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Filbrick Goes to Gravity Falls

Chapter 1: Don't Call the Knucklehead

"Filbrick, I'm worried." Ma Pines told her husband.

"What's wrong?" Filbrick bluntly asked.

"It's been months since we last had news from Stanford." She explained.

"He's probably too busy with his nerd things to remember us." Filbrick dismissively commented. "He'll remember to call us once he runs out of grant money."

"I'm thinking of calling his brother to see if he knows where Stanford is." Ma Pines fearfully commented. She was afraid of how her husband would react to Stanley being mentioned.

"It probably won't help." Filbrick said. "Sherman and Stanford might be brothers but they never had much to do with each other."

"I… I meant Stanford's other brother." She clarified and then braced herself for the worst.

"DON'T YOU DARE TALK ABOUT THAT KNUCKLEHEAD IN THIS HOUSE!" Filbrick angrily demanded. "Much less ask for anything from him."

"Stanley's already got millions as you wanted." Ma Pines argued. "Why don't you call him back?"

"When I expelled the knucklehead from here, I made it crystal clear he wouldn't be welcome back until he made millions to make up for the potential ones he cost our family." Filbrick explained. "Now that he met my terms, it's up to him to decide if he wants to be back or not. I won't swallow my pride by being the first one to make a call."

"I won't stand still doing nothing while Stanford's missing." Ma Pines declared. "Someone has to look for him!"

"Whatever." Filbrick grunted. "I'll go to Gravity Falls to look for Stanford while Sherman manages the pawn shop."

"Really?" Ma Pines hopefully asked.

"I always mean what I say." Filbrick reminded his wife of his honesty. "Just don't call the knucklehead."

After explaining to Shermie why he's going to Oregon, Filbrick went to the airport and bought the cheapest ticket available. 'Stupid genius.' Filbrick mumbled to himself. 'As it it's not bad enough he'd waste the college grant and his intellect into a non-profitable field, Stanford had to isolate himself to the point I'm having to go to another state just to see if he's fine.'

End chapter.

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