Hi! This is a little something I wrote last night! It's pretty short, but I hope you like it. It's based on the song Disconnect by Clean Bandit featuring Marina & The Diamonds, who is one of my favourite singers. I hope you enjoy, please review!

He stays quiet most of the time, keeping to himself and that's probably the worst thing he could do. He's trapped with his thoughts, he needs a break from them.

He doesn't sleep at night, blue eyes studying the wall across him seriously. He knows the walls very well now, both in his and his wife's apartment and in his at the temple. He knows both. He knows every crack, not that there is any in his wife's. He knows the colour well, how it reflects different things during the night depending on what time it is. He knows the temple wall better than here, though. Tonight is one of those special nights where he's alone with her, one of them nights they cherish.

He's not afraid of the dark, it surrounds him like an old friend embracing him. He welcomes it, sitting in it alone with his thoughts. No one can see him, and he can't see them. It's how he likes it to be. He imagines the dark as a large hand, and the large hand holds him in its palm. It calms him, making him feel welcomed in the dark even more.

He's scared about Padmé. He's scared about someone finding out, he's scared that she'll wake up to discover that she doesn't love him anymore, he's scared that she'll die suddenly, he's scared that he'll never see her again. So many things, so many possibilities that he hopes never happen. He loves her from the deepest heart of his heart, and he never wants to let her go.

Her silhouette moves in the shadows as she rustles in her sleep. He smiles and puts an arm around her. She unconsciously snuggles in closer and mumbles quietly in her sleep. He rests his head on her and closes his eyes momentarily.

Sleep doesn't overtake him. It never does.

It goes for hours like this, sitting alone in the dark. Alone with thoughts. Sometimes they are good thoughts, like happy dreams that he makes up himself. He dreams of a simple house on Naboo, and a small family. Their family. Sometimes they are bad dreams, unable to tear away from his mind. He dreams of an evil power, killing Padmé in front of him, making him beg for sleep for take him away.

Again, sleep never takes him.

He imagines sleep like another great hand, one that takes you away if you ask it to. He must've done something wrong for it not to accept his pleas for sleep.

He just needs a break, a break from life, the clone wars, the temple, from Padmé, from living. Oh sleep, why won't you take him away?

He wants to disconnect from the world, leave it all. But he can't, everything and everyone wants him somewhere else, which means he will probably never get his way, ever.

Maybe if he takes a breath, it would all be fine.