Hello Readers!

This is a slight twist to RWBY. I'm giving it a pioneer days twist! It will be different, but hopefully fun!

Oscar Pine shivered as he pulled on his long underwear in the darkness of his attic room. Tugging on his pants and long-sleeve shirt, he ran his suspenders over his shoulders. After years of practice, he had perfected the fine art of dressing in his pitch black room, his Aunt wanting him to use as little candle as possible. He already used too much reading and while one could dress in the dark, reading was impossible.

Slipping down the attic ladder, he stepped into the cabin he and his Aunt shared. She was already up, bustling around the stove as she stirred the coals to life. Smiling at his Aunt, Oscar warmed his hands against the heating stove before slipping his gloves on.

"I'll be in for breakfast," Oscar called, before stepping out into the chilling morning air.

It was after the harvest, but the fall was very cold this year. Blowing out a frosty breath, he pressed his shoulder against the barn door and rolled it open. The cows lowed as he lit an oil lamp and grabbed the metal pail off its hook. He gave each cow their share of grain before he milked them. After all three were finished, Oscar contemplated letting them out to pasture before the days got too bitter. It wouldn't hurt them, he decided, opening the stall doors and drove them into a nearby pasture.

His Aunt's horse, Pistachio, cropped a few sprigs of pale green grass. Seeing Oscar, he raised his head and nickered a good morning.

"Hey, fellow," Oscar called. "I'll bring your hay in a minute!"

When the cows were secured in the pasture, Oscar ran back to the barn. Taking a pitch fork, he picked up a fair bundle of hay and carried it outside. It wasn't a long hike to Pistachio's pen, and he threw the bundle in. Checking the horse's water trough, he frowned as he noticed the slushy water. This fall was definitely cold.

Finishing his chores he ran inside the cabin, inhaling the warm, rich smell of oatmeal. Washing his hands, he flopped into his chair, just as the first specks of dawn blushed against the lightening color of the sky. He quickly scooped a big bite into his mouth, relishing it, before quickly devouring his breakfast.

"What's your hurry?" His Aunt asked.

"School is today," Oscar replied, though his answer was muffled due to the bite in his mouth.

"Ah," She nodded knowingly. "You're still going to try and make it?"

"Yes," Oscar affirmed. "I haven't been in a long time, I need to catch up."

"It's a long walk to school," his Aunt warned.

"I know," Oscar stirred the remains of his oatmeal. "But it will be worth it. I have already read all your books."

"Be careful," she shook her head. "I've heard there are bandits out on the roads these days. Ever since that gold mine opened."

"Aunt, they won't want to rob a boy with a tattered coat and two ratty school books," Oscar finished his bowl.

"I suppose not," she sighed.

Leaping up he quickly washed his bowl out and after drying it, set it on the shelf above the bucket of hot water. Tugging on his coat, he took the two school books his Aunt owned, besides her two history books and one math manual. Tucking them under his arm he headed for the door.

"Don't forget this," his Aunt shoved a metal pail into his hand. "A starving boy can't learn."

"Thanks," Oscar beamed, kissing her cheek.

"Have a good day," his Aunt called as he slipped out the door again.

Satisfied the chores were done until he returned, Oscar set off at a run down the road towards town. If he ran, he might stay warm enough on the ten mile walk to town. Also, if he got there soon enough, he could claim a desk next to the stove.

Taking a deep breath, he hurried onto the road. Just nine more miles.