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Damian and Owen heard JC Jr's story and respected her for what she went through. Well, they did at first. But ever since they met her, they were now focusing on how hot she was! Her glamorous body; her gleaming hair; her beautiful smile...they were obsessed with her already. They knew that if they were gonna have Disgust, they would be famous forever, which is something they have dreamed of being, and they would be able to look at Disgust's beautiful face forever.

"Okay, how are we gonna get her attention?" Damian asked as soon as they stepped foot inside their house. During their trip back, they were both thinking about what would happen if Disgust was their girlfriend. Would Disgust even like how they look? Would she even be comfortable with two boyfriends? Is it even allowed to have a girl marry two men?

"She does have a boyfriend, so it's gonna be more difficult than it actually is," Owen pointed out. The poor man received a painful slap from Damian. "OW! WHAT WAS THAT FOR, YOU CRAPHEAD!?"

"Don't remind me that she has a boyfriend," Damian hissed at him. Thinking about Disgust's boyfriend, who was Anger, made him even angrier than Anger even is every second of the day. He wanted Disgust, and he wasn't gonna give up until Disgust starts to get attracted to them.

"Alright, alright, you didn't have to be that physical," Owen said loudly. "But I'm just saying, how are we gonna get someone like JC Jr? HOw are we even gonna get her to even focus on us when she all rich and famous?"

"Pfft, it's easy," Damian smirked confidently. "Do what a boyfriend does to his lady. Give her gifts, flirt, look sexy, all that stuff."

"Do you even realize what you're trying to do?" Owen reassured. "You're trying to force a girl to like the both of us when she's actually has a tragic story."

Damian glared at him. "Oh, so now you're being a chicken, eh? Well, I'd love to get Disgust all on my own."

"I swear to God, Damian..." Owen groaned. "I'm doing it. But if we're in trouble, I'm blaming it all on you."

There were times when they couldn't stand each other. They may argue a lot, but they've always been pretty good friends. However, their relationship was like Gaston and LeFou from Beauty and the Beast.

"Well, what are we waiting for?" Damian said impatiently. "Let's get to it!"


There was a picture frame of four emotions with a tiny green baby. It was Disgust's most favorite picture to look at, which she is doing right now. Looking at the picture wasn't just for fun. It was like Fear blowing into his bag; it helps her with being nervous for something. It distracts her from her anxiety and makes her calm down. But what exactly was she nervous about?

She was having an interview, which was gonna be on live TV. It wasn't about her messing up or embarrassing herself; it was about Joy. She knew that the yellow emotion would be watching this and she would think that the interviewer would give her way too personal questions. Joy is definitely gonna make sure people aren't nosy around the green emotion. And that's something Disgust is pissed off about.

"Joy, please don't...get involved with anything," Disgust begged. "This is what the interview is about: my death. So it's supposed to be personal."

"But Disgust...what if you get too uncomfortable with answering a question?" Joy asked, coming up with some negative question as usual.

Disgust couldn't help it anymore. "Ugghh, you are just like Fear! 'What if'! 'What happens if'! 'Will you be okay?'! That's all I ever hear from you! Why can't you be your own positive self instead of being a pessimistic and negative Sadness?!"

"I'm sorry?" Sadness said from the Mind Manual section.

"No offense," Disgust said to Sadness, and then faced Joy again. "Anyway, you acting like that doesn't help me at all! All it does is make things worse! Now I don't want to go to that stupid interview! And it's all because of you!" Disgust started to tear up, which got Joy nervous immediately. Before Disgust could continue confronting her, Joy gave Disgust a tight hug.

"I'm sorry Disgust," Joy said softly. "If it makes you feel this way, I'll stop. But...I just want you to be safe. Do you have any idea what I had to go through while you were dead?"

Disgust released the hug. "Are you clueless?! I should be the one asking you that question!"

"Disgust..." Joy gripped Disgust's shoulders. "I'm sorry. I'll stop acting like this. Well, I'll try..."

"No, you won't try," Disgust barked. "You will. I'm sure you don't want your little green emotion to be stressed out, do you?!"

"I would never do that to you," Joy said with her eyes widened.

"Well, then...stop being this way," Disgust ordered. "It'll make me the most happiest person on Earth."

Joy sighed and nodded. "Anything to make you happy."

"Good," Disgust said with please. "Now, allow me to get ready for my interview." Disgust walked away (more like sashaying), as Joy watched her with a promising look. Disgust hoped she could trust Joy. She understands Joy's issue, but it really is dramatic. Instead of focusing on how she looked, she was focusing on Joy not ruining this interview.


Wearing a dazzling red gown, with a golden necklace and her hair in a bun, Disgust was waiting outside the room where she will be interviewed by a mind reporter. She didn't know how this would go, but she was feeling a bit good because of the support from the others. As soon as the reporter and the cameramen came in, Disgust entered the room.

"Hello there, Disgust," the reporter greeted. She had short black hair with a slick and low-cut navy blue dress.

"Hi," Disgust said as she shook hands with the reporter.

"I'm Mia, and I will be interviewing you today," the reporter, or Mia, introduced.

"Thank you," Disgust said as she sat down on a chair.

Mia sat down as the cameramen prepared to start going live. "Alright, we are ready," one man said. He looked into the camera and after a while, he put his thumbs up.

"Hello, I'm Mia from the Mind News, and today I am with the wonderful Disgust, also known as JC Jr." The camera zoomed out, showing Disgust. "It is great to see you today, Disgust."

"Thank you," Disgust replied, trying to look good in the camera, as her heart started beating madly.

"Now, you have been known from your tragic story," Mia said. "How does that feel to you?"

"Well, it's...shocking. I couldn't believe that my life would actually turn into, well, me being famous," Disgust explained. "It's the most surprising thing in my whole entire life."

"How did you figure out that you have been killed before?" Mia asked.

"I had a co-worker of mine tell me when I was about...I dunno, eight years old. She expected me to be all scared and nervous, but to my surprise, I had a straight face the entire time, not to pat myself on the back."

"That's wonderful to hear! What was your first reaction in your head when you heard the story?"

"Well, like I said before, I was shocked. Completely shocked. The most shocked I've been in my life. I didn't even think it was possible for someone to come back."

"Do you think that your co-workers have changed when you came back? Do you think that you've changed at all?"

"Yes to both of those questions. I feel like my co-workers have been a bit more caring and..." She was about to say protective but she didn't feel like it. "Yeah, we all have. I've been a bit more careful with myself but I still have my personality." She flicked her hair.

Mia laughed. "That's wonderful. Now, I'm a bit curious, what exactly did you see when you were dead?"

Disgust raised her eyebrows. Before she could answer, she suddenly had some flashbacks of her story. Her climbing the dresser as it started to tip over...it came back again...she felt the pain of when she was smashed by the furniture...it happened when she was a little girl...it can't happen again! Disgust realized that she was screaming in pain and fell to the ground. She didn't know what was happening with the others because of how she was feeling. Disgust started crying and screaming...

And after that, her vision was nothing but darkness...


Disgust actually expected herself to be woken up at the hospital, which was exactly where she was. She immediately got back to her thoughts to when she fainted...on live TV...where every living person in Riley's mind was watching...

Disgust wanted to cry in embarrassment. She thought that the painful thoughts were over but...why did they come back? Did it have to be during her interview? She heard arguing from the other side of the door and knew that it was Joy and Anger. They were so loud that Disgust could hear them from her bed.




Disgust groaned and covered herself in her pillow. Joy arguing Anger to protect Disgust definitely didn't make her happy. She thought that Joy now snapped out of it that Anger was the reason Disgust died. But now it came back. History was repeating itself.

Disgust's new life turned out to be as horrible as her old one.