Ruby Rose bounced excitedly as her older sister Yang braided her hair into two pigtails. Holding the red ribbons in her hands she drilled her sister about the first day of school.

"What's it like? Do I get to pick which seat I sit in? How hard is it to make friends?" she said in time with her bounces.

"Calm down little sister," Yang grinned. "You'll make friends easy."

"Are you sure?" Ruby turned to face Yang as soon as her pigtails were done.

"Sure," Yang nodded assuredly.

"Then let's go!" Ruby grabbed her older sister by the hand and dragged her across the room.

Yang grabbed the lunch pails at the last minute, dragging her feet to slow her little sister. She didn't have a free hand to pull up her own or Ruby's bonnet. But that would happen before they stepped outside. They ran down the stairs into the front room of their father's jail.

"Hey," Taiyang Xiao Long, the jailer and their father called. "Aren't you going to give your old man a goodbye hug?"

Ruby let go of Yang's hand and ran over to Taiyang, nearly knocking him over with the force of her hug. This gave Yang enough time to straighten her dress and pull up her bonnet.

"How do you feel about your first day of school?" Taiyang asked, as soon as he caught his breath.

"Nervous," Ruby declared. "But Yang has told me everything so I'm prepared."

"Good!" Taiyang smiled, hugging Yang.

"We better go," Yang handed Ruby her lunch pail.

"Bye!" Ruby called.

Taiyang shook his head as Yang chased Ruby out the door, trying to put her rose decorated bonnet on her head. Ruby wriggled out of Yang's reach and flew down the steps of the jail, racing down the sidewalks to the large school building.

"Come on, we will be late!" she shouted over her shoulder.

"We aren't late!" Yang replied. "We live a minute's walk away!"

Ruby skidded into the yard, bouncing excitedly as she watched the other kids running and playing around the building.

"Ooh, there are so pretty!" she squealed.

Yang caught up, tugging Ruby's bonnet down hard over her head. Ruby squealed as the rose spotted fabric was pulled over her eyes.

"Yang!" she shouted, spinning in a circle.


Ruby gasped as she smacked into someone. She landed on her bottom on the dusty ground, her lunch pail thankfully upright. Shaking herself, she pulled her bonnet off to see who she had just bumped into. A young boy with dark brown hair and a ragged coat sat sprawled in the dust, his lunch pail tipped sideways. He had two worn books on the ground next to him and he was hastily saving his lunch.

"I'm so sorry," Ruby gasped, bounding over to help.

"N-no, it was my f-fault," the boy stammered. "I should have seen you."

"Oh, but I was the stupid one with my bonnet over my eyes," Ruby shot a glare over her shoulder just in case Yang was watching.

"It's really okay," the boy gathered up his belongings. "I'm Oscar by the way."

"Ruby," she smiled shyly.

"Nice to meet you," Oscar smiled back.

"I'll see you around," Ruby grinned, bouncing up and turning around.

Searching the crowd of children for Yang, Ruby ran around the side of the building. For the second time that morning, she ran into someone. As the dust settled, she blinked rubbing her eyes.

"You idiot!" came a shrill high voice.

Ruby cringed staring up into a familiar face. The daughter of one of the gold mine owners. Weiss Schnee.

Fortunately, fate smiled upon Ruby and the school bell began to ring.

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