"Well we have to clean up this mess somehow." Silver said as he and the others were overlooking the Tetris blocks flooding the city of Fourside, with the group noticing that more were popping up from the night sky.

"Why? Can't we just let the blocks fall and go to another stage?" Waluigi grumbled as he really didn't want to put any effort into saving the day since he wanted his status as a villain to not get tainted anymore than it already was.

"If we let it continue here, it'll spread to the other stages!" Roy snapped as he suddenly caught on fire as he posed heroically. "We have to prevent that from occuring!"

"Yes! Those blocks are trouble!" Pichu squeaked as she charged herself with electricity, causing her to become dazed as she groaned in pain. "...We can't let 'em get my cheesecake..."

Waluigi looked at his purple tennis racket as he turned to the psychic hedgehog. "We're not going to have a choice in the matter, are we?"

"Sorry Wally, but sometimes it's better to help than be a pest in situations like this." Silver explained as he proceeded to use his telekinesis on the blocks, moving some of them off one of the buildings used as a fighting stage.