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"Disgust, are you sure you want to do this?" Joy asked nervously, as she was watching Disgust, with her brand-new mirror and makeup, getting ready for the visit of a lifetime. First of all, how in the world did Disgust change her mind about it? She's visiting someone who raped her! It's a bit shocking that she even thought about it. She could've just stuck with not visiting him. But the good thing is that she wanted Joy to come with her. It's surprising that she didn't choose Anger at all. But what Joy loved is that the green emotion cares about her more!

"Yep," Disgust said boldly. "Don't be nervous, okay? I can tell you are." She was looking at Joy through her mirror. "You'll do great with being my rock during the visit. As long as you don't through any of your fits, things will be peachy."

Joy was amazed with Disgust's positivity there. Usually she's negative and sarcastic about up-coming things, but then again, the new Disgust has changed a lot. Joy smiled and ruffled Disgust's hair. "Atta girl!" she said happily.

"Joyyyy! You messed up my hair!" Disgust complained.

"Oh! Sorry about that!" Joy said frantically, fixing her hair the way it was.

Disgust sighed. "Don't worry about it," she said. She modified a little bit more of her hair and then struck a sassy pose in the mirror. "Perfect."

Joy laughed. "You look beautiful."

"I know right?" Disgust smirked and flipped her hair around. "But thanks." She then turned solemn. "No time for beauty-talk now! We better get to that jerk-off Damian."

"Right," Joy nodded, as she followed Disgust out of her room. With a kiss on the lips from the red-and-green couple and hugs from Fear and Sadness, Joy and Disgust bravely entered the recall tube.

Owen Feddox was walking down the hallway of the Mind Police Station, following a female officer. He knew what was going on: Disgust was going to visit Damian and he was chosen to join them. But what sucks is that Damian still hates him, and he's probably really pissed off right now. But Owen tried to do what he'd always do to him; laugh it off.

The officer opened the door and like Owen expected, Damian, with a black and white prison outfit, was glaring daggers at him. He looked like he wanted to jump at him so badly, but Owen was still courageous enough to just snigger at him and sit down next to him. "Nice to see you too," Owen said sarcastically.

Suddenly, Damian tried jumping on Owen, and ended up landing on Owen's lap, knocking the table over because first of all, he had handcuffs on, and second of all, there was a handcuff attached to his leg with a table leg. The officer grabbed Damian and held him in a choking position, until he calmed down. The officer picked the table back on and then, the door opened. There were two security along with Disgust's co-workers, Joy, and the one and only JC Jr. Disgust looked valiant but Joy looked a bit scared.

They sat down on their chairs and Disgust scowled at Damian the minute she sat down. "First of all...why?" she started to say. "Why did you ruin my life like that, you little idiot?!"

Damian didn't respond. He just kept staring down at the ground.

The officer approached him and flicked his nose. "Look up and answer," she whispered threateningly to him. "Before you get your ass whooped."

Just then, unexpectedly, Damian started crying. Owen was even astounded because he has never saw his friend cry! Damian was always a toughie around him.

"I...I don't know..." Damian sobbed. "I just...was stupid..."

"Yes, you were," Joy commented.

"You should be ashamed of yourself!" Disgust barked. "You literally forced me to having sex with you! Did you think that was gonna help me at all?!"

Damian just shook his head. "I need to tell you something..." he sniffled. "A story...actually."

"Well then hurry up," Joy said.

Owen stared at Damian with confusion. Wait a minute, Damian wasn't tell his...backstory, was he?! Owen knew what was coming, because of the pale and sorrowful look Damian had. "Dude, you're not gonna tell them, are you...?" Owen asked.

"I have to," Damian said.

"What is it?" Disgust and Joy inquired at the same time.

Damian took a deep breath as another tear fell down his cheek. He stared at Owen, but it wasn't with his angry face at all. It had some sort of...compassionate look. Like he wanted Owen on his side again. Owen raised his eyebrows as Damian looked back at the emotions. "I have a story that I have never shared with the world and the only person that knows is him." He points at Owen. "When Riley was a toddler...my mother passed away in her sleep. My father started drinking and that caused him to physically and mentally abuse me. When Riley was four, my father got executed by an officer, and I lived with foster parents now. They were friends with Owen's parents, which is how we met and became friends."

Owen nodded. This was the story he knew Damian was gonna tell. "He isn't lying," he explained. "It really has happened." He looked at the officer, who was also nodding, saying that he isn't lying either.

Now the two emotions were staring at Damian and Owen with curiosity. "But...what does this have to do with you raping me?" Disgust asked. She didn't sound mad this time, she looked a bit concerned and intrigued.

"Well, when I was six, and still living with my foster parents, I started having an interest of you. You were my favorite emotion, Disgust. You are always so honest and full of spirit, you had an amazing purpose and...well..." He started to blush. "I think you're the most beautiful out of all of them."

"Aw..." Disgust found her with cherry red cheeks as well. What was she doing?! Why is she blushing to this?! She already has a boyfriend, so she can't look like she wants to cheat on Anger! So she breathed heavily. "Thanks but...I have a boyfriend you know."

"Yes, I know," Damian said dryly. "It was then when you died...I didn't know what I was feeling. I felt a mixture between every single feeling except for happiness. It felt nothing because...it was favorite emotion that was gone. I didn't think it was possible...but..." He started to get teary again. "When you came back...I felt so happy and...that was when I started to have a major crush on you. Not a celebrity crush thing but...a real crush on you."

Disgust didn't know what to say. She was just staring at Damian, waiting for more.

"And...when I found out that you have a boyfriend...that was when the rage began...and this was when I started thinking about doing stupid stuff..." Damian sighed gloomily. "I love you Disgust...I'm glad you have the right boyfriend and not some stupid bitch that raped you..."

"Hey, look, listen," Disgust said a bit gently. "You're not the only one who did stuff like this. People do crimes because of their mental illnesses. It happens all the time. But I know the perfect solution for you during your times in jail."

"What is it?" Damian asked eagerly.

"Some therapy," Disgust said. "You may not be happy with that but trust me...it'll help you live a better life. Trust me."

Damian weakly smiled and nodded. "I trust you."

Disgust grinned tolerantly and looked at Owen. "Now, what about you? Do you have anything to say?"

"Well, yes, I do," Owen said honestly. "I felt the same way around you as Damian did. I had a crush on you too, and we would always fight on who would marry you first when we were kids. It was the playful type of fight but...I never knew that it would turn serious like that."

"Fight...wait a minute. You're the guy who attacked him!" Joy realized.

"Oh..." Owen raised his eyebrows and tried to figure out what to say. "I...well..."

"So you trying to sexually assault me as well, weren't you?" Disgust asked with an annoyed look.

"Well, I was and I decided to give up," Owen confessed.

"Well, that doesn't fly for me," Disgust scoffed. She looked at the officer. "He should be in jail because of attempting to sexually assault a minor, which is me."

"Understandable," the officer said.

"Wait, wait, wait, you want to arrest me now?!" Owen shouted.

"If you're someone that was trying to assault me, then yes, I am," Disgust responded, looking away from him and crossing her arms. "Please escort him away from my face." The officer did so and took Owen out of the room. Disgust looked back at Damian and nodded. "I know you'll try to heed my advice, will you?"

Damian nodded quickly. "Y-Yes...anything for you."

"Good, but...I will always think you're the most evilest person in the world," Disgust said a little crossly.

"It's fine...I deserve it anyway," Damian shrugged. "But...thank you for visiting me. I actually thought you were gonna say no."

"She did say no but-" Joy was interrupted by Disgust covering her mouth. "Anyway," Disgust said. "First of all, you're welcome. And second of all..." She paused and then smirked. "Rot in jail," she added jokingly.

Damian chuckled and sighed. "Goodbye," he said, as his hands were free from the handcuffs.

"Wait! Hold on!" Disgust said and turned back to Damian. "Joy...please don't freak out but..." She sighed and ran at Damian as fast as a cheetah and gave him a huge embrace. Because of how small she was, she was hugging his waist, with Damian looking down with speechlessness. Tears of joy started to fil up his eyes as he gently hugged Disgust back. "Th...Thank you..." he cried happily. He thought that Joy was gonna be Ms. Protective again but to his surprise, she was actually smiling at him. Damian smiled back as he and his celebrity crush released the hug.

"You just made my day, Disgust," Damian beamed. "Goodbye." He waved at her as he was being dragged by a security guard.

Disgust smiled and waved back. "Bye, asshole," she mumbled playfully as she and Joy exited the police station.

Joy looked at Disgust. "You hugged him..."

"Listen Joy, he isn't just a bad person," Disgust explained. "He is just someone that has his soft side that he never shows."

Joy grinned and nodded, putting an arm around the green emotion. "We actually had a successful, well, interview this time."

"You can say that again," Disgust leered. "But...thank you for sticking with me. It wouldn't've been the same if you weren't with me."

"No problemo!" Joy hopped around.

Instead of being annoyed by that weird reply, Disgust laughed it out and put an arm around Joy and leaned against her shoulder. "Aren't you glad that your teddy bear is safe?"

Joy blushed and sighed. "I can stop calling you that if you want..."

"Oh no, it's fine," Disgust twinkled. "Call me that as much as you want to."

Joy felt notable with what she heard. She hugged Disgust tightly and rubbed her back, like a mother would do to her daughter. Disgust simpered and hugged Joy back, making her think of the hugs she had with Joy as a little girl.

"This just in, as it turns out, Owen Feddox has not been innocent this whole time. It seems that he was the one that made Damian Johnson continue on with trying to kidnap JC Jr and rape her. Feddox has 6 years in prison, joining in with his friend."

"That's much better," Disgust stated. "I knew that guy had something to do with this."

"That poor Damian..." Sadness said after hearing the real story of Damian Johnson being told to everyone. "I wish he wasn't treated this way."

"But hey, I made him happy, and that was what I wanted," Disgust said.

"Wow babe, you really have changed around Damian, have you?" Anger smirked.

"You can say that," Disgust inclined.

"You are the most bravest emotions I've ever met, teddy bear," Joy said nicely.

"I do tend to have my bravery sticking around," Disgust spoke in a bragging voice.

Joy laughed and trapped Disgust into an embrace. It had Disgust think about when she and Damian had their first hug and it made her happier when the other emotions joined in. Disgust smiled and looked at every emotion, knowing that no matter what happens, even if there is a fight or something along those lines, the emotions will always care for Disgust.

Because most importantly, it was for Riley.

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