Marco as a Café Owner with surprising results - Chaos prelude

He really should have know better by now.

When he tracked down that shrine the last night of the stay at the Island, which has become in his mind THE ISLAND (because of what happened afterwards), and prayed for the first time in years, with the sun slowly disappearing over the horizon painting everything in shades of red and gold, with the sound of the lapping waves lazily crashing against the shore and at the cliffs nearby, it was peaceful.

The scent of flowers in bloom, the gentle billowing of the threes and the sound of the birds, it was as peaceful as it could get and with a deep breath, he closed his eyes and just breathed. Peace. Such a small word for a feeling that could take his breath away.

And it is something he has learnt to cherish as the First Commander.

The Spring Island was full of tranquil and Peace, and he is slightly sorry they have to leave the first thing in the morning, but with the incoming storm they had decided it would be best to sail around it.

No sense in inviting more chaos then neccessary when it is not needed right? Which made what happened next even more ironic.

Because yes, they managed to sail around the upcoming storm, only to unleash something far more turbulent upon the World.

And the trigger for the storm? His Pops, that took one look at him when boarding the ship, and seeing the Peace slowly strip from his body when going back to his duties, and decide that this, this can not go on.

Hence why Marco almost had a heartattack first thing in the morning, when Pops announced all of a sudden for all to hear, and especially Marco, that he is going to change a few things this upcoming year - Marco is going to have a relaxing vacation. No buts about it. For a year, starting as soon as they find another Island to dock at.

This, Marco thought with horror, is not relaxing - not in the slightest.