For the millionth time, Chuck Bartowski wondered how he found himself in his current situation. Speeding through the midnight air, standing at an open door, waiting for a tiny light to turn green.

He tried to calm himself by looking out the door at the countryside below. It truly was beautiful, and Chuck could see why the French fought for it.

It was May of 1944. Captain Charles Bartowski, US Army, of Burbank, California, was about to embark upon the greatest adventure of his life. Barely two days ago, he had been ordered to report to a large, stately country house in southeast England.

Waiting for him was none other than General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Supreme Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Force, Europe. After getting over his initial shock, Chuck listened to the General explain his new mission.

Chuck, like almost everybody in the world, knew that an invasion of Europe was not only inevitable, but imminent. The Americans, British, and Canadians had amassed millions of men in England. Eisenhower, however, was the man who knew where and when it would happen. But, as he explained to Chuck, an invasion was more than just attacking a beachhead. In order to win the fight that was to come against the might that was Nazi Germany, they would need good soldiers behind the lines.

"I presume I do not need to emphasize how dangerous this mission is, Captain."

Chuck schooled his features for the General.

"No, sir." He paused before continuing. "Permission to speak freely?"


"Why me?"

General Eisenhower slowly removed his glasses, rubbing the bridge of his nose. Chuck immediately felt guilty – this man literally had the weight of the world on his shoulders. Chuck knew he was here doing his duty. It was why he volunteered. Yet he still did not understand why he, Chuck Bartowski, was chosen.

"You're special son," the General finally said. "You're a pilot, trained Ranger, and one of the best intelligence officers we have. Above that, however, you're the man I believe can get this job done."

And that was it. Chuck walked out of that meeting ready to fight for his country, to do whatever was necessary to win.

It was still an insane situation to him, however, as he stood ready. Two years ago he had been in college. Jumping out of airplanes into the French countryside behind German lines was the last thing on his mind.


The jumpmaster's voice broke through the wind.

"30 seconds!"

Chuck gave him the thumbs up and prepared himself. Watching the light next to him on airframe, he tried to block everything else out and think about his mission.

Without warning, the light suddenly turned red. Chuck stepped up to the very edge of the door. He took a quick glance back. On every other jump he was with a full stick of men. This time, it was only him.

The light turned green. Before the jumpmaster could even react, Chuck was out the door. Within seconds he felt the familiar pull of the parachute, letting him know it deployed correctly.


Looking at his map, Chuck was happy to confirm they had dropped him in the precise planned position. Now he had a four mile walk to his rendezvous point.

He was to meet up with another American, an agent for OSS, the Office of Strategic Services. He was supposed to find them in a quiet, country cafe, which is only one of the reasons he jumped wearing civilian clothes. As he walked, he was vigilant about his surroundings. Technically he was now behind enemy lines. The Germans had been in France since 1940.

He wasn't so sure about meeting in such a public place. His French was admittedly not that good, and he had no idea what this agent even looked like. But, he reminded himself, he had his orders.

Finding the cafe was easy. Looking at his watch, he realized he was about a half hour early. Deciding to watch the place while he waited, he set up not too far away in the woods, giving him a vantage of the small town. The sun was just starting to rise in the east, and soon people began walking around, starting their days. Seeing nothing suspicious, he made his way to the cafe at the appointed hour.

Chuck walked in and quickly scanned the room. There were about ten people, scattered about at tables. Most were couples or older men reading newspapers. In the back corner, however, sat a woman about his age. She was drinking a cup of coffee, and looked up when she heard Chuck enter. He had to use all his training not to give away himself. She was simply stunning. He could feel the blush creeping up his face. He couldn't help it.

Then he quickly deduced that she must be the Agent. She was certainly the most beautiful Agent, hell woman, he'd ever seen. She had long, blonde hair in an intricate braid. Her blue eyes lit up the entire cafe.

Chuck slowly walked to her table, remembering the code he was supposed to use to confirm their identities.

"Excuse me, do you know if they serve chocolate croissoints here?" Chuck asked quietly.

"Oui, the best in town," she answered before motioning for him to sit down across from her.

She ordered him a black coffee before settling her eyes on him.

"How did you know I take it black?" He almost blurted out.

"Wouldn't you like to know?"

Chuck wasn't sure if she was angry or teasing him. Either way, they had a job to do.

"I'm Chuck, Chuck Bartowski."

"Sarah Walker."


Sarah Walker was one of the best the OSS had to offer. There were a number of women who worked for the secret spy organization, but she was truly the cream of the crop. She had been sent all over the world, disrupting Axis money and oil pipelines, tracking down enemy combatants, and numerous other dangerous assignments.

She had been sent to France two weeks ago, under direct orders from the high command. She was to set up a base of operations, do recon of the surrounding area, and wait to make contact with her new partner.

While she preferred to work alone, and had most of her career so far, this mission was far too important. All she knew about her partner was that he was in the Army, and he was considered one of their best and brightest. He wouldn't have been given this mission if he weren't.

"Where's our base?" Chuck's voice snapped her focus back.

"About a mile down the road," she nodded northeast. "I can give you a full briefing there."

Chuck just nodded and sipped his coffee. He was trying not to stare, but was finding it near impossible.

"What?" She noticed. One eyebrow raised, she awaited his explanation.

"Oh, um sorry," he mumbled, embarrassed. "Should we go?"

Sarah just narrowed her eyes slightly at him before agreeing.

Stepping outside, she immediately looped her right arm in his left and smiled.

"When we're in public, we have to act like a couple," she whispered. "Now kiss me."

Chuck's jaw hung slightly open and Sarah quickly glared at him.

"Chuck, kiss me," she almost growled.

He leaned down and gave her the tiniest of pecks on her cheek, almost timidly.

"That's it?" She smirked up at him.

He was only able to nod as she pulled him along.

"Let's go, Chuck. We have a lot to discuss."

A/N: Okay, so it's been a while since I've been on here. Years, in fact. I have no idea why today, of all days, I had the urge to write a new story. It's just a random idea I had, so I decided to put it down on paper. Let me know what you think, good or bad.