A few days after the masked ball, the cheerleaders put on a performance for the pep rally.

it was not so much as a pep rally but Shelby Cummings revenge on Sam for supposedly stealing her boyfriend. Sam's stepsisters fabricated a lie on how Sam had stalked Austin Ames and seduced him online as PrincetonGirl818. In her revenge, Shelby used the emails as storyline for Cinderella and the stepsisters as actors.

During this performance it was obvious that Sam and Austin were devistated and humiliated. Their innermost thoughts, fears and dreams were being mocked.

One in the audience was sick of this stupidity. Having been the victim of a humiliating prank herself, Janice (random person) stood up and walked over to stand next to Sam.

"Are you serious Shelby? Have you not read your fairytales? Everyone knows that in the end Cinderella gets the prince and the jealous queen is not the fairest of them all. Yeah you mixed up Snow White and Cinderella.Besides what you are doing shows that you are vindictive and not a good person. Why would Austin come back to you now? "

Taking a deep breath she looks around. "Seriously, how is this a pep rally. This is bullying. Besides do you even know Sam? "Sam looked at Janice and said thank you. Janice spoke, "Never Let The Fear Of Striking Out Keep You From Playing The Game"