A/N: I had this idea a while ago and only now dug it out and polished it a little. Basically- Catrina Pryde, daughter of Cadmus Pryde, was the first to use the Sanctuary system but the prototype had a few miscalculations. Eleven year old Catrina awakes 5 years after all of Eva Nine's adventures. This is the story of what lies in Orbona for Catrina to discover. Will she find he father and follow in his footsteps or uncover the revolution lead by Eva Nine and continue her legacy?

My name is Catrina Pryde. I was 11 years old when all this started. When I stepped outside of my Sanctuary for the first time I knew my life was going to change. And for all I know it's more than just my life that has changed.

Muthr wasn't supposed to shut down, as a practically indestructible parental unit, Muthr was built to take care of me all the way until I was 18, then release me into the world - fully prepared for life. That wasn't what happened.

After a recklessly horrid storm occurred AboveGround her charging station was no longer functioning. The last thing she said to me before shutting off for good was, "Now is the time. You must go AboveGround. Remember all you have learned. Remember your name. Find your father. He will know what to do. Now g-g-o—..." and with that she shut off he head dysfunctionally swaying from her oblong neck, immobile.

So I did what she told me to do, but first I did what I had to do.

I packed up some of my clothes, toys, games, food packets, and water purifiers along with my regular stuff into my satchel, put on my sneakboots and headed to the emergency exit.

Pulling the satchel closer around my back I stared up at an endless shaft going all the way to AboveGround. A pin point of light was all that gave proof to a world beyond the one I knew. A land of computer simulated survival tasks, dinners at 20:00 pm everyday no exceptions for my entire life. I was about to face an unknown world I could have never even imagined. And to think the whole time I was climbing I was anticipating a world like the ones in the sims. Worlds with snakes, spiders, sycamore saplings, and sparrows. A world of wonder but also a world expected danger. AboveGround, as I called it then, has it's wonders and it's immense dangers but none of it is anywhere near expected.