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Previously on Humphrey's Life 2...

A couple of minutes after Humphrey decided to leave Jasper, Kate, Lilly, and Eve were all still at Winston's funeral. Eve was the most emotional one there, leaving a mile-deep-pile of tissues on the floor beneath her. Lilly was in the neutral, emotional and stone-cold. She would let a tear slip down her cheek here and there, but wasn't crying as much as her mother. Kate was being stone-cold. She believed that she had already cried enough with the whole situation of Humphrey and of course her one and only father. She's been crying herself to sleep every night since that tragic incident with Garth, Humphrey, and Winston. The funeral eventually ends and the depressed family goes home, a lot faster than usual. Once they're home, Eve immediately goes upstairs and slams her door shut, Lilly goes up to her room and gently closes the door, and Kate goes up to her room to check to see how Humphrey was holding up. She thought that he was still unconscious, but she was surprised to find that Humphrey wasn't there. Meanwhile, Humphrey's driving towards the border, but then his phone vibrates. He only responds once.

Now on Humphrey's Life 2...

Chapter 2: The Great Scam

Kate's P.O.V.

Humphrey had just texted me something that sent me into a deep state of confusion. All he said was 'i'm sorry kate'. It made me think that he was about to attempt suicide once again, but I had a vibe telling me that he was doing something else. I just sat at the foot of my bed in deep thought, trying to think of what Humphrey meant and why he apologized. If he wasn't attempting suicide, then what will he be doing that he would have to apologize to me for? I couldn't think of one good or even convincing reason. I walked over to my bedroom window and looked out into the driveway and noticed that my car and my parent(s)' cars were still there, so he didn't hijack one of our cars and take it. What am I thinking? Humphrey would never do that to us... but he would do it to someone. Someone who kidnapped and tortured him four to five feet underground, Garth. I grabbed my jacket from my coat-hanger and swiftly made my way downstairs and out the door. There was no sound coming from my Mom's room, which was kind of depressing. She's really messed up about Dad dying, hell, I don't blame her. I walked down the sidewalk and around a corner until I could finally see Garth's residence. It still had police tape around the door and windows. But I noticed something. Garth's car wasn't there.

Obviously, Humphrey stole Garth's car and went somewhere or is going somewhere. Maybe he's just going somewhere to 'cool off' or something like that. I'm sure he'll be back soon. I started to walk back to my house, thinking about Humphrey along the way. All the memories of us came flooding back into my mind. The party, the walk in the park, karaoke, and all of the memories when we were little; all of the times we played Sorry Sliders, the pool, our first kiss... We kissed behind a tree just to see what it was like because neither of us had had our first kiss yet. I was only six at the time, and I always thought that girls were better than boys and that boys were gross. But when I met Humphrey, I realized that everything that the kids at school say were wrong. Boys aren't better than girls and girls aren't better than boys. But yeah, that first kiss was something that I can never forget.

As I was about to cut through the front yard, I noticed Mom in the window was holding up a picture. It was most likely Mom and Dad's wedding picture from God knows how long ago. Mom always said they got married twenty-two years ago and Dad always said they got married twenty-five years ago. I really do not know who to believe. The sighting of my Mom holding up that picture just struck me. I just shook my head and tried to forget about it because I seriously do not feel like breaking down and crying. I walked through the front door and immediately went up to my room. Some moans and sniffles were coming from my Mom's room as I passed it by. I ignored it and closed my door to my room and just sat at the foot of my bed just thinking about the future. Humphrey and I's future... My future... There's so much to come. I sighed and rested my head down on my pillow and went to sleep.

Mooch's P.O.V.

"Dude, I could really take a hit right now." I said as I slouched back onto my couch and played some Modern Warfare: Remastered on the Xbox One. Salty and Shakey were with me. Salty was doing God knows what on his phone and Shakey was watching do absolutely horrible in a game of Team Deathmatch. I was never that much of a Call of Duty person anyway, I always preferred Destiny and Halo. My record so far was 1-13. Shakey was laughing his ass off and I was smiling along with him. I really don't rage that often for some weird reason, but hopefully that's a good thing about me.

Salty came over to me and punched me as hard as he could on my shoulder, making me drop my controller and hold my shoulder in agony. "WHAT THE FUCK, DUDE?"

"What?" Salty said as he collapsed back onto my bed. "You said you could take a hit." He got right back on his phone. Wow, is he really that stupid? No wonder. He never shows up at school that much, we smokes weed and maybe does something else, and he was dropped when he was a baby. Basically that's all the perks to know if you're an idiot or not.

I rolled my eyes whilst still rubbing my shoulder. He may not look that strong but he packs a punch. "I DIDN'T MEAN THAT, DUMBASS!" Salty wasn't even worried about my tone because he knows that I would never hit him. I have a big heart towards my friends. I always believed that you should never hit your best friends, even if you're extremely pissed off at one of them. Sure, I'll do it as a joke, but I punch them that hard.

Salty sat upright and stared at me with a perplexed look on his face. "Well, then what did you mean?" I just stared at him. His face lit up, his eyes went wide, and he opened his mouth a little. "Ohhhh, you mean weed. Dude, I know a guy downtown who can give you like ten grams for a cheap price. I can take you there." I should've expected Salty to know a guy. I've never smoked weed before, but I've always wanted to try it. Most of the people at school say that it's really good and some people never smoked it before. Most is better than one, I guess.

I went AFK for a little while so I could talk to him. "What does he look like?" I asked curiously. I wasn't going to turn him into the cops or anything like that. I just want to know what he looks like because I have a very good judge of character considering my father was a judge for about fifteen years. He taught me all the body language signs and stuff like that.

"Black, around six-foot-five, pretty rugged, always wears a gray beanie, and pretty much wears a red shirt with a bunch of holes and scratched on it." I don't know about you but he didn't seem that much of a threat. "So..." Salty trailed off as he saw me absorbed in the gaming world. "You gonna come or not?"

"Yeah, yeah, I'll come, just let me finish this match first." I said as I finally got another kill. Shakey threw his fists in the air and muttered something I couldn't make out. Shakey never really talks much but we still accept him for who he is.

Salty snickered a little before saying, "Dude, you suck ass at the game already; come on let's go." I left the game and turned off my Xbox and headed for the door.

I looked back at Shakey who was just sitting there staring at us. "You wanna come?" He shook his head in response. "Okay, well you can play my Xbox or you can just watch TV downstairs, just don't break any shit." I told him before Salty and I simultaneously walked away and down the steps to the front door.

As we walked out the front door and entered Salty's car, instead of taking a left turn (which is the way out of the neighborhood) he took a right (which is the way to his house). "Ugh, dude, you went the wrong way." I told him but he didn't have the reaction I was expecting.

"Yeah, I know. I just need to stop by my house to get the money. You know to pay for the weed." Okay, that's understandable. I thought he had money with him since I heard coins rattling in his pocket every time he moved, but maybe they were just pennies and quarters. We need the paper money most likely. We pulled in his driveway. "Stay here." He told me as he got out and went into his house. Since there was nothing else to do to pass the time, I pulled out my phone and checked my Instagram and Facebook, to which I got a friend request from Kate. I lighted up and immediately accepted it. I know Humphrey's already dating her, and trust me, I'm not going to do him dirty. So, I decided not to start messaging me.

Salty got back in the car after like ten minutes, which made me curious; so I said, "It's about time your slow ass showed up, what took you so long anyway?" Salty put the car in reverse and backed out of his driveway and drove towards the front entrance of our neighborhood. "Sorry for the wait. I had a hard time printing these babies." He said as he threw three stacks of money on my lap.

"Wait... 'printing...'" I trailed off as I picked up a stack of money and analyzed it. It was as I expected, they were fake. "Salty! They're fake!"

Salty swirved the car a little after my sudden outburst at him. "Yeah, what about it?" He asked in some sort of weird tone I couldn't describe. How is he cool with this? We're gonna give a kingpin fake fucking money and exchange it for like ten grams of weed. If he finds out, he'll probably shoot us point blank. God, why did I make him my friend?

"Are you kidding me?! Dude, he'll probably shoot us!" I yelled at him, but with not all my might. Trust me, I can yell way louder.

Salty got a smirk on his face and pulled into a parking lot at a McDonald's. "I know, that's why I brought these babies." He said as he took out a gun that was in the console and another gun that was hidden in the back of the glove compartment right in front of me. My jaw dropped as he even pulled out another gun that was in the crevice between the console and his seat. What the fuck is wrong with this kid? Is he planning a fucking school shooting?

I was still staring at the three guns in bewilderment. "Have you been planning a school shooting?!" I asked as if I was his mother or father or any other parent or guardian. He put the guns back where they were and started to laugh. Maybe he thought that my statement was funny or he's just insane. I'm going with the second option.

"Yes, Mooch. I have been planning a school shooting." I started at him in awe. "I'M KIDDING, jeez." He waved off as we left the McDonald's parking lot and got on the highway that'll soon lead us downtown. For a second there I thought I was going to have to shoot him myself. Never make jokes about those things, they're very serious. (I really don't care if you do or not)

It was about a fifteen minute drive to get to downtown. We all saw all kinds of other cars, concrete barriers, guard rails, trees, grass, all the usual boring ole' stuff. My phone ran out of data, so scratch that. It was pretty much a boring ride to sum it all up. We drove down the stretch, watching all of the flashing, colorful lights whiz by us in a blur; every color you could think of was everywhere. Maybe they were having some kind of event because most of the time downtown is just a plain, rugged place where a lot of drug-dealers and fugitives like to hide out. Sounds dangerous, but that's only the bad side of it, the side where only few people live. The left side is where all (or most) of the people live and on the right is the poor side (or the hood). We took a right turn and drove underneath a bridge with all kinds of graffiti. I couldn't even make out what they said because the paint was starting to peel. Salty parked right in front of what used to look like an office building, but was later abandoned. 'Creepy as fuck,' I thought.

Just before we were about to get out of the car and meet up with the mysterious guy, Salty stopped me and said, "Here, take this and hide it in your waistband." He handed me the gun. I hesitated for a moment, not only was I scared that I was gonna die, I was scared that I was gonna have to kill somebody. This isn't a video game, this is real life. How the hell would I be able to do something so horrible? Peer pressure got the best of me. I took the gun and hid it in my waistband and hung my shirt over it. I can't believe I'm actually doing this.

"Wait, Salty..." Salty got back in the car. "If we do end up... end up... k-killing him, won't his followers or whatever kill us t-too?" I spat out nervously. I was stuttering as if I was Barack Obama. Nervousness was just completely taking over my body right now. I couldn't feel any other emotions, not even happiness.

Salty sighed a little and kind of face palmed himself. "Most likely, but trust me, Mooch. He's most likely not gonna find out." That sure helped me. 'Most likely,' huh.

I sighed and just said, "Let's just get this over with." We exited the car almost simultaneously and into an alley to get behind the building. The building had bricks that had moss and were about to fall out with water leaking from them. It was quite humid here. The dark surroundings just made me feel more uneasy. I started to hyperventilate.

"Mooch, Mooch, relax... he's probably going to be stoned to the brim when we see him anyway." He said whilst comforting me. It made me feel more protected, and it made my hyperventilating stop. Thanks, Salty. I owe you one.

We walked around the corner and saw a dark silhouette of a man standing in the threshold of a doorway. He was smoking a cigarette, cigar, or maybe even some weed when we first saw him. To me it was just kind of cliche. They use the same shot in all of the Hollywood movies. Huh, I guess they got the idea from real life situations. Once we stood completely still, the silhouette flicked the stick out of his hand and walked into the light, revealing to be the same guy Salty described him as. He was wearing all kinds of rugged clothes. With all of the money you get from selling drugs, I thought he would dress nicer, or at least get better clothes, but apparently not; that's kind of a shocker. He walked over towards us and just stared at me. I'm guessing he's staring at me because he hasn't seen me before.

Salty must've felt uneasy about the mysterious man checking me out because he said, "Relax, Ned. He's just a friend of mine. I brought him here so that we could buy some weed." Ned, huh, that's an old name. Pretty original; that's kind of cool though. I never thought that I would meet a man or a woman named Ned. Ned stopped staring at me and turned to Salty.

"How much do you want?" Ned asked him. His voice was completely clear too. I thought that doing all of those drugs would hurt your vocal cords, but apparently not. Seems like school has been teaching us the wrong shit.

"Just 9 or 10 grams."

Ned took a moment to think this is in. Don't really know why but I went with it. "You got the money?" Salty patted his right pocket in response. "$50."

I got very scared now. Now was the moment of truth, will he notice or will he not. I silently prayed that he wouldn't notice. Astonishingly, Salty was keeping calm when he handed him the money, but I sure as hell wasn't. I was breathing heavily. Ned looked at me strangely, but I just smiled and he looked away. That was a close call. Ned took the money from Salty and analyzed it; running his fingers through, shuffling it a little, bending it, even looking at, atom by atom. I silently prayed again. Please, don't notice; don't notice; don't notice.

Ned looked back up at Salty and I and got an angry look on his face. Shit... "Yo, man. This is fake! What the FUCK, SALTY?" Ned yelled as he pulled out a gun and pointed it at Salty. My eyes widened and my jaw dropped. I had to think of something fast or else my friend will die. Wait a second...

"DROP THE GUN!" I shouted with a tear rolling down my face as I pointed my gun straight at Ned. "... or I WILL shoot you." Ned looked at me as if I was cracking a joke.

Ned took like four steps toward me. "What're you gonna do, fatass? What, you gonna shoot me? I bet you couldn't even kill a fly." Those words just ran through my head, making me grow angry. How dare you call me a fatass? Ned raised his gun and pulled the trigger. I closed my eyes and winced for the pain, but the pain never came. I could hear screaming, but it wasn't Salty. I opened my eyes and saw three fingers across the ground and Ned screaming in pain holding his hand. Salty grabbed my hand and pulled me away from the building and just kept pulling. God knows where we're going.

Third Person P.O.V.

Ned was lying on the ground, screaming in pain as he just had three fingers on his right hand blown off. He couldn't believe that Salty, one of his best clients, would scam him and then try to kill him. Salty's never tried to scam him before, so he was hiding something. He was hiding something big. Ned tried getting up, but the pain was just too unbearable. He was just going to have to lie there and wait for himself to bleed out. He always wanted to die a fast death. So fast that you couldn't have even have felt a sliver of pain, but his wishes have not come true. As he was lying there, seething through his teeth, he could hear the sound of many people coming towards him. He knew who it was. It was members of the local gang, the Vice Kings. (Hope you get the reference) Ned saw all of them hop over the worn-over fence and run towards him. "What the fuck happened?" One of them asked.

Ned forcefully grabbed one of them by the collar of his shirt. "If you see Salty with some fat ass with them... kill them" He let go of him and lied back down on the cobblestone. "Come on, one of you take care of him, we've got business to do." All of the Vice Kings took out their 'holstered' pistols, checked to see if there was a bullet in the chamber, and went off to search for the two teenagers.

Mooch's P.O.V.

Salty took me under a bridge and hid us behind some bushes. "Oh my God, what the fuck are we gonna do?!" I asked. I was so scared.

"We need to get out of here. The Vice Kings are probably after us now." I couldn't believe what I just heard. The VICE KINGS?! I thought that they were in California, not here in Jasper!

I was still hyperventilating from the events that took place about three minutes ago. I can't believe that we almost killed Ned. Oh my God. "W-wait, I th-.." "They got here anonymously." Salty interrupted me as he peeked his head out from the bushes to see if anyone was near. Apparently not considering he took my arm again and took me into some abandoned construction sight.

All of the finished construction has now either molded or rusted, but that's not important. As we hid behind some weird tube looking thing, we could hear the sound of people talking and the sound was growing louder and louder. Salty got his gun out from his waist band and peeked around the corner. He made a hand signal showing me that there was five of them on that side and that I should check the other. I peeked around the corner and saw seven more guys walking straight towards us. I made the same hand signal and pulled out my gun. Looks like I'm going to have to fight. I prayed one last time and looked around the corner, aiming my gun at the head of one guy and pulled the trigger. The bullet went straight through his head and the lifeless body collapsed helplessly. I guess I'm a natural shot. All eleven of them ran backwards for cover, but I was too quick. I shot once more, missing the second, missing the third, before I finally hit the fourth on the back of the guy's neck, making him fall the ground and eat dirt. Salty hasn't shot yet, but that all changed when I saw him blind fire. I heard a scream.

Salty and I gave each other the signal to go for more cover. We counted down with our fingers 3... 2... 1... We sprinted out of the cover and headed for a crane that was about five hundred feet away. Salty and I ducked and weaved as bullets whizzed past us. When it seemed that all hope was lost, we got to cover and rested for a while, firing our guns from time to time. I didn't hit any, Salty hit one, judging by the scream. Now we only have nine guys. We're holding out well, but they began to push up, making it impossible to stay here longer. As we frantically searched for cover we saw a car about the same distance away from where our first spot of cover was. We counted down 3... 2... 1... We sprinted with all of the energy we had left. I thought I was gonna die from a heart attack because of how fast my heart was beating. Bullets thankfully whizzed right by me as we inched closer and closer to the car. But, then I noticed something. Salty was growing more and more ahead of me. I tried keeping up, but he was just too fast.

All of a sudden, a bullet hit me in the leg, sending me down to the ground. I grabbed my leg where the bullet hit and screamed in agony. I watched Salty look back at me with those eyes, thinking if he should save himself or me. He tried going for me, but the bullets in the air wouldn't let him. He ran for the car and got in and hot-wired it. He drove off just seconds later. I could hear the footsteps getting closer. All of my hope was lost. A guy rolled me over so that I was face-to-face with him. He raised his gun, pointed it at my forehead, and pulled the trigger.

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