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Chapter 6: Reuniting

Kate's P.O.V.

There were shadows of what looked like angels on the other side of the door. The shadows seemed to be dancing around in harmony, some with trumpets in their hands. I stepped through the door and angels immediately rushed to me and welcomed me with a warming embrace. I gladly embraced them back and broke the hug to get a good look at all of them. The furthest to the left was a face that I don't recall seeing in my past life, the one next to her was another face that I didn't remember, the one in the middle was my dad, the one next to him was my grandfather that died just about a year ago, and the furthest to the right was... Mimi. I gasped as I looked at her. Never did I think that I would have an out-of-body experience and meet with Mimi. Mimi looked me up and down and smiled, acting as if she was so astonished at how much I grew.

Mimi is my grandmother on my mother's side of the family. Mom told me stories of when she was a little girl and how she would tease her mom when she went to the grocery store with her. One time, my mom acted as if she was mentally challenged and would keep begging Mimi to get her candy. You see, Mimi wasn't a typical white mom. She would whoop your ass if you backtalked her or disobeyed her commands. Mimi would slap her gingerly, considering they were out in public and would say, "Eve! Stop that, right now! Eve!" Mimi ended up not getting her candy and when they got in the car, Mimi gave Mom the 'momma glare' and said, "Eve, when we get home I am going to... Whoop. Your. Ass." Mom told me that those three words would still scare her today if Mimi was still alive. When they got home, Mimi told Mom to go pick her 'switch' which was a twig off of a tree they had in their backyard. Hey, this was the 70's; everything was different back then. When I first heard the story, I laughed and asked some follow-up questions such as: "how bad did it hurt?" Mom told me it hurt so bad that it left a mark for about a week or two.

Mimi stepped forward and said, "My, my, look at how much you've grown..." Mimi took another good look at me and just sighed happily. When Mimi said that my heart just melted. Just thinking about not having your grandparents watch you grow up is just heartbreaking. Everyone you know as a child should watch you grow up because of how magical it is. Back before I moved back to Jasper, I had a neighbor who had a three-year-old little girl. I would see her every day, walking to the car and getting in the back seat, it was basically a part of my routine. Over the course of two years, I saw her grow some and get a new hairstyle. If there was a way I could see her again, that would be absolutely amazing. Her parents would let me talk to her on the other side of the fence and I just absolutely loved it.

"Oh, Mimi, I missed you. I missed you so much!" I ran up to her and gave her another loving embrace, gaining a couple of 'awws' from the people around us. I felt like crying, but I literally couldn't. It was like there was a force acting upon my face.

"I've missed you too, sweetpea," Mimi said, breaking the hug and smiling.

I went over to Papaw and gave him another loving embrace. The last time I saw Papaw was when my family took Lilly and me to Montreal to meet them. Papaw was 99-years-old at the time and was just three months away from becoming 100, but died of prostate cancer a month away from his 100th. He'd been fighting it for about a couple of months but cancer got the better of him. Papaw used to always tell me stories of how he was a combat medic in WWII. He told me a story about him storming the beaches of Normandy and taking two shots from the German MG's mounted up in bunkers on the other side of the beach. Papaw ended up surviving and getting two purple heart medals. He always was brave.

"Papaw, I've missed you so much!" I squealed while embracing him.

Papaw broke the hug and said, "Kate, stop growing up on me, please. I can't stand it!" Papaw always was a jokester. He would tell jokes that were popular back in his time and I would just sit there not knowing what he was talking about, but I laughed along anyway.

I then went over to the faces I didn't recognize. I went up to the man and said, "Sorry, but I don't think I've ever seen you before."

He pulled me into a hug and said, "I'm your great-grandfather Pap. I ended up passing away when you were only nine-months-old."

I gave him a hug and moved to the woman next to him. "Let me guess, you're my great-grandmother who died before I was born."

The woman nodded her head in response and pulled me into a deep embrace. "Oh, Kate, I wish I could've been there, believe me. I tried so hard..." My heart just melted. That was heartbreaking to hear. I couldn't imagine how sad she must've felt, knowing that she wasn't going to hold me in her hands.

After she broke the hug, I moved to my father. When we connected eyes, I ran up to him and jumped into his arms as if I was a little girl again. I remembered a day where I was in a park, having fun like everyone else there. Humphrey, Jenna, and Candy were there and they all were planning on climbing the tree that was dead center in the park. Other kids were climbing it, so I automatically assumed that I could too. I was always a cocky little girl. After Humphrey, Jenna, and Candy climbed the tree, it was my turn to climb the tree. I managed to get to the branch where all the kids usually jumped off, but when I was hanging from the branch, I seemed to get higher in the air. I started to cry out for help. My dad was the first one to get there. He told me to drop down so that he could catch me, which I ended up letting go and he caught me just like he said. I have no idea why I still remember that.

"Daddy, I've missed you so much! Please come back..." I trailed off as he put me on the ground and resumed the hug.

Dad turned me to meet his eyes and said, "Oh, pumpkin, you know I can't do that."

My heart shrunk, knowing that he was right; I would never see him again in the real world. "Daddy, I'm so sorry this happened to you."

Dad chuckled a little and said, "You know how much I've missed you calling me 'Daddy?'"

I laughed along with him and gave him another hug. "How do you always know how to make me feel better?"

"Because you're my daughter, Kate."

After Dad said that, I started to fade away as if I was disappearing from existence. I was confused as to how this was happening, but I knew I wasn't going to be able to stop it. My family waved at me, saying goodbye to me, for now. I waved back and let the force take me.

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