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Chapter 27.

As winter progresses that year, Diana realizes she has much more to do than she typically did during any other snowy season before this. Now that she has two girlfriends to consider, she is suddenly very aware of all the holidays that she typically didn't used to bat an eyelash at.

But now with Akko and Sucy to think of, she becomes a very busy, yet very happy witch.

Of course one of the most significant holidays for people in relationships to consider is Valentine's Day. In the past, it wasn't at all uncommon for Diana to be on the receiving end of many gifts and treats from her classmates, friends, and acquaintances.

However, this would be the first year that she felt obligated to be the one preparing the gifts for others. It's both nerve-wracking and exciting in a way.

Of course, Luna Nova's kitchen is swarming with students begging for permission to use it in order to make treats for the entire week leading up to the holiday, and there's even a sign-up sheet and waiting list before very long.

Unfortunately, Diana had been so swamped with her various other responsibilities that she didn't manage to get a spot to use the kitchen for herself in time before the list was filled.

As such, she has elected to enact a slight abuse of power.

The night before Valentine's Day, she requests permission from Headmistress Holbrooke to use the kitchen after-hours. And being she is held in such high esteem and is a student already trusted with many privileges that others aren't granted, the Headmistress gladly allows her access to the kitchen that night.

Now, she will have the kitchen and its supplies to herself for as long as she might need them, at least until morning. But she doesn't anticipate it taking that long.

Finding a fresh apron, Diana ties it around herself and gathers her hair back into a ponytail before going around the empty kitchen to gather supplies and ingredients. She's confident in her cooking and baking abilities. She's going to make Akko and Sucy the best treats she can manage.

"Let's see…"

She browses the contents of one of the large refrigerators, pulling out the things that she needs.

"Eggs, butter… ah, thankfully there are some cocoa beans left here…"

She puts everything onto the counter behind her where she'd laid out the pans and bowls for mixing, then takes a step back to observe everything.

"This should be all I need. Just perhaps-"

"You forgot the mushrooms."


Diana shrieks outright, jolting and whirling around at the sudden voice in her ear. A certain pink-haired witch is standing there behind her, snickering from beneath her hood. Diana puts a hand to her chest and heaves an exasperated sigh.

"Sucy! Honestly, that is the sort of behavior I would have expected from Akko."

Sucy snorts again.

"Sorry. Couldn't resist. You were so focused you didn't even notice I came in."

Diana smoothes back her ponytail and her apron, clearing her throat.

"And what exactly brings you here at this hour?"

"I could ask you the same thing. Though I guess it's kinda obvious." Sucy looks to the counter covered in supplies. Diana quickly tries to think of an excuse.

"Ah, well, I was just cleaning up some things our classmates neglected to-"

"Save it," Sucy flaps her hand. "You don't have to hide that you were trying to make stuff for me. I don't need anything."

"Eh? But-"

"It's fine. I didn't exactly make you anything either. You should just make stuff for Akko."

"Sucy…" Diana frowns. She had wanted to make sweets for Sucy as well, even if she would get nothing in return. But now that she's been discovered it might prove difficult.

Sucy senses her dilemma and nudges Diana.

"Seriously, I don't need this stuff. Too sweet. How about the two of us just make something for Akko instead? She's been a hot mess all day." Sucy lowers her voice into a whisper. "Doubt we were supposed to know, but apparently she did get a spot on the sign-up sheet, but she completely forgot about it so she missed her time slot."

Diana grimaces, but she isn't at all surprised.

"Oh, Akko…"

"Yeah. Just what you'd expect from her. So we can both make her stuff to make her feel better, right?"

"Of course."

"All right. Let's do it."

Diana smiles; she certainly hadn't expected to have company tonight, but she's very glad to join forces with Sucy.

She begins by telling Such of her plans to make chocolates and cookies, then asks her to start pouring out the flour.

Sucy slinks around the kitchen, looking very out-of-place in such a homely setting, which causes Diana to chuckle a little. But when it comes time to actually pour out the necessary measurements, Sucy is more precise than even Diana herself might've been.

"My," Diana says as she begins adding chocolate chips into the batter. "Sucy, you're quite skilled at this."

Sucy shrugs.

"It's just science. Same thing as measuring ingredients for potions and stuff. Easy."

"True, you are a master at concoctions."

Diana lets Sucy handle scooping out the cookie batter onto a tray to put into the oven, while Diana herself begins making individual chocolates. Once Sucy has finished her task and left the cookies to bake, she joins Diana at the counter, watching her struggle a bit with her job.

"Y'know," she says. "Wouldn't be a whole lot easier if you just used magic?"

"Perhaps." Diana wipes her arm across her forehead, smearing a bit of chocolate on her cheek in the process. "However, this is a labor of love, as some might say. Using magic would require little effort. I want to do this properly if it's for the people I care about."

Sucy smirks, leaning in to lick the chocolate off Diana's cheek.

"Should've expected that answer from you."

"Wah- S-Sucy!" Diana turns away blushing, concealing her cheek. Sucy cackles.

"Come on. Let's finish these up."

She only pulls out her wand to shape some of the chocolates like different kinds of mushrooms, while Diana does the same and turns others into flowers or tiny animals.

As they wait for their chocolates to harden and their cookies to bake, the two witches clean up the kitchen. Diana prepares a small picnic basket, which she and Sucy decorate with magic, putting on ribbons and small mushrooms for some color.

When everything is ready, they compile the cookies and chocolates into the basket to present to Akko tomorrow.

By then it's nearly midnight, and only one of the two of them has permission to be out past curfew. As Diana and Sucy snack on a few of the extra treats themselves, Diana gives her a curious glance.



"I was wondering… Why exactly were you here in the kitchen at this hour anyway?"

Sucy just shrugs and looks down at her cookie.

"Just happened to be passing by."

Diana smiles.

"Really? That's quite the coincidence. Are you certain you weren't trying to use the kitchen for yourself so you could make things…?"

Sucy snorts, and might even give the smallest pout.

"I didn't get a spot on the list," she mutters, biting into her cookie again. "Might've been trying to sneak in after-hours…"

"I would have to advise against such things in the future," Diana says. "But how kind of you to think of us."

"Ch. Who said I was gonna make stuff for you and Akko?"

"You did, just now."


Diana laughs softly.

"Thank you, Sucy. This experience of cooking together with you was quite special."


They finish eating, then finish cleaning up for the night. Diana takes the basket of sweets with her to keep it in her room as Sucy heads back to her shared room with Akko and Lotte. But before they part, Diana leans in to steal a swift kiss from her.

"It may be a bit early, but happy Valentine's Day, Sucy."

Sucy looks away, and definitely doesn't blush.

"Actually, it's midnight. So you're on time."

They head their separate ways for the night.

The following morning, the whole school is bustling with witches excitedly presenting their treats to their friends and partners. Sucy gets to watch Akko wake up firsthand as a blubbering heap.

"Uuuuu… I didn't get to make anything…"

"That's because you forgot your turn," Lotte reminds her. "You've gotta be more on top of things, Akko."

"But-! But-! It's Valentine's Day!" She turns wide, watery eyes to Sucy. "Su! You gotta forgive meee! I didn't get you anything!"

"That's fine. I didn't get you anything, either."

Akko sniffles dramatically and wipes her eyes.

"Okay. So at least we're even…"

And just then a knock comes on the door. Lotte goes to answer it, and when she sees it's Diana, she giggles and tactfully slips away into the hallway to give the three witches some privacy. Akko looks up immediately.

"Diana! Aaaah, I'm sorryyy! It's Valentine's Day, but I didn't get you anything!"

"That is quite all right, Akko," Diana says kindly. She shares a knowing glance with Sucy before stepping into the room and revealing the basket of sweets from behind her back. "I am sure Sucy agrees that we don't need anything from you, Akko. But we did happen to prepare a few things for you today."

Akko jumps back with a loud gasp as she gapes at the basket full of sweets.

"Whaaa-?! You guys made these?! For me?! But Sucy, you said you didn't get me anything!"

"I didn't say I didn't make you anything, though."

"Waaaow! You guys are the best!" Akko exuberantly takes the basket from Diana, marveling at all the goodies inside. She picks up a mushroom-shaped chocolate and a cookie and opens her mouth before pausing. "I'll brush my teeth and have a proper breakfast after! I swear!"

With this declaration she chomps into both of the treats. As she chews, she squeals and coos and hums and sings, twirling around on one foot. "Mmmm~ Delicious! You guys, these are amazing~!"

"We're very glad."

"Huh. Guess that wasn't one of the 'special' ones."

"Geh-!" Akko freezes, instantly panicking to think Sucy had slipped some weird flavor or spell into some of them. But then Sucy laughs and waves her hand dismissively.

"I'm just kidding. Probably."

"Su… Aw, whatever, I don't even care if they're poisoned! You guys made them for me, so I love 'em!" Akko places the basket onto Sucy's desk, then proceeds to throw herself at both of her girlfriends to pull them into a group hug. "Thank you, Sucy! Thank you, Diana! I'll be sure to repay you guys!"

"There is no need for that, Akko," Diana says, hugging he ran turn. "We're simply glad you like them."

"Yeah. Just don't eat 'em all at once."

"I won't! Maybe!" Akko laughs and happily begins smothering them both with kisses.

Considering the romantic holiday, Sucy and Diana accept their fate.

The three witches consider their first Valentine's Day together a great success.

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