Nyx meets Stella in the afterlife.

The afterlife is very bright. Nyx Ulric was expecting to meet a fleet of ghosts. To drown in apparitions en mass, hearing moans and screams for the Living.

But instead it is quiet, almost void of sound. If not for the faint buzz of some sort of humming, Nyx would have assumed he had drowned into a blank void of nothingness.

Walking towards the direction of the humming, he felt his heart pound and his palms sweat. Was it his mother, or his dear baby sister? Did he finally get to find peace with the two women he failed to protect? To be forgiven?

He can see someone through the fog of white. Maria!? Is that you?

Once he is close enough, Nyx realized it is not his family but someone else entirely. This woman has bright blonde hair, short locks covering the round slopes of her shoulders. Dressed in a white shirt, a black skirt and black boots, the woman turned slowly. Her face alone felt like a sucker punch to the gut. Princess Lunafreya?

"Are you Nyx Ulric?" she demanded, her tone angry and curt. Nothing like the Princess who is soft spoken and polite.

"Who are you?" he shot back, worried he had failed to protect a woman a third time. "If you did something to Lady Lunaf-"

She held up a hand, her purple eyes large but serious. "-My name is Stella and unless you want to be parted from your family forever, you will help me."