HEY EVERYONE! Guess who's here with my first ever sequel?! I AM! I can't believe I made it this far on this site. It's such an honor! Anyway, this story is a sequel to Life After Death. You guys are probably thinking: "Is another emotion going to die, like Disgust did, and come back to life as a baby?" One word: No. This is going to be the aftermath of the tragic story of Disgust and her return. So Disgust is going to be the protagonist (again) of this story. She will have to go through a whole lot of drama and suspense, and that's one of the reasons why this story is rated T: heavy subject matter. So anyway, I really hope you guys enjoy this because I'm actually looking forward to writing this! But before you read this, if you haven't read Life After Death, I suggest you go read it so you'll know what's going on.


Disgust groaned as she exhaustedly got up from her bed, taking her beauty mask off. She fixed her out-of-place hair, but she couldn't find her makeup kit.

That's funny, Disgust said to herself. I thought I left it there last night.

She knew that someone was messing with it. She ended up finding it on top of her dresser, which was bigger than her. She was too tired to get a ladder, so she decided to risk it. She climbed from one knob to another, trying to reach for her kit. It was more difficult than she thought it would be.

She reached with force for the kit, when suddenly, the dresser started to tip over...


Disgust found herself gasping and panting frantically. She looked around and realized that she was still on her bed. She looked at herself and saw no bruises or wounds. She had The Nightmare of Reality again.

Disgust groaned and lay back down on her comfortable bed. This was like the hundredth time that she had The Nightmare of Reality, which is a nightmare of the moment before Disgust's death. Nightmares usually weren't real, but Disgust's nightmare was, so that's why she called it that.

Disgust sighed and tried to go to sleep, when someone bolted into her room, and immediately hugged her closely. Disgust knew immediately that this was Joy in protection mode.

Disgust gave a small hug back to Joy, who was literally squeezing Disgust. Like the green emotion expected, Joy was still being her defensive self around her.

"Alright Joy," Disgust said impatiently. "I'm fine. I just had that nightmare again. You can let me go." She knew that Joy was do anything she says just to make her happy, so Joy obeyed and released the hug.

"Are you alright?" Joy asked with concern.

Disgust nodded. "Well, I'm not dead or unconscious at all, so yes I am. But how in the world did you hear me?"

Joy pointed to a speaker that was on Disgust's bedside table. It was the same thing as usual: Joy always had to have a speaker set up so Joy could hear what's going on in Disgust's room and so Disgust could sleep peacefully. If Joy was woken up by a little sob, or any type of scream, gasp, or any other scared feeling, she was immediately bolting into Disgust's room. This was how much Joy cared about Disgust.

"Joy, you could have a little break with the speakers," Disgust said, feeling a bit annoyed, since it's been two months since Joy used those speakers.

And yet it has been two months since Disgust's tragic story.

This story was the biggest news that everyone in Riley's mind has ever heard. It was the most saddest story to be ever told that it made Disgust become famous. Literally famous. Everyone in Riley's whole mind knows her and they even came up with a name for her that Disgust actually liked. The green emotion looked at her poster that had a picture of her and words that said "JC Jr." The JC stood for Jesus Christ. Disgust grinned at the poster, and started to feel a bit thrilled about what's gonna happen today.

She's gonna have her first meet-and-greet.

Joy noticed Disgust, grinning at her poster. "Yeah, you look amazing on that poster. I'm really proud of you, JC Jr."

Disgust smirked. "Alright, you're not my mom, you know," Disgust reassured.

"I know, but I have to care for you like I'm your mother," Joy smiled, putting an arm around Disgust.

Disgust looked at Joy. "What do you think would happen if I never came back at all?"

Joy's smile faded. She absolutely hated thinking about how insane she was when Disgust died. She got angry over the littlest things, cried at the most random times, and even got slapped in the face by Anger. She also was exposed by Disgust as a child. Joy hated those times and this was probably the reason why she's so protective of Disgust.

"Well," Joy said. "I'd probably be still losing my sanity right now. Anger would probably be in a coma right now because of how much I'd beat him up."

By hearing the word coma, Disgust started getting tingly and shaky. Joy noticed her and gasped. "No no no no no no no!" Joy said nervously as she hugged Disgust tightly. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I won't say that word again!" Joy buried Disgust into her hug, knowing what was happening with her.

Disgust has a ton of mental disorders. This made the emotions even more cautious of Disgust. They thought that those disorders could affect Disgust in a bad way.

Disgust has depression, anxiety, insomnia, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, adjustment disorder, mood disorder, autonomous sensory meridian response, and specific phobia. It was the emotion's worst nightmare when the doctor revealed the news. Because of how much pain Disgust was in while growing up, she could have any type of mental disorder, according to the Mind Medical, and that post-traumatic stress disorder was the most common one.

"Are you feeling good for your meet-and-greet?" Joy asked. By "feeling good", she means "I don't want anything to happen to you so I want to make sure that you'll be okay".

"Yeah, I'm pretty excited," Disgust grinned. "I'm gonna be a celebrity today."

"Yes you will," Joy agreed. "I'm gonna make sure you look like a princess."

"I think I can handle that," Disgust said in her sassy tone as she flips her hair.

Joy giggled. "I bet you can." Joy would've been annoyed with Disgust's sassiness, but this is the new Disgust and that new Disgust has changed the emotions.

If Disgust was happy, Joy was happy. If Disgust was sad, Sadness would have open arms. If Disgust was mad, Anger would be ready with a knuckle sandwich. If Disgust was scared, Fear would be there to keep her safe. But these were things that everyone would do for her.

And they have done it perfectly.


Wearing a long, sparkly, light blue dress, Disgust was absolutely glamorous. Her hair was in a shiny bun, with glitter that was sprayed on her. She had pink blush, ice blue eyeshadow, and cherry red lipstick. She looked like an ice princess and like Joy said, she wanted her to look like a beautiful, darling princess at that meet-and-greet.

Disgust suddenly felt someone hugging her from behind. She knew immediate who it was, from his red, stubby hands. He never liked being touchy-feely, but ever since he and Disgust became a couple, he could be touchy-feely all he wanted around his girl. Besides, he was the one that caused Disgust to die, so he was the one that changed the most around the green emotion.

"Hey blockhead," Disgust chuckled.

"Hey beautiful," Anger said seductively. Disgust liked Anger's romantic side; it was the only thing that pleases her.

"I don't know if Joy is even feeling confident about my meet-and-greet," Disgust said, killing the mood.

Anger raised his eyebrows. "What do you mean?"

"She says that she's proud of me, but this is my first time being around crowded people, and I can tell that she isn't very sure about this," Disgust explained.

"I guess your anxiety came today," Anger smirked, stroking his girl's hair. "But hey, Joy may be a bit worried about you, but even if she is or isn't, she cares about you, just as much as we all do. We all love you, especially this guy." He points to himself.

Disgust giggled as they shared a quick kiss on the lips before a man dressed in a suit entered the room. He smiled when he saw Disgust and gave her a gentleman bow, like she was a queen.

"Hello, miss Disgust," he said kindly. "It a pleasure to meet you." They shook hands.

"Thanks," Disgust nodded.

"My pleasure," the man replied politely. "Whew, we do have a crowd in there. The wait limit out there is about 2 and a half hours long."

"2 and a half hours?!" Disgust said in shock. "Wow, I really am famous. But...I can't have them wait that long just to meet me."

"Oh Disgust," Joy said. "Don't say just. It's you that they're meeting. Someone that has been dead before and came back to life. You're JC Jr!"

"Do not worry ma'am," the man said. "There will be music entertainers in there and the news will be here to have everyone on TV."

"The news will be here?" Disgust asked, even more surprised than ever. "Who else will be there, paparazzi?"

"Yes, there will actually be paparazzi there taking photos of you as you do your entrance," the man said truthfully.

"There's gonna be...paparazzi?" Joy asked nervously.

"Joy, don't do this please," Disgust said immediately after she saw the negativity on Joy's face.

"Is something the matter?" the man asked.

"Well, the camera flashing could stress her out, sir," Joy said. "And it's gonna be a crowd of people, so it could get her hurt..." She noticed Anger glaring daggers at her as Disgust had a frustrated look. Bipolar was here now; every protective moment any emotion has that could cause drama, it makes Disgust more stressed out.

Joy sighed and gave Disgust a little hug. "Be careful, okay?" she whispered to her.

"I'll be fine, Joy," Disgust said loudly. "Please Joy. It's not like I can't do anything on my own. There is such thing as security you know."

Joy nodded and placed a hand on Disgust's shoulder. "Have fun," she said.

"Thanks," Disgust muttered, glad that Joy just left. "Ugh, look at her."

"She really needs to quit with this," Anger said with annoyance. "Her positivity is going down the drain."

"I know right?!" Disgust groaned. "I think she should even be named Joy anymore!" The couple noticed that the man was standing there, not knowing what to do.

"Sorry sir..." Disgust said. "How long until the meet-and-greet?"

"Only a couple more minutes ma'am, so we better get you into position," the man responded.

Disgust nodded and peeked at the door. The man was right: there was a crowd out there. They were all cheering, waiting for Disgust's arrival. It even seemed like it was more than a two hour wait. And of course, there were paparazzi everywhere, getting their cameras ready. What if Joy was right? What if the camera flashing would stress her out? She snapped out of it and smiled, as she saw her fans wearing her shirt that had a picture of her that said "JC Jr." and were holding her poster so that she can sign her autograph.

This meet-and-greet didn't look so bad.

"Alright, we are ready," the man said. He was holding a microphone because he was gonna introduce Disgust. He entered as the crowd started to cheer.

"Thank you everyone for coming!" the man said happily. "It is such a pleasure to be here and I hope you enjoy this meet-and-greet! Now, while you're waiting, you will have entertainers here that will keep you satisfied the whole wait! Now, please welcome, the girl who came back to life...JC Jr!"

When Disgust stepped out into the crowd, the crowd went wild. It was louder than Anger's yelling but it was a good kind of loud. As the audience roared, the paparazzi immediately started taking photos. The flashing of the cameras were pretty bright but Disgust was completely fine with it. The man lead Disgust to an area that had a ton of decorations everywhere. It was where she will be meeting everyone.

Now the meet-and-greet has began. Everyone was squealing with excitement because of who they were meeting. The meet-and-greet went on for about four hours and those four hours of signing everyone's poster, taking amazing photos with them, and giving them friendly hugs and chats, were totally worth it.

This first meet-and-greet was the best one she's ever had!

She thought that her life would be very exciting and a great experience, but what she didn't know was that there were two men named Damian and Owen. They weren't just any type of men; they were up to no good. At least Damian thought of it.

"That meet-and-greet just made my day" Damian said pleasingly. "Did you see that JC Jr woman?! She is smokin' hot!"

"Yeah, I'd love to get a hold of her," Owen smirked.

"I wanted to kiss her so badly when I met her," Damian said.

Owen was staring at the poster with a romantic face. "Look at that sexy body."

"I'd kiss all over it," Damian said seductively. "But even though she has a boyfriend, she is gonna be ours."

Owen nods. "Hot girls are my type of girls."

Damian and Owen gave each other a high five. "JC Jr, here we come."


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