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Previously: Once finished, Gladio noticed, somehow, another more shack-like house further away. They decided to check it out. Another pack of Sabertusks was hanging around and Ignis suggested a plan of attack. Noctis warped up to the windmill on the other side of the building and warp-striked one of the beasts which was the signal for the others to attack. They were able to finish them off in short order, with no serious injuries incurred.

The group turned to the door as it opened. There was an older male, hair cut short and in full-on hunter garb. He had a vest that reminded Prompto of the kind soldiers would wear, able to carry ammunition in those pockets and what-have-you. Prompto kind of tuned out the majority of the conversation, though Noct asking for payment in return for doing a favor for Dave had him grinning.

Dave was asking them to take care of something that he'd been trying to finish off before his injury got in the way and Noctis agreed to it (for a price). That they were willing to go up against a possibly tough opponent earned them at least some respect from the Hunter, and they got another flask for containing the elemental magic that Noct could craft and share amongst the group of four.

"So, these hunters... are they like the new crownsguard?" Prompto had never really heard of hunters and thus had been under the impression that they were like the hunters back on Earth. Though he was doubting that now, since Dave seemed more like a Bounty Hunter than the 'hunting deer or other wildlife for food' hunters he'd been thinking of.

"In a way, but they are a civilian outfitting. They hunt down dangerous beasts, and offer aid for the people outside Insomnia." Ignis as always was a wealth of information and much more bearable with sharing said information than Hermione had been. At the least he never made Prompto feel like he was stupid when sharing his wisdom. Well, not often. Usually only when Prompto was being particularly obtuse about something.

"Uh, then should we be rocking the crownsguard uniform around them?" Y'know, since the Crownsguard were more for guarding just Insomnia and not seemingly concerned with the people outside the Wall.

"It would be far worse not to." Ignis replied.

"They did make them especially for us after all. Be rude not to wear them." Noctis added. Thus Prompto fell silent, not overly minding. He was glad they were at least not so uniform as to look like a uniform. He was able to have his own personal tastes incorporated and was greatly different from Ignis, Gladio, or Noct's own clothes. They also sported some bad-ass looking skull-and-crossbones.

The group decided to set up camp in the nearby haven before going out to track down the bloodhorn that Dave wanted them to take care of. It was getting late, after all, and they needed to be well rested if they were to avoid serious injury. Prompto stayed up late, gazing into the fire and thinking about bringing up a bit of his past to the others, not the recent stuff, but his past-life stuff and abilities. The sooner they were informed of his magic abilities, the better. Hiding it all got to be annoying, and he would likely forget in the heat of battle and that was not the time for springing special abilities on anyone.

"Haaaaaa... How can I open up to them about my magic?" Prompto was speaking quietly, not really aware he was even speaking at all. He trusted them all, more than he'd ever trusted anyone -sans Sirius- before. He just sucked at opening up to others, aside from Noct, but that was partly (mostly, to be honest) due to his feelings for his friend. Prompto ran a hand through blond locks, trying to muster up the courage to tell his friends about his magic and life as Harry Potter (some of it anyway, like the amount he'd told Noct already). He didn't notice the figure coming up behind him from the tent.

"Tell who, what?" That deep rumbly voice... Gladio?! Prompto jumped and spun, blue eyes wide. He over-balanced and would have fallen over were it not for the large guy's hand reaching out to steady him. Prompto put a hand to his chest once his flailing in surprise finished.

"Don't do that, Big Guy! Gonna give me a heart attack!" He huffed, internally panicking. He wondered how much of what he'd said was out loud and how much Gladio heard. When Prompto chanced a glance at the man's face, any misleading fell away from his thoughts. With a sigh, Prompto gestured for the man to sit in the camp chair nearby. Once Gladio had, Prompto ran a hand through his hair again with another sigh.

"Okay, so I already mentioned this to Noct... but uh, I have um.." He paused for a second to think on which part to mention first, past life memories? or past life abilities? "For as long as I can remember, I've had memories of another life, one that ended too soon..." His gaze was on the fire, furiously avoiding looking to Gladio. He didn't want to see the disbelief in the big guy's eyes. "Not only that... but I can do the things that I could in my previous life as well. See... I was on another world, it sounds crazy but its true! And there were two kinds of people, those with magic and those without. I had magic. My parents died when I was a baby, and I was raised by my magic-hating, non-magical Aunt and Uncle. For ten years. Then I got a letter to a school for magic and things started looking up."

He still refused to look at Gladio, and the man was remaining silent while he talked, so he continued on. "The first time the letter arrived, I didn't think to hide it and it was taken from me. They didn't want me learning of this magic, you see, and for days after more and more letters would arrive, Uncle Vernon finally snapped and had us all packed up into the car and took us far out to this little shack on a small island in the middle of a storm. That was on my birthday. That night the door was broken down by a man that makes even you look child-sized." Gladio snorted at that and he grinned. "I know, right? But yeah. Hagrid, he introduced himself as, was a half-Giant. Literally. Said his mom was a Giantess and his dad an average wizard. Anyway, he told me I was a wizard too, that could leave the Dursleys for Hogwarts (I know, the name is horrible, but Wizards suck at naming things).

"Well, I jumped at the chance. I mean, real magic like in the books and games? Hell yeah. It was just a bonus that the school was a boarding one, so no Dursleys for the whole year. So he takes me to London to shop for school supplies and I find out my family (the Dursleys) lied all my life about my parents. They weren't drunks that killed themselves drunk driving, but great people that died protecting me, and they were loaded not wastes of space. The first stop once we entered 'Diagon Alley' -Yeah, see what I mean?- was Gringotts bank. It's run by Goblins, no not like the ones we see here, well they look sorta similar, but Gringotts Goblins are a little friendlier. As in they speak civilly and only attack if you are a thief. Well, the trust vault alone had enough for me to live comfortably for a long while. It was an entirely new experience, shopping for potions ingredients, spellbooks, robes, cauldron and so on.

"They were so cliche too! We walked past a shop selling brooms, of all things, which were apparently used in a sport as well. The last stop was for a wand, and the shopkeeper was a creepy old dude who spoke of my parents' wands. A couple weeks later (I'd convinced Hagrid to let me return to Surrey on my own, then stayed at the inn instead and spent many hours pouring over the new information at my disposal), and it was time to go to the Kings Cross train station for the train to school. They literally called their platform, 9 3/4... and it was actually three quarters between Platforms Nine and Ten. Hidden from 'muggles' by magic of course." Prompto then explained bits of first year, and left out the end-of-year encounter.

When he was silent once more, Prompto sat back in a slumped position. "So... thoughts big guy?" Gladio's continual silence was kind of getting to him. He hadn't yet looked to see what kind of expression the man was making.

"Well... That sounds... too farfetched to be made up. Seriously? flying brooms? pointy hats?" Gladio's voice gave him no indication of what his reaction was, but there was no disgust there, so it could be okay? "Prompto, look at me." His tone was soft, as though speaking to a scared wild animal. He looked up at the man. Kind hazel stared back at him. "That's whats been bothering you? Do you think I'd have negative reaction to you remembering a past life? Please. We're traveling with a Prince that can warp around by throwing his weapons. In a world where even the peaceful-looking creatures will try to kill you if you get too close, and which all have rather effective appendages for goring people."

The man reached out and ruffled his hair, chuckling. "Besides, those abilities of yours could be helpful later on." He then seemed to think on something. "Why didn't you use them on the Regalia when she broke down?" He didn't sound accusatory, just curious. Prompto chuckled a little nervously.

"'Cuz you and Ignis didn't know, and I'm not sure how the Regalia would react to my magic? Magic back there more often than not fried electronics in quite violent ways. I wasn't going to risk further damaging the old girl before I knew how she would handle it. I was thinking to see if Cindy'd lend me a vehicle to try out my magic on... Though without explaining what I wanted the vehicle for." Gladio nodded at that, then grinned his 'I'm going to tease you' grin.

"Oh? Not going to tell Cindy about your magic? Not even to impress her?" Gladio laughed as his face went red, not for the reasons Gladio thought though. He'd reacted to her the way most guys react to a love-at-first-sight encounter, but his reaction had stemmed from "Holy shit she looks like my mom!" Because aside from the blond hair and revealing clothes, Cindy did indeed remind him of Lily Potter. Same green eyes, mostly same face albeit with a more Asian-look to them. He just kind of went with the assumptions the guys had that he had a crush on her.

He did fully intend to visit her once the trip was over, of course, if only to try seeing if there was more than physical similarity between her and his mom (his mom in this life he never knew, so Lily would always be his only mom). Though if there was, that'd be a whole 'nother level of wierd, since she was only a few years older than him. Unless she had similar aging to wizards back in his first world.

"No. Back in school, I had a burst of accidental magic and it resulted in scrutiny of whether or not I was a royal bastard, since it looked like a fire or lightning elemental outburst and such magic was supposed to be only available to Lucian Royalty. When my suspension ended, and I began hanging out with Noct, most people seemed to think that I was either being welcomed into the family, or training as one of Noct's future Crownsguard or Kingsglaive and the issue was forgotten." Gladio remembered that, hearing speculations on whether there was a bastard child of Regis' around or not. Never had he thought too much on it, since neither his dad nor the King seemed too concerned about it, just another rumor that was not true.

Prompto gave a jaw-cracking yawn then and Gladio sent the blond sniper to bed, stating that he needed to sleep if they were to be fighting the Bloodhorn in the morning. Giving a slight chuckle at that, Prompto stood with a 'yessir' and headed for the tent. He was so tired that he missed entirely Ignis standing off to a side and close enough to the fire to have heard the story.

Once Prompto was safely ensconced inside the tent, the Advisor of the Prince went to the seat Prompto had just vacated and sat down. Both older men sat in silence a moment, both thinking over the information revealed to them. Both what he'd said, as well as what he'd not said.

"Young Prompto was abused by those relatives... if he was so willing to leave them for a promise of something better." Ignis spoke up, voice soft so as not to carry to the tent. "He left out a lot of personal information.. but it is clear that his relatives, being magic-hating, were not kind to him."

"Explains the kids lack of trust in others. Can't imagine how that sort of thing might affect someone. He also has a less than stellar relationship with his parents this time around. I know Noct's ranted about their hands-off approach with Prompto many times. They're hardly ever around the kid, and never for very long either." Gladio was also sure to speak softly, voice a pleasant, deep rumble. Both men were curious about what else Prompto was holding back, but with no answers forthcoming unless they asked the blond gunner himself, the two retired for the night into the tent.


Ending chapter here, since them going to bed is as good a place to stop as any. Next chapter: Bloodhorn fight and driving the Regalia. Perhaps also lessons in English? Which Noct already knows from Prompto teaching his best bud during their friendship. It's like their own secret language! Which Noct convinces Prompto to let the other two members of their team in on, so they can relay information without anyone else understanding.

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