"You raze the old to raise the new"- Justina Chen

People say that things always happen for a reason. I believe them when they say this. What they don't tell you however is how long you'll suffer before the next ray of happiness appears in the tunnel that is your life.

A minute. That's how long it took for my life to completely change. A single car ride and a single stupid choice.

We were driving along the mountain road near my hometown. I had forgotten to put on my seatbelt. It was raining, visibility was poor. Another car was coming the other way. My dad swerved to avoid it and we went over the edge. My parents were in the front while I was in the back. We bounced down the mountainside when we collided with a tree. The car stopped. I didn't. Went straight through the glass and kept on rolling. They found me half a mile further down.

My name is Smith Kaito, Kaito Smith. I was dead for five minutes and unconscious for three months. I received multiple bone fractures and lacerations all over my body. The damage on the left side was the worst. I lost my left hand as well as my left leg from the knee down. I now also have minor brain damage on the left side, left a pretty big scar too.

Therapy was frustrating, to say politely. Months if not years (I don't remember things like that very well anymore) blurred together as I gained strength, regained control of my arm, hand and leg. I had to relearn it all. I was a leftie until the accident, now I'm not. I had to get used to using my right hand until the prosthesis came, so that was fun (not). Add the damage to my left brain and well... you probably get the picture.

Anyway, I'm not here to talk about the past, I'm here for the future! God, that sounded cheesy. I blame my physio-guy for that, he was always spewing fortune cookie drivel like that. But I digress. After my therapy all the doctors told my parents that I had spent too long inside, that I needed to go back into society and get my education. Naturally my parents were worried I wouldn't cope because I required special needs so the doctors recommended this school for the disabled, Yamaku Academy. The place had all the things normal schools had, but it also had hospital-level nursing stuff on site 24/7 so I would want for nothing. Unfortunately it was in another city but they were assured that the school had dorms. So, off I was packed.

Two months later, I found myself standing at the gates of Yamaku Academy. At least it looks clean.

Sorry, I'm probably giving the wrong impression. The school was massive, especially compared to my last one (at least I think it was, my memory's kinda fuzzy on that). Anyway, the gates themselves were these massive manor-type iron ones. I felt the steel with my good hand, feeling the strange texture of cool metal and flakey paint.

"Hello?" came a voice from behind me. I may have let out an involuntary noise in surprise. I get lost in the little details so easily now.

I turned to face the voice. It was a guy, brown hair and eyes. His hair was fairly well groomed with the exception of a single hair that stuck up like a unicorn's horn.

"Uh..." I spoke, cursing my stunted social skills "Hey"

"You new as well?" he asked me

I nodded, finding it easier than trying to coerce my brain and mouth to work together.

"I'm Hisao" the boy nodded as a form of greeting

I returned the greeting "Smith Kaito. Kaito Smith"

Hisao kind of gave me a funny look, which I don't really blame him for. I mean, he probably saw the fake hand and the scars, I wasn't really hiding them. Nevertheless, he opened the gate for me. "Shall we?" he said.

I nodded and we walked through the gate together. The main grounds were huge. It almost felt like a park. It seemed that Hisao and I were headed to the same place; the main building.

"No parents?" I asked him

Hisao looked at me funny again. I guess that came out wrong.

"At the dorm?" I added "Mine are"

Hisao "ahhed" as he realised what I was asking "My parents are at the dorms, yes. They're unpacking for me while I meet whoever we're supposed to be meeting"

I nodded in understanding. It seemed he had been told the exact same thing I had. Our parents would deal with our luggage while we met up with a teacher or someone similar.

A part of me wanted to ask what he was doing at Yamaku, or rather what made him come here. I couldn't see anything physically wrong with him. Thankfully, my brain still knew well enough to not voice the question. I could understand touchy subjects after all.

He mutters something under his breath as we walk through the doors, where we met by a tall man in a suit. All dark hair and eyes with too many bags underneath them. "So," he said to us "You must be Ni...Na...Niki? And..uh...Smee?"

I snickered a little, a little too loudly for my taste. The man was addressing us by our surnames, and butchering them in the process. "Sorry," I said "Smith. Kaito Smith"

"Nakai" Hisao corrected him as well.

"Excellent" the man said "My name is Mutou. I'll be your homeroom and science teacher"

I perked up a little there. Science was one of my favourite subjects. Although if I remember correctly I tended to drift towards biology. I despised the physics-side of science. Too many numbers.

Mutou shook us both by the hand and looked at his watch "The head nurse had wanted to see you both for a brief check-in, but I'm afraid there's no time for that now"

"Should we go later?" Hisao asked him.

"Yes, afternoon would be fine" Mutou nodded "Now come. We should introduce you to the rest of the class. They're already waiting"

Now that was a situation I was hoping to avoid. I hated being the centre of attention, even before my accident.

"Would you like to introduce yourselves to the class?" he asked us.

"Yeah, sure" Hisao said "I mean, isn't that normal?"

"Of course" Mutou replied "But not everyone likes to be at the centre of attention" He turned to me "And you, Mr. Smith. What would you like?"

My mind felt like TV static as I tried to formulate an answer, my words coming out in disjointed mumbles "Uh...okay, I mean yeah. Okay"

Mutou gave me a funny look, but nodded nonetheless "It's okay. We have many shy students here. You can introduce yourself if you feel up to it"

I nodded, and up the stairs we went. As we walked I was rehearsing my introduction in my head, trying to make coherent sentences about myself and what I liked "Hello, my name is Kaito Smith. I like art and reading. I can be quite quiet but that doesn't mean I'm a bad person (actually scratch that last sentence). I kept getting distracted by the floor though. The corridors were made of linoleum tiles, but some of them were a slight shade darker than the others. There was no proper pattern to them either, and that frustrated me. I spent a lot of brainpower trying to find one to no avail. I was that focussed on my task that I hadn't noticed that the others had stopped until I walked into Hisao.

"Careful" he reprimanded me.


"We're here" Mutou said, gesturing to the door. Class 3-3. Third floor, third room. Clever.

Mutou opened the door and so we entered.

Authors Note

So, a brief explanation to anyone who's wondering...

This was one of the many ideas that I have. Unfortunately, I know I've already got other stories that I need to finish. The problem is I don't really have a schedule for this anymore and most of what I'm writing comes to me like little "eureka" moments. I'll get a surge of inspiration and I'll stay up into the night to get it done, and then it's like a dry well for the next day or more. As such, I don't know when I'll make another chapter for this, or when I'll make a chapter for my other stories. We'll just have to wait and see. I'm sorry if that upsets anyone.

Anyway, hope you liked this. It's currently 1 in the morning so I'm off to bed. Goodnight!