Dream Guardian AMS: Welcome one and all to a brand-new story from the mind that came up with Mario Kart 9 and Super Smash Bros Ultra Redux. This is another idea fic where you the reader can give your own ideas on what you want to see in the story, but before I give you the rules of this story, let me show you just what it is.


A lone tv sits in a dark room before turning on, tuning into a news station, "The Console Wars." The channel changes, "They are calling it the Console Wars." The channel changes, "Console Wars." The channel is rapidly changing with the only thing being heard is, "Console Wars." The tv turns to static as cracks start to appear on the old set before exploding into a million pieces.

A lone figure is left standing in the remains before revealing themselves to be the famous Mario. Mario smiles at the camera before a title card appears: Mario, Nintendo. Mario gives a thumb up before something comes in and jumps on Mario's head. Mario falls to the ground and adjusts his hat to see an orange creature with fingerless gloves, blue pants and sneakers. A title card appears introducing the creature to the audience: Crash Bandicoot, Playstation.

Crash proceeds to charge at Mario and throws a punch. Mario dodges the punch and throws a fire ball at Crash. Crash brings out Aku Aku as a shield before spinning like a tornado and slapping Mario multiple times. Mario punches back sending Crash away a few feet, Crash in retaliation brought out a bazooka and fired fruit at the plumber. Suddenly, Crash's bazooka is shot out of his hands. The two fighters turn to see who had done the deed and saw a tall figure in dark green space armor.

"Mind if I join in?" asked the figure before a title card appears: Master Chief, Halo, Xbox. Master Chief then proceeded to bring out a pistol and blast bullets at the other two combatants. Mario and Crash dodged out of the way before they got hit. Crash ran up to Master Chief and used his slide to trip the space marine up before proceeding to grab Chief and give him a noogie. Master Chief then punched Crash in the face, this caused Crash to lose his grip. Master Chief grabbed Crash and threw the marsupial at Mario, but Mario jumped over and ran towards Chief. Master Chief then brought out his own rocket launcher and shot a rocket at Mario. Mario then deflected the rocket back at Master Chief with his trademark yellow cape. Master Chief saw this and dodged out of the way before he got blown up by the rocket.

Once the rocket had exploded all three of the combatants stared each other down before they heard a set of heavy footprints coming towards them. They turned towards the source and saw a hulking beast covered in armor, wielding a hammer, green skin, and large teeth. The newcomer started down his opponents before a title card came in: Thrall, World of Warcraft, PC. "This should be interesting," was all Master Chief said before Thrall lifted his hammer and charged at his opponents. Mario, Crash, and Master Chief charged at Thrall reading their attacks and as their attacks met, a huge explosion erupted and the title appeared:

Console Wars: The Ultimate Showdown

7 Platforms

70 Fighters

1 Epic Fight

Coming Soon

Vote now for your favorite Team Fortress 2 character and he'll be a fighter in the game.

Dream Guardian AMS: What did you think of that? Yes, this is a story where anyone and everyone from gaming will be coming to beat the ever-living heck out of each other to prove which console is better. The consoles I have chosen for this epic brawl is Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox, PC, Indie, Arcade, and Sega. The rules are simple:

Only one character from each series (At least for the main 70 fighters).

Must be a console exclusive in order to represent a specific console, so Link from Legend of Zelda can't be on team Xbox. If a game series is multiplatform then chose the best platform the game is playable on.

Only 10 characters per console team. (Makes things even between the team numbers)

This idea is being built like a smash bros game, so if you want to give move set ideas keep that in mind.

You can give ideas for stages, items, hazards, and character costumes are free to be suggested.

This will only focus on the game idea itself. If you are looking for an actual story then, I'm sorry there isn't one.

Only characters that originated from games are allowed in, so no Goku.

I hope I made everything clear, if not, then leave a question in a review or PM me and I will answer personally in the next chapter or in a PM. I hope you guys like the idea and I am looking forward to seeing your suggestions. Also the TF2 character poll will be up in my profile so you can all vote on it as soon as you guys are done reading this. Don't forget to read, review, follow and favorite if you like this story and I hope you all have a fantastic day. Take care.