"Ugh," A certain bald-headed hero moaned, covering his ears, "We get it, bad stuff's happening, just SHUT UUUP!"

After spending the dude who sent him here-knows how much time down below attempting to find an elevator, as soon as he finds one, his ears were now being assaulted by the single loudest alarm system he'd ever heard. If this damned alarm system didn't shut up, he was going to lose his-

Saitama jumped back reflexively as the alarm system was violently shut off by the sound of screeching static until finally, finally, the dim metal hallways were surrounded by silence. It took all of Saitama's willpower to not collapse onto the ground and thank the dude who sent him here for what little mercy he'd been allowed, mostly because now that the alarms had finally died down, he could hear his own stomach growling. Now, the Caped Baldy didn't exactly have some over-the-top shounen appetite, but even he needed food.

"Aw geez," Saitama complained as his stomach growled once more, "Of course they'd abandon this place right before lunchtime."

His eyes were caught by a what looked like another elevator door.

"Oh good, another elevator!" He cheered, "Let's see where this one goes."

As he got closer, he noticed a sign next to the door.

"SCP-076," The hero read aloud, "Object class...Keter? The heck does that mean?"

Shrugging, the hero decided that anything was worth a shot. An elevator's an elevator after all, so maybe this one would take him to some actual people. It was then that he realised the door didn't have any buttons, but instead had a horizontal slot where the call button would normally be.

"Ah, hell," The hero cursed, rubbing the back of his shiny head, "Where the heck am I gonna get a key card?!"

An idea suddenly struck him, making a sinister grin tear at his face. Looking around to see no people or cameras, he chuckled mischievously and tore open the metal doors like they were butter and stacked the two door pieces on the wall behind him before jumping down the elevator shaft into the darkness below.

As he landed, the hero ended up tearing through the elevator's roof by accident.

"Ooh, that ain't good," Saitama commented, looking up at the gaping roof of the elevator and laughing nervously, "I'm just gonna step out here and...pretend that never happened…"

As the Caped Baldy stepped out of the broken elevator, he winced as he heard the wire snap followed by a loud crash.

"Oh no. I better get outta here before anyone sees that…"

As the hero readied himself to jump back up the elevator shaft, he noticed a figure cloaked in shadow sitting cross-legged in front of a black cube.

"Oh hey," Saitama greeted, "You were lucky I saw you there, otherwise I might've-"

Saitama was cut off abruptly as the figure's eyes snapped open, summoning an oddly-shaped twisted sword at his in his hand and lunged at Saitama with a bestial roar.

"Woah!" Saitama cried out, ducking underneath the figure's lunge, "Easy there, you could hurt someone with that, ya know!"

The figure's response was to lunge at the Caped Baldy once more, to which Saitama caught the blade and crushed it in his hand. As the figure backed off, Saitama was able to get a look at his aggressor. It was a tall, muscular man with ancient, tribal-looking clothing and red and black tattoos coating his body. He had short, ragged black hair and wore the expression of a maddened animal.

"Woah, hey there," Saitama protested, putting up his hands nonagressively, "Easy there, ok? Look, I'm sorry about the elevator, but-"


Roaring maniacally, the man arched backwards and summoned a long black spear in his arms. He stamped his foot down and crouched, holding the spear behind him before taking off, aiming to plant the weapon in Saitama's gut. Saitama simply sidestepped the attack and grabbed the tip of the spear as it sailed by him, snapping it in half.

Throwing the broken stick to the side, Saitama noticed that it turned to dust the moment he let it go. Before his very eyes, the dust began swirling in place before shooting into the large black cube. Saitama's eyes brightened in realization.

"Oh!" The bald hero said in realization, punching his hand down onto the palm of his other hand, "So, that's where your getting those things, huh? So, what if I…"

The beast of a man's eyes widened as he realized what the bald man before him was planning on doing. Summoning an axe, he lurched at the bald man. He was preparing a devastating strike to his prey's neck, but he didn't feel the usual feeling of cleaving flesh. Looking down at the weapon, he saw that it had been shattered as well. The SCP was forced to hunch over, letting the remainder of his weapon fall and turn to dust as he felt the very core of his being shattered. As he turned around, he was greeted with the side of the cube being reduced to nothing but rubble, which soon decayed into dust. He fell onto his knees, clawing madly at his face and throat. His body had already begun to decay, but not a single sound would escape his throat. In acceptance of his fate, SCP-076 fell forward and allowed his body to decay into dust.

"Now you can't use those toys of yours," Saitama said, "Alright, now I can't pay for the elevator, but-"

As Saitama turned around to converse the pricing of the collapsed elevator, he was greeted to a completely empty room.

"Huh. Maybe he ran off somewhere. Oh, that reminds me! I gotta find Genos!"

"We must find Saitama-sensei!" Genos said for the umpteenth time after many a convoluted explanation to a very annoyed Dr. Bright.

"Mmhm?" The aforementioned doctor replied, not even bothering to listen to the cyborg's ramblings anymore.

"Yes. Saitama-sensei is very precious to me. It is imperative that we-"

Genos was abruptly cut off by Dr. Bright clapping a hand over his mouth and attempting to push him to the ground to no avail.

"What are you doing?" Genos demanded, pulling Bright's hand off of his mouth."

"Shh!" Dr. Bright hissed, "Get down!"

At hearing the doctor's urgency, Genos finally complied and couched, "Why, what is the matter?"

"See for yourself."

Out from the darkness, a small, whitish-peach colored figure appeared, walking towards the two of them with an empty look on it's face.

"A teddy bear?" Genos asked quizzically.

"Take a closer look at it."

Narrowing his mechanical eyes, the cyborg took another look at the approaching teddy bear, scanning it with his sensors. It didn't take him long to find out what was wrong with it.

"It is comprised of...human ears?!"

Dr. Bright nodded, "Yes, that is SCP-1048-A. Or one of them, at least. That thing can screech at such high frequencies that it can cause death to anyone that hears with within-"

Genos's body suddenly lit up orange and he jumped up from his hiding spot. The cyborg quickly outstretched his arm and opened his hand, spewing an intense jet of fire that consumed the SCP and reduced it to ash before it had the chance to unleash its weapon.

"Target eliminated." The blond cyborg announced, allowing his body to cool and return back to its normal sleek black.

"THAT WAS FUCKIN' AWESOME!" Dr. Bright cheered on from behind, laughing like a madman.

Genos turned his attention back to the doctor, "Dr. Bright. Are these SCPs your world's equivalent of monsters?"

Dr. Bright managed to snap himself out of his intense laughing fit in order to reply, "Monsters? So, your world has an equivalent as well…"

"I'll take that as a yes. My new mission will be to exterminate every SCP I find on my to Master Saitama. Anything further will be decided by him."

"Woah," Dr. Bright protested, waving his hands in front of Genos, "Woah, woah, woah, woah there. That is a HORRIBLE idea."

Genos raised an eyebrow, "Why is that? If they are like monsters, then they are nothing but a danger that must be eliminated."

Dr. Bright had to keep himself from planting his face in his hands, "Where the hell do I begin? Well, aside from the fact that many SCPs have been deemed indestructible, there are incorporeal SCPs and some that are literal ticking time bombs. Like, down in one of the lower levels we have some pregnant woman from a cult that will supposedly end the world should she ever give birth or die...shit, someone should get on that...in any case, there are some SCPs that either can't or shouldn't be destroyed, got that?"

It didn't take much time for the cyborg to process the new information, "Very well. I will only destroy the ones that have no backlash from being destroyed then. I'll have you tell me which SCPs are safe to destroy."

Dr. Bright couldn't help it anymore. He planted his face into the palms of his hands, only now realizing the joyride he was in for.

A lone D-Class personnel wandered the dark hallways, rushing through doors to pick up anything he deemed useful before exiting the rooms just as quickly as he came in. His current objective was to find a Level 2 Key Card so he could attain access to SCP-914. After that, it was only a matter of time before he would get himself an Omni Card and get the hell out of there. At least he hoped so. There were so many new SCPs to contend with now. Thousands even. And while he was admittedly curious about them, he'd deemed it a higher priority to map an escape route before dealing with creatures capable of ending the world. Not to mention, he hadn't exactly saved in a while.


Oh no.

Swiftly turning around, the lone D-Class found himself cornered as a pink...ball? With multiple eyes rolled towards him slowly. Luckily, it stopped a few feet away from him where it sat, staring into all directions. As long as he didn't set the damn thing off, he could just slip on through the door to his right and be on his way. Carefully...carefully...aaaaand there we-


The poor D-Class's ears were assaulted by the single loudest noise he'd ever heard...Beethovan's second symphony. What fresh hell this SCP was imagined in will never be fathomed by him. Quickly covering his ears, the D-Class rushed through the nearest metal door and quickly slammed the button on the other side, shutting it and giving the D-Class the gift of sweet, sweet silence once more...that is, until a voice spoke over the intercom.

"Mobile Task Force unit Nine Tailed Fox has now entered the facility. All remaining survivors are addressed to remain in an evacuation shelter or any safe area until the unit has secured the facility. We will start escorting people out when all escaped SCPs have been successfully recontained."

...Oh fuck…

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