Chapter 2: A Stanco Enterprise

Unfortunately, for Filbrick, the town of Gravity Falls had no airports so he not only had to take a plane but also a bus. He bought a bus pass from the only company that had buses going to Gravity Falls: Speedy Beaver. Upon seeing the company's logo, he read something that made him upset. "A Stanco Enterprise?"

"That's right, Sir." An employee commented. "Stan Pines, the computer multi-millionaire, has recently bought this company. The rumor going around is that he wants to build a nation-wide transportation empire."

"They." Filbrick Pines corrected.

"They?" The employee asked in confusion.

"Stanco Enterprises isn't just one computer multi-millionaire." Filbrick elaborated. "There's also a Fiddleford McGucket, who invented those laptop things."

"Yeah, but nobody talks about him outside the context of Stanco products." The employee explained.

"Whatever." Filbrick waved in dismissal and then showed his ticket. "Just show me where my bus is."

It was a silent bus ride to Gravity Falls and Filbrick's main regret was not bringing something to read like most other passengers did. 'I'd even reread that newspaper article about the knucklehead becoming a millionaire just to get rid of the boredom. Speedy Beaver, they call it. Ha. I can tell the knucklehead did not have any help from that McGucket character with this venture.'

Upon arriving at Gravity Falls, Filbrick met another obstacle: he didn't know the location of Stanford's address. He decided to enter a store named Dusk 2 Dawn for directions.

"May I help you, stranger?" Ma Duskerton asked.

"Yes." Filbrick bluntly answered. "I need directions to Gopher Drive."

"Gopher Drive?" Ma asked. "Who do you know there, stranger?"

"My son Stanford Pines." Filbrick answered.

"Excuse me." A woman interrupted their conversation. "Are you saying that guy from TV is your son and lives in our town?"

It took some time for him to understand her confusion. "I said Stanford, not Stanley." Filbrick clarified while secretly disgusted at himself for speaking the knucklehead's name. "Stanford Pines is the scientist who moved into this town a few years ago back when the similarly named entrepreneur and his business partner still weren't millionaires."

The locals dismissed the name similarity as a mere coincidence and Filbrick resumed his conversation with Ma Duskerton, who gladly gave him directions. "Mr. Pines, I thought your son had left Gravity Falls." She commented. "It's been a long time anyone in town ever saw him."

"Yes, that sounds like him." Filbrick commented while thinking about Ford's lack of sociability. "Thank you, Ma'am." He said and then left.

"You're welcome, stranger." Ma Duskerton replied.

"Wait a minute!" A trainee named Daryl exclaimed after Filbrick Pines left Dusk 2 Dawn. "How does he know the TV Stan Pines' formal given name is 'Stanley'? I don't recall watching any advertisements where he introduced himself as anything other than 'Stan Pines'."

"Might've been a guess because that's what most people called 'Stan' are named." A girl with "I heart TV" on her shirt theorized.

"Or perhaps he read it on some newspaper interview." Pa Duskerton suggested.

Meanwhile, Filbrick went towards his nerd son's shack. 'Stupid son.' He thought. 'All those profitable things he could have used his grant money for. Cures for diseases. A new device that'd help mankind. He instead wastes his potential for greatness with some supernatural research. I should have known he'd end up like this when he took that shrunken head to the Show & Tell.' He then looked at Ford's home, or what's left of it, and became even more worried. To Filbrick, it seemed the place was hit by an earthquake. The shack was broken into two and there was no need to use doors or windows to enter. 'Son, what happened to you?'

End chapter.

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