise.

I yelled at her, pushed her on to her side by the hip. She wouldn't wake-up; what did she say; pole-ice men help people? Well, my person needs help! Running out of the park, couldn't see anyone. Keep going, there!

I jumped and grabbed what he held in his hand with my teeth I felt my tail snag something mid-jump. I heard them following me, as I made my way back to her side I collapse. My lungs ached from all that running, at less those other five are still down.


(Police's Pov) (Let's call them Jerry and Ian)

"What the hell!" Jerry yelled something yanked his hat off and the phone from his hands, forcing him to take a step to steady himself. He looked up to see a yellow…yellow something looking back before running back down the street.

"Did I just see a Pikachu steal your cell phone!?" Ian yelped.

Whipping around he saw the new rookie holding the coffee. "I don't care what it was, just follow the blasted damn thing." He barked as he ran after the phone thief. Ian quickly outpaced him, with his beanpole legs.

"Sir, its headed for the elementary school". Ian reported through his walkie-talkie. Ian picked up speed, getting through the fence right after it. "Shit! Call an ambulance, there are kids here."

Feeling something pulling his pants he jumped. "H-hey their little fella." Reaching down to rub its head with a shaking hand. "Were you leading us here?"

His leg being pulled towards the centre. "What are you-" He stopped seeing the dark bruises around the girl's neck and the puddle of dark blood staining the grass around her head like a macabre halo. Cold dread slipping down his back, he glanced at the larger children. Unconscious but no marks. "Oh god...It's going to be okay. It'll be alright."

"Pika pi..." He spared a glance at the yellow mouse exhausted and visibly scruffed up laying down beside the bloodied girl's arm. Head lifted to stare at him.

He checked her pulse, faint but still there. "She going to be fine; I can hear the sirens of the ambulance their just down the block, you did well in protecting her". He watched it lay its head down on the girl's hand.

Ian grabbed the Pokémon as the medics secured and stabilized the girl. It struggled to weak from running to do anything but make the hair on his arm stand straight. He watched the five boys were put into a van to the station. They were just unconscious until a few minutes ago. "Ian! Ian! Snap out of it rookie."

"Jerry?" He looked over when did he get his hat back? Wasn't he holding it?

"Ian, we need to get your statement at the station."

"Can we go to the hospital afterwards? I have to give back the girls ummm pet".

"Sure kid." Jerry sighed to tired to complain about the yellow mouse. "Let's get this over with."

He went through telling them everything, from chasing after the Pikachu. To it pulling his pant leg towards the girl and the status of the knocked out boys. Of how they woke up and could not move for a few seconds, and blood covered nails that matched scratches on the victim.

He sat in the uncomfortable plastic seat, waiting for the all clear to come out. It was odd being the one making a statement. Everything felt hazy, every tick on that clock was a lifetime. How could this happen? Time passed slowly. Or was it quickly? Every blink seemed to show a different picture.

Everyone was fascinated by the yellow creature. All he could tell them it belonged to the Jane Doe. They finally left for the hospital, Pokémon secured in his arm.

A tired woman came out "I'm Dr. Mary Markson, are you here for the Jane Doe?"

He blinked when he noticed Jerry beside him. "How is she? When can we see her? Is she awake?"

"She's stable but groggy. You're able to go and see her, I'll take you up to the children's ward." She motioned us to follow her down the halls the beeping made Ian twitch. He despised hospitals.

"Her most recent injuries are stable: Hairline fractures on the frontal bone above the right eye. Six stitches beside her left eye. Cracked ribs 3-5 and serious bruising on 4-7. Major bruising around the neck. Her voice box is right underneath it, I won't be surprised if she can't talk above a whisper for the next few weeks. There are also other things about our Jane Doe that I must speak with you of you about." She walked in front of them as they stepped out of the elevator. "Here she is, maybe one of you can make her talk she refused to reply to any of us only asked for a daisy."

Ian walked in and felt his heartbreak. He knew what the doctor wanted to talk about now. There swamped in blankets on a bed too big for her, sat a girl with bird bones, the spotted skin tight on her arms and shoulders. Bandages covered her forehead along with the right portion of her face leaving her green eye to peak beyond the wraps. Abuse and Neglect. Pulling on a smile he whispered. "Hey, there's someone here to see you."

The girl's eyes widened then brighten "Daisy?" not really focused on anything.

The Pokémon Wriggled out of his grip and jumped onto the bed. "Pika-pika pi-pika pika-chu~." It seemed to babble as it hugged her with its small arms.

She sniffled as she tried to rub her eye. "I'm sorry too, Are you o.k I heard you get kicked into a tree." She pulled the now named Daisy closer.

"Pika-pi Pikachu~ Pi-pi-pi pi-chu ka-chu."

"That's good, I guess I should." The girl looked up at them. "Thank-you for bringing Daisy. She said you needed to talk to me?"

Jerry cleared his throat as he turned on the recorder. "Yes, I'll start with the simple things. Can you tell us your name?"

"Harry Potter, sir."

"Just Harry Potter?"

"Yes, sir."

"When is your birthday?"

"July, 31."

"Do you know the people who attacked you?"

"My cousin Dudley and his gang."

"Do you live with him?"

"Yes, sir."

"Do you know how long?"

"Since I was left on their doorstep in November after my first birthday."

"On their doorstep?"

"That's what they say."

"Have you ever been to a doctor?"

"No sir, this is the first time."

"Do you go to school?"

"When I'm allowed out of my cupboard."


"M-hm its were me and Daisy sleep."

This went on for a half an hour. The questions getting more detailed and longer as they went on. The medication making Harry not care if she got in trouble with Aunt Petunia.

"Thank-you, that's all for now." Jerry stood up from his seat and left.

Seeing Mary standing there. "What do you need to say." He knew it's not going to be good he called in the names.

"Can I be blunt Jerry? I am surprised she is alive, she's one of the most severe cases of malnutrition I have ever seen. Not only that roughly half of all bones in her body has some type of damage to it. Her arms both have multiple unset healed breaks." Throwing herself into a chair Mary continued. "Her legs are in worse condition I never saw so many cracks in one person before, it was like looking at a skeleton jigsaw puzzle!"

"Her palms have completely covered in old burns. There are signs of blunt force trauma at the back of her head along with nerve damage to her eyes. I can't even count how many bruises and scars litter her body!"

"It looks like someone took a knife to her face! I don't even want to remember the number of slices we had to close on her face. Then there was that tarry substance covering her face." Mary rubbed her hair and take deep breathes. "I'm sorry, I just- I just needed to rant at someone. Please tell me you have someone, to arrest these bastards."

"Yep, got them as Mrs Dursley was greeting the club members for her son. Got Mr Dursley with assault of an officer and resisting arrest when he came home from work not too long ago. Nice to know one's already in a cell."

"That's good I'll feel better when those monsters are behind bars. Poor kid, I was just with my boss we're going to have to transfer her to London. We're just too a small hospital, we don't have the equipment for a long-term patient. Especially one who'll need multiple surgeries and rehabilitation". She sighed glancing through the glass wall, freezing transfixed. "Is that a Pokémon?"

"I guess, that's what Ian says it is anyway. Whatever that is it led us to the scene". Rubbing off the sweat on his neck. "I'll tell Ian, the rookie got himself attached".

"Don't we all?" Mary replied as he walked through the door. 'I'm going have to make some calls. What's the protocol on Pokémon?'

"Let's say unique service animal."


(Harry's Pov)

The man who asked questions was back. I guess it was time for them to leave, it was dark out after all. Waving goodbye I laid-back I never talked to another person so much in my life. It was nice but made me sleepy.

"Hey, I'm just here to change the bag sweetie." I blinked when did I fall asleep. A lady with pretty brown curls stood by. "How are you feeling?"

"Better...am I going back to the Dursleys?" It was like that all the time. Someone came, took me, then before the next day came I was back in my cupboard.

"No, you are not. So don't worry about that." She rubbed my arm. My eyelids felt like they had weights taped to them. "All you have to worry about now is resting and getting better sweetheart."

"Harry its time to get up." I scrunched my eyes at the light. What an unusual sensation. "Time to eat."

"Where am I? Where is Daisy?" This is not the room I fell asleep in last night.

"A drunkard named Marge somehow got up here, let her dog lose. It slammed into your door which cracked it." The nurse had lighter brown hair like honey that was in short half curls. "Daisy knocked them both back and is in the bathroom get the smell of dog slobber off of herself. She's quite the star in this hospital."

"Oh... Okay, what time is it?" Harry asked sitting up, she never liked Marge or her dogs anyway.

"It is 2:00 pm and time for lunch." She said as she placed two trays in front of her. "One for you and another for Daisy. After washing up, it should be time to transfer you to London."


"Yep normally we would need your guardians' consent, but since we can't find any legal papers with the Dursley's we don't have too." The nurse smiled as she left. She has videos to upload.

Harry knew there was more to it but she couldn't bring herself to care. The farther away from them the better. Hearing a door open she looked over, her brain froze. A Pikachu. Why was there a there a- "Daisy?"

"Pika pi!" (You're Awake!) The Pikachu ran over and jumped into her lap. "Pi pi pika pi chu. Pika pika chu pi pika cha~". (You've been sleeping forever. Thought you'd never get up.)

Harry apologized as she hugged her. "Sorry for making you worry." Harry pulled back confused. "I wasn't much help in the fight yesterday, but how did you change into a Pikachu anyway?"