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Last time on Poké Mayhem

Nestled in the box was a dozen orange-sized eggs.


General Pov

Harriette listened as Colin gushed about the photos they got today and that he'll come right over when they finish developing.

"You could make a real-life Pokedex, with all of them." Harriette was awed by the lengths and areas Colin would go too to get a single photo. She didn't think anyone else would wedge their ankles between two branches and hang upside down to get a picture of a nest with Pidgey eggs.

"You really think so?" Colin asked looking down at his camera sceptically. "Grownups at school say it's immature to take pictures all the time."

"What do they know. Their just a bunch of bullies who are angry that they can't take a-a clear picture." Harriette's felt a hot amber spark in her chest at the injustice.

"Heh, that's what my dad says, too." Colin snickered. "Let's do it. A Pokedex- Issue one."

"Okay, think your parents can help? My handwriting isn't all that great at the moment." Harriette scrunched her nose up at the thought of smearing ink all over the bottom of her cast. 'I really need to practice.'

"Mom can! She was a magazine writer before we moved. She always complains that she's bored since we moved." Colin exclaimed as they stood in front of the elevator. "I'll ask her when I get home."

"What are you to gushing about?" A man's voice popped up behind them in jovial tones.

"Dad! You're back from Wales; I have so much to tell you. No, wait you have to guess. Come on guess." Colin bounced around and wrapped his arms around his waist.

"Hmmm, You decided to take up the bagpipe lessons from your grandfather?"

"Nope. Guess again."

"The ants in the yard have decided to fight back and took over the kitchen?" Colin's dad rubbed his chin like he was stroking an invisible beard.

"Not even close. Come on dad guess."

"I know!" He snapped his fingers. "That creepy fur toy your cousin sent from America really is possessed."

"Nu-uh, wrong again," Colin revealed. "I'm going to take pictures to make a Pokedex"

"Really? What's a Pokedex?" He asked.

"It's an encyclopedia for all the pokemon in the world." Colin gushed as preceded to describe in detail what it did.

Harriette watched as they talked in their little world, taking a few steps back as a hot tacky weight stuck to her lungs. The feeling that leads to a lot of pain afterwards. Swallowing Harriette pushed the button. She thought she got over this, whenever they showed affection to each other in front of her.

She stepped through the doors taking deep breathes as she tried to push it down. The heaviness settled deep her chest then she looked down at the tugging. Daisy jumped on to her shoulder and rubbed her cheek against mine. A smile tugged at her lips that pushed the emotion into the back of her mind.

"Let's go, Daisy. We should check in with Bulbasaur." Harriette shook her head as the doors opened up to her floor.

Making it to her room she was sleepily greeted by Bulbasaur, "Welcome back Hatchlings. How was your trip?" she stretched her front legs as she focused on them.

Harriette stilled at the question, no one ever said that to her before. A warm softness laid across her bones as she described her latest outing. "We had loads of fun! We found a few sheller and bulbasaur and tons of poliwag. We found more caterpie, I think some are even ready to evolve into metapods they were wrapping themselves in silk. Then we met Colin and their Dad downstairs so they went home together". Harriette said as she looked at the much bigger room that was suddenly much more lonely. It felt too big and it felt intimidating. "What happened to the other bed?"

"Some nurses came and got it they needed for another floor," Bulbasaur answered as her eyes drifted closed. "something about an early delivery."

Harriette frowned at this feeling in her heart. A heavy pressure at the sight of the empty space, it was something she didn't have a name for. 'Am I getting sick?'

"Harriette, what's wrong?" Daisy asked walking to the end of the bed. Everyone was getting ready for a nap.

"Ah, I don't know..." Harriette whispered. "I'm not used to having so much open space where we sleep."

"Feels a bit lonely being in an empty room." It was weird since she never cared about being near most people before. "Maybe we can put something over there to fill the space?"

"Ya, but at least you don't have to worry about waking anyone up in the morning." Daisy stretched out beside her hip when she sat down.

"Your right. Maybe I can get a few perches so Pidgy and the Sparrow have somewhere high up they can stand." Getting into bed she yawned as her eyes drifted shut.


Blinking them open she was in a humid shop crammed full of caged animals, and she was face to face with large amber eyes. Eyes that jostled something deep in her. They reflected the same expression she had at the Dursleys.

Looking around she saw a group of redheads in front of a counter and dozens of shining eyes in every cranny staring at her. The clicking of a beak pulled her attention back to the amber eyes. "You want out of here?" Getting a nod Harriette fiddled with the lock until she got frustrated and a thousand locks simultaneously fell to the floor. A screech-


"Harriette. Can you wake up?" Dr Nicholas called out. "Ah, good afternoon."

Harriette looked around confused. 'Where did all the cages go?'

"Harriette, I'm here to introduce your teacher. She's outside the door can she come in?" Dr Nicholas gestured to the door.

"Sure?" She rubbed her eyes. Sitting up when a lady with hair that was browner than red swished at her waist walked in. The waves were pulled away from hazel eyes that were covered in freckles.

"You must be Harriette, My name is Josephine Beatrix. It's nice to meet you." She smiled.

"Nice to meet you too, Ms Beatrix." Harriette smiled back. She seemed nicer than the teachers in Surrey.

"I brought along some activities to see where you are in your schooling, is it alright if we start them now?" Beatrix pulled out a few booklets out of a soft leather satchel. "This way I have a better way of teaching you new stuff and not repeating what you already know."

Harriette nodded as she was given a pencil.


(Two Weeks Later)

It was hot, and clouds drifted across the sky lazily and Harriette was bicep deep in a small gurgling brook. Small plumes of dirt kicked up whenever her hand touched the bottom. She was searching for something she glimpsed out of the corner of her eye. "Do you see it anywhere Daisy?"

"No...maybe it went under a rock?" Daisy replied holding a clear glass jar. Watching the water for the flash of colour again. "There!"

Harriette lunged with a splash as she went after it. "Got it!" She felt her hand wrap around something she beamed. "Good eye, Daisy."

Harriette pulled her hand out to reveal a yellow spotted creature. "Umm, this isn't a turtle..." Getting off her knees she sat on the grass turning the animal this way and that. "What is it?" It had black smooth skin that had lumps on it. Its feet only had three toes on each foot and a short tail. Looking at Daisy who nodded in reply she went to Beatrix.

"What's This?" Harriette held the squirming creature in her hand. A white waterproof glove provided a barrier.

"Hmm?" Beatrix glanced up from her water painting. "That's a non-magical fire salamander, it's an invasive species".

"Invasive species?" Harriette turned it this way and that way. It sure didn't look like something that had a fire in it. No, it was more like something that would touch your foot as it was in the water.

"It means that it was brought from a different place." She washed her brush in a cup. "Make sure you don't touch it with your bare hands, they are toxic."

"Toxic?" Harriette rubbed a finger down its spine. "That means Poisonous, right?"

"Correct. Underneath the yellow spots is where the toxins are produced." She explained as Harriette placed the salamander in a jar Daisy was holding. "They are native to mainland Europe and most likely came here as someone pet."

"Why is it called fire salamander?" Harriette leaned in for a closer look. "It looks really slimy..."

"That's because it's an amphibian, they need water to keep there skin moist or else they will get dehydrated. It's called that because it looks similar to the magical fire salamander which came from the far south and they were mistaken to be born from fire. They most likely were sleeping in the logs people were using in a fire and when they got warm they ran out of the fire pits giving them their names." Beatrix explained easily.

"Oh, alright that makes sense." Harriette thought for a moment. "Since it's invasive does that mean I can keep it?"

"Yes, it does just be sure to change it soon," Beatrix said. "Put it in school bag so it's not in the sun."

"Okay. Daisy and I are going to look for that turtle we saw early." Harriette readjusted the bag carrying her monitors on her back. Rushing back to the brook she eased her legs in as she started to walk to the middle of the brook. Upstream pidgy was racing the spearow in a multi-loop flight sitting on a flat stone she watched them as brook carry leaves and minnows past her legs.

"Harriette it's time for you to go in for lunch!" Beatrix called towards her. "You can come out later."

"Coming, Ms Beatrix." Harriette pulled herself out. "Daisy, let's go."

Daisy dropped the dandelion leaf before racing after her. "What about that turtle, Harriette!"

"It's a turtle it can't go far," Harriette scooped up bag that contained her work and the salamander. "They can't run or anything and there a grate blocking the way to the Thames."

Racing inside they made it to the elevators before Ms Beatrix could leave. "Bye Ms Beatrix!" They waved as she went out into a nurses lounge. Making their way to their room they took out the salamander and placed the bag on the desk hook. Looking at the bed then at the jar she grimaced before sitting on the floor. Pulling it out of the jar she closed her eyes. 'Charmander, charmander..."

Warmth flickered then spread through her as she thought in detail what a charmander was like. Heat slipped down to her hand and the glow began. Weight and heat filled her lap as she thought about everything she learned about the charmander line. Exhaling she opened her eyes to the small dazed figure of charmander. It-no He was just reaching ten inches in height. Just a hatchling and over a year to grow still.

"Hey Charmander, my names Harriette. Welcome to Aisling hospital, our home." She placed him on the ground gently keeping her close as she watched him wobble.

"He's a baby. Why is he a baby?" Daisy questioned as she looked at the tiny figure gripping my fingers. "Is it cause your arm is still hurt? Bulbasaur was full grown."

"I don't think so. Maybe it was just a baby in salamander form." Harriette rubbed her thumb against his jaw. Picking him up she went and sat on the bed and pulled off her rucksack. Pulling out the machines and bags she hooked them back onto the stand. "My bags are almost empty I should probably wait until they can change them."

"Then we can watch the news. Maybe that lady who got in a fight is on!" Daisy chipped in happy to stay inside during the hottest hours. "The window is open so the others can get in."

Harriette hummed in agreement the window that slides down was open. Turning on the telly they searched for anything.

-Record-breaking temperatures this week. At its peak, the heat will be in its high thirties with low humidity under thirty per cent. So don't expect any showers to cool us down any time soon.-

-So if your planning to go out I advise waiting until later this afternoon. Heatstroke is a very serious condition.-


-Thirty-four cases of fatal heatstroke in the last four days. Paramedics were sent to a school in Winchester as a student was not allowed back in during their lunch break.-


-Global heatwaves are breaking records, China and Japan have hit the mid-forties in their cities.-


-A massive fire in Kent was caused by broken bottles that were throw in a rugby field on the west side of Tonbridge. People have been evacuated as firefighters have been working endlessly to get the flames under control-


-An environmental protest has begun in to take over the streets in Paris. After the City warned people to stay indoors because the smog levels have passed 'Dangerous levels'-


-A piece of massive chunk ice has broken off the Antarctic shelf yesterday it has been estimated to be the length of Long Island Newyork.-


Harriette turned off the telly eyes wide, that wasn't what she was expecting at all. "Maybe we should stay away from the telly for now."

"Oh good, you're inside Harriette." Malcom looked in blond curls tight to his head. "We're making everyone stay indoors until at least three. I'll be back later to change your drip bags."

Malcom sprinted to the next room as he checked off something on a writing pad. 'Oh, I can't wait to tell them.'


Break Room a little while later

"Harriette just made a charmander!" Malcom announced as he walked through the door. He spaced his hands apart to describe the size. "It's so small! I have seen squirrels bigger than that little lizard."

"So that's what she turned that salamander into," Julia answered between gulps of lemon tea. "Josephine said she caught one in the brook right before they had to come in."

"Oh ya, how's Jacob doing with that mother Bulbasaur," Matilda asked as she dissolved seven cubes of sugar into her thermos. "They seemed to get along just fine when I saw them last." She shoved the sugary solution into the freezer.

"Over the moon, he named her Maria. She sleeps on his bed and everything." Julia cackled at the memory of her housemate. "He splurged his savings on getting the green roof turned into a garden. Our home turned into a hobbit hole. He was planning to plant potatoes this afternoon and yams."

"What has been happening since I was sick!?" Jeremy came in holding multiple old newspapers. Flipping through them he read the headlines. "Hogwarts sent it's students home?! Earthquake in Hogsmeade?! Spells collapsing in the Alleys?" Jeremy slumped into a couch cushion "I was only gone for a week and a half how can something like this happen in such a short amount of time..."

"Welcome back to Earth my fine pox riddled friend." Julia clapped him on the shoulder. "Do I have a story to tell you."


With Harriette

She cut up small pieces of chicken with her fork and gave them to the charmander sitting on the edge tail dangled limply over the side. Munching on a pepper slice she stopped mid-chew as a soft tapping entered the room. Popping a chicken piece in her mouth she got up to follow where the noise was coming from looking in the nest. 'One of the eggs must have tilted over.' Harriette shifted the green ombre and speckled eggs to lay in the same direction. Adjusting the box for more sun exposure she went back to eat not seeing another egg twitch at her voice. "Hey, Daisy do you want to explore the woods after?"

"Didn't we already do that?" Daisy questioned beside her; a cherry tomato half in her paw. "When we found caterpie?"

"We only went in a little way in that day, we mostly stayed on the path," Harriette replied as she kept an eye out for Charmander's tail that swished slightly. "We could get Dennis and Colin and make it an afternoon exploration. We would be in the shade and the breeze I know there's a pond with a brook in there somewhere too."

"That sounds nice, our own waterpark." Daisy was into the idea now. "We would cool-"

Daisy was cut off when a girl bushy hair was wheeled past with bandages around her right leg. "Mom I'm fine. It's just a little cut."

"Hermione, please this is for the best. You shouldn't bruise to such a degree from knocking your leg against or bleed so much I thought you cut open a vein." A woman with the same hair done in a bun pleaded. "We have to figure out what is wrong. Staying here is the best option for doing so."

"But I'm not sick! Please, can we just go home." Hermione argued. "I'm probably just low on vitamins or something."

Harriette watched as they hooked up the crying girl's monitor at the nurse's station. A new member of the long-term floor and an unhappy one at that. She didn't understand everyone here was so nice even Alec is after his pot of coffee.

"I don't want to stay in this stupid place!" Hermione yelled causing Harriette to flinch farther behind the doorway. The light in her room started to flicker with the beginning of her tantrum. "You can't make me stay here it's imprisonment!"

"Hermione, stop acting like a child! You will be staying and you behave yourself!" The woman put her foot down causing Hermione's mouth to snap shut as her mother's expression went razor sharp. "This is for your own good, I won't be having you cause the people here any grief you hear?" Hermione nodded in silence. "Hermione, do you hear me?"

"Yes, mom". Hemione spoke looking down at her lap. The light burnt out with a puff of blue smoke filling it.

"Good. Now I have some paper to finalize downstairs." The woman sighed as she smoothed out her pants and took a step back. "Your father and I won't see you until this weekend I'll phone to get your room number."

Harriette quickly stepped away from the door as Hermione's mother walked past with the sharp clack-clack-clack of her heels. Peaking out Harriette stared as they put her in the across from one of the Andreos triplets; Adalaide's room if she remembered correctly. Looking back at the wide eyes of the trio she eased away from the door and picked up Caterpie and charmander. They'll make a break for floor Oasis incase tantrums weren't the only thing in common with Dudley she had. Nodding towards the elevator they stepped out of the room, they winced when they saw a bed blocking their normal route. They had to go past Hermione's room which was the opposite of what they wanted.

Gulping they walked closer to the room on the other corner side, one foot in front of the other she passed the new girl's door. Harriette almost exhaled in relief when she heard it, crying and not Dudley fake tears but true sorrow. 'Ah, peppermint sticks.' Shoulder's slumped as she turned around the IV stand wheels making a high squeak.

"Who's there?" Unblemished hands rubbed at swollen hazel as she looked over to where Harriette was shuffling nervously in the doorway. "Who are you?"

"Harriette...You um...sounded like you could use some company?" The reply dragged off at Hermione's stare. "I-I mean only if you want some, that is, we could leave if you want us too."

"Sure." She wiped her eyes as she spoke. "Thank-you."

"No problem." Harriette waited for her to speak.

Hermione opened her mouth then closed with a snap. "I'm Hermione," She confessed her face tinting pink. "I'm sorry you had to see that, I just don't want to be forgotten in the hospital again."

"Again?" Harriette focused her attention. "They left you?"

"Ya...Mother wanted a boy but got me instead. Once I got sick she saw it as a way to get rid of me and try for a boy." Hermione admitted as she pulled her knees under her chin. "This is the first place that would take me with the incidents." She gestured to her lightbulb looking out the window.

"Oh, you mean magic." Harriette relaxed waving at Daisy and the others to come in. "Like how I teleported to a roof."

"Magic?" Hermione denied. "What do you mean? Magic isn't real."

"Sure it is." Harriette countered. "When you're scared or mad you feel something well up then something happens in your favour, no matter what is going on."

"A classmate stole my piece of cake at school once and it blew up. I thought someone put a firecracker under it." Hermione tugged on her sideburns before looking at her, eyes red and hopeful. "They did it before with my lunches."

"My cousin did the same thing. He liked throwing them in peoples drinks or soup."

"Is magic really real?" She whispered. "You're not joking."

"Of course it's real." Harriette nodded down to the Pokemon peaking beyond her skirt. "How else would I meet Daisy and the others?"

Hermione's jaw went slack as she noticed the cluster behind Harriette. "What are those?"


"A what?"

"Pokemon. Do you know the show? It's on every morning."

Hermione rapidly shook her head. "I'm not allowed to watch T.V, Mother says it'll rot my brain."

"Huh, well this is Daisy, Pidgy, Spearow, Caterpie and Charmander." She pointed to each one. "They are Pokemon."

Hermione squinted at them head tilted. "I never saw a book with any of these 'Pokemon' before can I observe them?"

"Observe?" Harriette shoulder's stiffened. "What do you mean by observing?"

"So I can see what they eat, what they do, how fast they are." Hermione was leaning to the right to get a clearer view of them.

"You mean be a Professor. Sure if they don't mind I don't." Harriette relaxed. "It's up to them though."

Malcom walked in eyebrows furrowed followed by another nurse pushing a cart for blood work. "Oh! This is where you are Harriette, can you go back to your room? I'll be right with you once I get Hermione here settled in." He nudged them out the door.

Harriette hummed as Malcom pulled up a chair to Hermione's bedside. "Hermione your parents have decided-" She looked to if any of the triplets were in before heading back.


Plopping down on the mattress she huffed. "Well, we may have a new friend. Although she's a bit serious isn't she?"

"Sorta awkward too, she didn't even say hello back when we greeted her."

"I noticed that too maybe next time? She didn't reply to half the stuff I said." Harriette pondered as she watched the Charmander's tail strengthen as she helped him lift it off the ground. "Maybe she was in shock?"

They all shrugged before moving to different topics. Harriette shivered. Fog scarcely visible with each breath she exhaled, frost crept over the window frames. Fans went on the fritz blowing a torrent of icy air. The Iv lines stiffened as their remaining contents froze, machines beeping out. Rapid steps snapped against the floor.

"Harriette?!" Malcom yelped as he opened the glass door. "Holy Giai it's freezing in here!" He rushed to the window pulling it open letting in a heavy breeze hot air. Pushing a clip on his collar as he checked over Harriette. "Dr Nicholas? It happened in Harriette's room also. All the systems need to be rebooted. Yes, sir. Of Course."

He disconnected the wires and tubes as he spoke to Harriette. "Harriette is there anywhere you want to go well Jeremy fixes the things in your room?"

"Outside?" Harriette shivered, letting a cascade of goose bumps cover her arms she grabbed the nest and heat lamp. "Somewhere with sunshine?"

"Of course." He threw out the frozen containers. "Let's go to the nurses' station to hook everything up again, then you can go down to the patio."

Harriette followed him quickly leading Daisy and the others through the chilly halls. Placing Charmander on the counter so the I.V can be reconnected. She kept a close eye on him as he wobbled around taking his first steps. Tail whipping in excitement causing him to stumble from the motion, he made his way back to Harriette's grasp.

"Can you watch the eggs while I'm outside?" Harriette asked Matilda who nodded before plugging the lamp in at the front desk.

"Be back in before supper Harriette". Malcom said throwing the empty wrappers away.

"Alright." They made a beeline for the patio and the summer heat. "Be back in a bit,"

Speed walking around corners she didn't see the person before colliding with them. "Oof." Bouncing back she heard a grunt from the other person.

"Harry are you all right?" Daisy was at her side in an instance.

"I'm fine. Just didn't see them." Harriette replied getting up as the adult rushed past them smelling of cigarette smoke.

"Stupid human!" Daisy called after them. "There's no running in the halls!"

Rubbing her tail bone she pasted the almost empty cafe and pushed open the door to welcomed heat. Looking around for a place for them, she saw a U shaped bench that was two people wide half was covered in shade. Walking to a corner in the sun she let a hiss and sign as she sat on the hot stone bench, letting her back press she let charmander down on the space between her and the bench. Lifting her arm to let caterpie onto the nearby bush.

"Harry we're going to the fields." the female Spearow said. "There's an upstart trying to boss the others around."

"Alright, take care, don't push yourselves". Harriette said before they flew off. Pidgy started to scratch at the grass sending a locust jumping towards charmander who swallowed it whole in one go.

"Up!" Charmander climbed up her knee.

"Don't worry Harry we'll watch him," Daisy assured. "We'll be close by."

Nodding than looking upwards to see the pidgy sitting in their nests or racing each other; she let the warmth and noise relax her until she drifted off.


Harriette opened her eyes to meet amber once again. They looked much better than last time; brighter. They seemed tired and Harriette felt she knew the heat was the problem.

Around them were fields and trees that slumped dangerously. She had the nagging feeling that the bare ground in the distance was supposed to be covered in ice. All in a row metal posts went into the distance, signs hung from the tops with unknown words. They pressed against her side trying to absorb some of the cold air that came off her. "I can give you some cold so the heat doesn't affect you as much." They nod and Harriette felt the constant chills flow into her amber eyed companion.

They seemed lighter than before like a weight was lifted off of them. Stronger.


"Harry!" A familiar voice called out. Snapping Harriette out of her nap in the sun.

Looking around she saw the familiar satchel carrying figure at the doors.

"Bao!" Harriette felt glee burst in her like a thousand butterflies. She swung her legs off the bench.

"I've been looking everywhere for you." He wrapped an arm around her shoulders. "I couldn't find you after we got evacuated from Hogwarts. Then when I got home I heard the news and snuck out to see you. "

"What if you get in trouble?" Harriette swallowed the lump in her throat. "They'll send you away to that place again."

"Hah, they can't it's been shut down for the foreseeable future. So they can't even if they wanted too." Bao grinned in victory. "Anyway look what I got."

Bao pulled out his satchel three-game cartridges: A glittery clear blue, glittery gold and metallic silver. The bottom of their stickers was gone completely and the tops faded so completely that the word POKEMON was barely visible.

"Are those?"

"Yep, new Pokemon games. With one hundred new Pokemon."

Harriette squeaked as she looked at them. "Oh! I have something to show you to, someones I mean."

"Did you make a friend?" Bao looked extremely happy about it.

"Yep, her name is Daisy. Daisy, where are you! I have someone you have to meet!"

A flash of yellow and rustling branches. Bao gasped beside her as Daisy ran out of the greenery and jumped onto her shoulder.

"Who's that?" Daisy stared back at Bao.

"This is Bao. He introduced me to Pokemon." Harriette answered. "He's the one that helped me when I was with the Dursleys".

"Ohhh, I thought he would be taller." Daisy cocked her head ears twitching. "Around eight feet or something."

Harriette snickered. "I don't think people get that big."

"Pikachu. It's a Pikachu. Harry, it's a Pikachu". Bao repeated. "Stars above us, a real Pikachu."

"This is Daisy". Harriette said. "The others are running around."

Bao slumped onto the bench, cartridges falling to limp fingers.

Harriette chatted with Bao who slowly nodded or answered, he started perking up by the time pidgy and charmander came back with full stomachs. Gleefully Harriette watched him boot up his Gameboy Advance with the gold cartridge slotted in. Although she couldn't read the dialogue through the game Bao translated everything out loud.


Bao's house in Surrey

Bao flopped onto the couch, exhausted and emotionally drained from the visit. He let out a shuddering breath as rummaged through his satchel and pulled out his grandfather's laptop. Scratched, nicked and completely faded from its original blue colour; the five-pound machine was older than him. Listening to the hum of the fans as it turned on followed by the welcome chime. He clicked through his documents impatiently looking through two hundred years of files each with files of their own dozen.


Absolutely nothing in the news about Pokemon except movie trailers.

Pokemon didn't exist but somehow someway they did now. And the little girl he grew to consider his sister found them.

The lock clacked open and he stuffed the laptop into his bag and pulled out his walkmen. Turning the music on full blast before they entered the room he rolled on his stomach, eyes closed.

"Ugg, Bao no wonder you didn't pick up." His mother tugged off his earphones with her empty hand. "You're going to go deaf before your thirty listening to your music this load."

"Sorry, mom". Bao mumbled. "Can I go to see Harry before supper?"

"Alright, I'll come with you so all of us can get something to eat." She walked upstairs. "Just let get out of the suit."

Bao rushed down the streets towards Harriette's old address. Quickly he turned down Private Drive and the empty house.

"Bao, slow down." She huffed as she stepped beside his still form. "What happened here?"

Across the front of the house in dripping red spraypaint were the words: Monsters and Child Abusers.

"Hello, who are you?" A woman's voice said to the mother's left.

"Oh, I'm sorry. But do you know what happened here?" She gestured trailing off at the neighbours' expression. "A little girl lived here she was friends with my son..."

"You must have been out of town." She continued at Bao's mother's confirmation. "The little girl here was brutally attacked by her cousin and was sent to the hospital in critical condition. Such a sad story isn't it?" The neighbour yammered on and on perfectly happy to talk about such news. "Such a pity Petunia had such a nice garden now it's all gone into the stomachs of those strange birds."


Aisling Hospital

Harriette flicked the heat lamp on low illuminating the nest of green splotched eggs. Wet hair in short twin braids from the shower, she blew away a drop of water hanging from her nose.

"Harry lets watch the news maybe it'll cool down tomorrow". Daisy called from the bed fur fluffed up.

"Sure, be there in a sec." Shifting the box sightly she nodded. "Alright let's see what's on."


-There's a strong cold front in the upper reaches of northern Canada travelling east towards Greenland. Winds 150 kilometres per hour are travelling along the northern coast freezing the shore and turning the smaller islands into ice islands double the circumference.-


-Temperatures soaring throughout the week. Its confirmed London will be in the forties by Thursday-


-Humidity is rising in Ireland.-


-Death of Suburbia? Prime minister Cherie Swan has passed two laws today. One that puts a decrease in taxes to high-rise buildings and an increase on suburbia builders until 2020. She hopes it will help quickly decrease the countries energy consumption as suburban communities use the most energy. The other is part of a series of green projects to lower our carbon footprint.-

-I think they passed that first one because of the city blackouts happening today. If I was stuck in a dark non-air conditioned room with a bunch of old men I didn't like I would pass it too.-

-Seconded, although moving into one of the ten new skyscrapers going up would pull anybody in. Heavens know I would after my buildings air conditioning stopped this morning.-

-Green Spiral Towers or Vertical Forests is what the first part they're called made out of eco-friendly materials and systems. Each floor will have anywhere from Fifty to seventy-five apartment per floor depending on how many bedrooms each has. All ten will have solar panel windows and the balconies will have native plant species growing on them. The first should be up before December and planted by next summer.-

-What's with the plants? I understand solar panels, cause yay energy I don't have to pay for but wouldn't plants would be useless?-

-From what I read there for absorbing pollution and blocking noise.-

-Ohh, sign me up. A quiet city centre apartment with air conditioning sounds is a dream come true. I hope there are pretty flowering plants included cause all I have is gnarly pine that scratches by the bedroom window. Let me tell you after a scary movie that's the last thing I want to hear.-

-That's just the first part of it the other all commercial buildings or any roofs with a degree under twenty and under fifty years old have to be outfitted with a green roof.-

-That's going to have quite a few people upset.-


-Cats have gone missing citywide, it's unknown who or what the culprits are but a warning to cat owners everywhere don't let your cats outside.-


-Peta has been fined 1,00,000 euro after members were caught releasing invasive carp species that were stolen from an aquarium into Scottish rivers on Friday evening.-


-China has declared an environmental emergency as the city smog level make it impossible for people to go outside.-



Harriette opened her eyes to Amber. Around there resting place the top small ice float them was water, salty smelling water. Other chunks of ice floated in the distance, cracking apart, melting away.

Amber eyes was doing well. Their tail feathers were brighter and longer. The black was leaving pure white behind. They were taller by two hand widths.

"What happened to all the ice? Oh, that makes sense."

Sticky air brushed against them where it was supposed to be crisp and cool. Harriette's nose scrunched up as the humidity clung to her skin.

"Do you want more cold?" She asked her feathered companion who admittedly answered with a smooth bob of their head. "Sure."

Icy blue frost tipped their feather as more cold transferred between the two of them.

Their feathers ruffled wings stretched out and they took flight in a high arch.


Opening her eyes to the early morning sun. Harriette slowly eased her way making sure not to wake up the bed occupants. Mouth dry and knocking that pulled her from her sleep making her aware that her bladder felt it was going to burst. sighing in relief when she got her arm from underneath Daisy and Charmander. Feet recoiling from the ground she eased sore bones into a standing position.

'It's going to one of those days isn't.' She glanced at the wheelchair folded up by her bed. Pain lanced up her leg to her shoulder then down again. 'Ya, it's one of those days.'

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