Secure. Contain. Protect. Those are the three words that have founded the SCP Foundation, an organization dedicated to finding and containing creatures and objects that seemingly defy all known physics and logic. If an object is classified as "Safe", it can be left alone without worry. If the SCP is unpredictable, it is classified as "Euclid". If an SCP is left to its own devices and all hell breaks loose, it is classified as "Keter". The foundation takes inmates already on death row and uses them for experiments with the SCPs. Cruel and unusual punishment for sure, but also a necessity.

SCP-2639 "Caped Baldy"

Object Class: Euclid.

SCP-2639 is a thin, human-like, bald male. He goes by the name of [REDACTED] and he is supposedly twenty-five years old. SCP-2639 houses incredible physical abilities far beyond any other human in recorded history. He can effortlessly punch holes in large, thick steel walls seemingly without effort. He is also incredibly durable, and no method ever used against him has seemingly done any visible damage. We have yet to see any change in SCP-2639's facial expressions when he does this, so we can only assume he is far stronger than we can imagine. However, SCP-2639 is, surprisingly enough, easily contained. After many containment breaches from SCP-2639 due to him repeatedly saying his room was uncomfortable and that he felt like a "pet", the foundation has compromised to make a containment chamber directly to his liking. SCP-2639's new containment chamber is located approximately 2000 kilometers below sea level so that if he ever were to breach again, the damage would not extend to other SCP containment chambers. As of now, SCP-2639 has yet to attempt to breach containment so long as we provide him food, limited television access (He is only allowed to view news and weather channels, though he oddly doesn't seem to mind), and a sofa. SCP-2639 has very little patience for long explanations and typically shouts at staff members to keep explanations to twenty words or less. Dr. Bright has been admitted clearance to converse with SCP-2639 from time to time, which has seemingly been a great help at keeping him at bay, though of the two of them who is more dangerous, we do not know. SCP-2639 is to be kept in a 12x12 square-meter apartment-like containment chamber with a patio that overlooks a holographic image of a city in ruins. Why he chose this scenery is unknown. SCP-2639 was first captured alongside SCP-2783, and was coaxed into containment once SCP 2783 was deactivated with an EMP mine. He still asks to see SCP-2783 on many occasions in exchange for compliance with testing. Due to SCP-2783's nature, however, this has been denied, but staff tell him that we will reunite the two of them eventually. Staff are still attempting to come up with a solution in case SCP-2639 attempts to see SCP-2783 by force. SCP-2639 wore what is now known as SCP-2639-B as he was captured, but it has been confiscated for testing. SCP-2639 claims to be from another dimension entirely where he was "A hero for fun". When asked about how he came here, SCP-2639 simply shrugged and said "Some pretentious bony guy who called himself God got mad that I got really strong, so he kinda just sent me and [REDACTED] wherever here is." When SCP-343 was asked about this, he acted in a similar manner to when we asked him of his relation to SCP-001, though he returned shortly thereafter. SCP-2639 has never killed a human and though he has knocked out NTF guards while attempting to escape, he has, seemingly intentionally, left them all alive with minimal injuries. The extent of SCP-2639's physical abilities are unknown. For all we know, his strength is without limits.

SCP-2639-B "The Invincible Suit"

Object Class: Safe

SCP-2639-B is a yellow full-body suit with a white cape buttoned on the shoulders along with red leather boots and gloves and a metallic belt. SCP-2639-B looks like an ordinary superhero costume. It has seemingly no special compositions to enhance its durability, and tailors have already replicated the suit perfectly. However, when worn by SCP-2639, the suit becomes completely invulnerable to any damage. In his few escape attempts, SCP-2639 has taken thousands of bullets and both he and SCP-2639-B came out completely unharmed. When tested, SCP-2639-B has shown immunity to a multitude of dangers. From intense flame to plasma that's heat rivals the surface of the sun, both SCPs have come out without a scratch. It has been shown that SCP-2639 himself is not responsible for the invincibility of his suit, as other clothes in the same situation have all burned completely to cinders. The bond the two share is currently unknown.

SCP-2783 "Demon Cyborg"

Object Class: Keter

SCP-2783 is a cybernetic humanoid male with blond hair. SCP-2783's eyes are completely black except for the orange iris' SCP-2783's arms have holes for ventilation decorating them. Every part of SCP-2783's body except for it's brain and brain stem is comprised of an unknown metal alloy; even its hair. SCP-2783 was first discovered alongside SCP-2639 on Foundation grounds out of nowhere. When questioned, he gave the same excuse as SCP-2639, albeit a far more complex one. Apparently, the two SCPs were sent here by a creature who calls itself "God" who was able to [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-2783 is incredibly durable, though not to the extremes of SCP 2639. While immune to bullets, powerful explosions are capable of doing visible damage. As of now, SCP-2783 is to be constantly incapacitated with short-range EMP mines. SCP-2783 automatically revives itself from incapacitation every half hour. These protocols were initiated once SCP-2783 became incredibly aggressive after having been denied access to SCP-2639 and has resulted in the deaths of over seventy staff members and eighty-two NTF units, along with having had one of most containment breaches of any SCP despite being one of the newest additions to the SCPs; SCP-682 being the only one with a higher track record in that regard. SCP-2639 is capable of releasing incredibly high-pressured flames from the palms of its hands, feet, and shoulderblades. SCP-2639 is capable of moving at blinding speeds in very little time, easily going past mach 8 and can deliver punches and kicks at speeds hardly capable of being measured. SCP-2783 refers to SCP-2639 as "Sensei" or "Master" when talking about him, so it is assumed they have a teacher-student relationship.

"Class D Personnel, please step into SCP-173's chamber for testing." Ordered a guard to three Class D's in orange prison clothing. He wore gray leather pants, a black bulletproof vest, and a helmet with a large orange visor. He held an assault rifle to coax the Class D's into submission, not that the three dared to disobey either way. As the three criminals entered the chamber, they gazed upon a beige-colored statue with short, stubby arms and two cylindrical legs. It's head was turned to them as the three Class D's entered, allowing them to see that it had a face that looked as if it were painted on. It had four large, black eyes, some green and red paint surrounding them, and a vertical mouth between its two lower eyes with incredibly sharp-looking teeth. One of the Class D's gulped nervously and dared to walk closer to the demonic statue, and the one next to him soon followed. The third one, however, stayed in the corner with his gaze completely transfixed on the statue with unblinking eyes.

"Ummm," The guard said over the intercom, "There appears to be problems with the door controls. I can't get the door to shut. Keep staring at SCP-173. In the meantime, I'll try to-"


Without warning, the entire facility began quaking violently, shutting off the lights for a few brief moments, cycling back in and out. In mere seconds, two of the Class D's were on the ground in a pool of their own blood, their necks horribly mangled. The third Class D who was still in the corner turned his gaze up to the balcony where the guard was furiously firing rounds into SCP-173 without luck. It only took one more brief disappearance of the lights to end his life forever, and for the SCP to disappear. Quickly taking action, the only remaining person in the room sprinted for the exit and into the rest of the facility. Little did he know a figure coated in an eerie black ooze was right behind him.