The Demigod Side of the Force

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Chapter 1

Percy groaned when he heard the phone going off in his apartment. He looked to the side and saw Annabeth curled up next to him. He sighed, they must fallen asleep on the couch again.

He got up and answered the phone, "Hello?" he answered yawning sleepily

"Percy!" Chiron answered "Is Annabeth with you?"

"Yea, why?" Percy answered.

"The gods have called for a meeting on on Olympus, You and Annabeth have been invited"

"What? A Meeting?"

"Yes! Hurry!"


I surveyed the demigods in the throne room.

Annabeth, Nico, Reyna, Leo, Calypso and I had been the ones invited to the council meeting.

"Mother, is there new prophecy?" Annabeth asked worriedly

Athena sighed and looked at Zeus "No, this does meeting does not concern a prophecy of any kind… this has something to do with something much bigger than us"

Annabeth and I shared concerned looks.

Zeus decided to cut to the chase "There has always been a shield around the earth to protect us from otherworldly presences for millennia. It has recently start to degrade."

"A shield?"

"Why do we need protection?"


Zeus waited until the questions stopped.

"The first beings on this planet created a barrier that would effectively cloak this planet from any outside surveillance, including those who can sense the energy of the universe."

"The energy of the universe?" Percy asked

Zeus glared at Percy as explained

"It is an ambient energy field created by all living things that binds the universe together, it has been many names, the most prominent being 'The Force'. Our planet shines in the force like a beacon, and it will not take long for explorers to come to our planet."

"What does this have to do with us? Are expected to fix the shield?" asked Leo

"No. The shield cannot be fixed" came the voice of Hera "We will be sending you out as a scouting mission. We have to know whether it is safe to let the shield degrade or set up proper defenses."

"Your sending us to space? AWESOME" yelled Leo

"Come." Athena said "let us show you the ship"