Dream Guardian AMS: Welcome back to another installment of CONSOLE WARS! I have some more fighter reveals for you all and if you can't till who it is by the title of this chapter, don't worry it will be clear in a moment. So without further ado, let's do this but first disclaimer.


Once more we find nothing but a dark room with the silhouette of a machine can be seen. The machine is an arcade machine built for two players. A figure walks up to the machine and puts in two quarters, causing the machine to roar to life.

"Mortal Kombat!" the arcade cabinet roar as the theme played. While the theme continued playing, the cabinet started to shake and cracks of light began to form. The shaking and cracking steadily became more violent as time went on, until it came to a head and the arcade cabinet exploded in a blaze of glory.

The only thing left at the spot with a lone figure, the figure stood up and looked at the camera as the figure's title card came in: Scorpion, Mortal Kombat, Arcade. "Finally, after all this time, I will be able to test my skills upon these legendary warriors. Let's see if they can last long when up against me," said Scorpion as he threw his kunai at the screen yelling, "GET OVER HERE!"

The Kunai kept flying till it hit something out of the camera's view. The kunai chain tightened and was pulled back bringing in the title:

Console Wars

The screen starts to fade to black before: WARING! A NEW CHALLENGER APPROACHES!

"Hadouken!" yelled out a voice before a blue ball of energy came in and blasted the title to pieces.

Scorpion recovered his kunai from the wreckage and looked towards the source of the ball of energy. The Earth Realm warrior found a lone man standing in a meditative pose, the man opened his eyes and took a battle stance as his title card came up: Ryu, Street Fighter, Arcade.

"It's about time we've settled this rivalry between us," said Ryu.

"Agreed. Prepare yourself for Mortal Kombat," said Scorpion as he got into a battle stance.

"The answer lies in the heart of battle," said Ryu keeping his battle stance.

In a matter of seconds, the fight began. "GET OVER HERE!" yelled Scorpion.

"Hadouken," yelled Ryu as he threw his projectile attack at Scorpion's projectile. The two projectiles came at each other with blinding speed till they were near the point of impact and the world slowed down. Just as the two projectiles were about to hit, a flash of white light filled the screen and the title returned.

Console Wars

Dream Guardian AMS: That was fun wasn't it? That's right, the match up that people have been wanting to happen for years but never got. Scorpion vs Ryu, Street Fighter vs Mortal Kombat, two titans of the fighting game genre will be brought together for the first time! I hope you guys like that and I want to know what other arcade game characters do you want to see in this story. I also want to have one of the champions from League of Legends in this story as a fighter but I am having trouble choosing which one, so in the event I am asking you! Let me know which champion deserves to fight alongside gaming legends and represent the greatest that MOBAs have to offer. One last thing before I go, a quick update on the poll for the Team Fortress 2 character.

Pyro: 2

Scout: 1

Soldier: 0

Heavy: 0

Demoman: 0

Engineer: 0

Medic: 0

Sniper: 0

Spy: 0

Looks like the Pyro has a firm lead over the others but it is still anyone's ball game. I don't plan on closing the poll till I get 50 votes on the poll. Now with that said, I hope you all liked this chapter and I hope to hear your thoughts and ideas soon. Bye!