This fic is going to be a compilation of small drabbles for my idea Happy LWA Week, where for one week, participating members of the fandom create content of the characters being happy!

Day 1 prompt is for the Red Team!

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Chapter 1.

"Aaaahhh, this is so nice~" Akko sighs, stretching herself out in the grass. "No homework, no detention. We can just relax~"

"I call it a miracle," Sucy mutters from where she's sitting nearby, patting a small mushroom. "Akko didn't mess up anything to get a detention this week."

"Sucy, don't be mean," Lotte chides. She's sitting on Akko's other side with a Night fall volume in her lap.

It's a warm, cozy afternoon, where everyone seems to be out and about enjoying the weather, having lunch outdoors or practicing magic in the fields or flying their brooms.

Akko's in too good of a mood to retort to Sucy's verbal jabs, so she just flops down onto her back in the grass.

"It's just so nice. Every day should be like this! Well, okay, maybe not every day cuz then it'd just get boring eventually."

"Really?" Lotte says. "I don't think I'd ever get tired of weather like this."

"We need some rain though," Sucy comments. "Or else the fungi can't grow."

"Geez," Akko huffs. "Always with the mushrooms, Sucy."

"You got a problem with mushrooms?" Sucy carefully plucks the one from next to her and pokes Akko in the gut with it. She shrieks and flails her hands.

"Gyaa! Sucy, that tickles!"

"What, this?" Sucy jabs her with the mushroom again, and Akko all but convulses.

"S-Stop it- haha! L-Lotte, help meee!"

"E-Eh? I've never really-"

"What?!" Akko half-squeaks, half-laughs. "You've n-never – Sucy sto-op! – L-Lotte, you've never had a tickle fight before?"

"Well, I don't have any sibling so-"

"That's no excuse!" Akko sits up and swats Sucy away playfully, then leans over to poke Lotte's side. She jolts and squeals.

"H-Hey, Akko-"

"No escape now!" Akko tackles her into the grass and her book falls aside, leaving Lotte without a shield. Akko wiggles her fingers over Lotte's sides. "See? This is how you have a tickle fight, Lotte!"

"A-Akko, stop!" she giggles. "S-Sucy, h-help me!"

"Maybe in a minute."


As Akko continues to laugh and tickle Lotte, Sucy pokes the blonde girl's cheek with her mushroom. Her glasses start to slip off as she tries to fight back.

"H-Hey, you two! All right, take that!" With a light shove, she pushes Akko off, and the brunette falls to the side.

"Duwah- oof!"

With Akko defenseless now, Lotte takes her chance and lunges at her.


"Whoa, L-Lotte-! Ahahaha~!" She squirms as Sucy ditches the mushroom and just starts using her hands to tickle as well. "Gyaaaah! S-Sucy, whose side are you on?!"

"Mine," she smirks. "Hey Lotte, hold her arms."

"N-Noooo~ Ahaha, hee hee!"

Akko rolls about in the grass as the others tickle her mercilessly, laughing themselves with how happy she is. It's contagious enough for even Sucy to keep chuckling throughout it all.

When Akko finally frees herself, she grabs Sucy and bowls her into the grass, pinning her down triumphantly.

"I've got you now! Take this! And this!"

But no matter where she pokes on Sucy's sides, she doesn't flinch. She's only smirking because Akko's vain efforts amuse her. Akko pouts.

"Aww Sucy, how come you're not ticklish?"

"I am," she grins. "You're just not doing it right!"


Sucy knocks Akko over again and repeats the process, and Lotte jumps in too. Their voices rise up in gleeful laughter and shrieks as the three of them roll through the grass, sometimes teaming up on each other and sometimes going every witch for herself.

What makes them all eventually stop is when they end up getting their clothes and hair snagged together and roll down the hill in a squealing, screaming ball. They tumble to a stop, tangled up with each other, covered in grass and leaves. They all look to each other, then burst out laughing.

"S-Sucy-" Lotte giggles. "There's a mushroom in your hair."

"There's a beetle on Akko's nose."

"Eh? Gyaaa get it off!"

As Lotte lets the beetle crawl onto her finger, Sucy helps her up, then they both grab Akko's hands and haul her to her feet. Sighing and smiling, they pick grass off each others' clothes before collecting Lotte's book.

"Geez," Akko sighs. "All that tickling made me hungry!"

"Me too," Lotte agrees. "I wonder what's for lunch today."

"Hopefully a mushroom dish."

"Sucy, you gotta eat something other than mushrooms!"

"Like what?"

"Mmm pie?"

"Akko, you eat too many sweets..."

"There's no such thing as too many sweets!"

As they turn to head off for lunch, Akko grabs each of their hands, and they walk off together.

A/N: I only have time to do very small drabbles but I hope you enjoyed anyway! It's a little tricky to write more than 2 characters in one scene all at the same time (especially when they're all using she/her pronouns) but I did my best! Hopefully you can tell who is talking when without my having to explain.

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