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(That's her in California after she hit the ball and the picture up there that's her clothes and hair.)

The Cali Baseball team










Carly (for now)

Carly Pov

Hi my name is Carly Smith i use to live in Salt Lake City, Utah but i moved to California the guy in California never let me play till i got a infield-home run and then they let me start to play with them i wish they would have treated me like my old friend and just let me play at the beginning but i guess they never had girl wont to play or any that play ball at all.

At Ball Park...

"Hey Carly are you ready to play ball." Josh said. yeah sure let play ball up first is Josh. He swing and misses that is on folk. Second he swing and he hit the ball between left and center he got to second base. Next up Austin he got up and he hit it a line drive to left field and he got up to first base. Now here goes Carlee She hits the ball 9the video she hit it and about got caught at home but jumped over the catcher ( the video). " Man where did you learn to hit like that Carly." Brayden said. Let's just say for now a old friend taught me how. My older brother Dean comes onto the field and says that mom need to talk to both of us. Ok bye guy see you at 8 o'clock

At home...

"Hey kid I have to tell you something we are moving dad already at the new house." Mrs. Smith said. Where are we moving Me and Dean asked. "We are going back to San Fernando Valley in the same house we lived in before we came here same neighbors and all. Hey I wonder if all of my old friend are still living there Benny, Ham, Squints, Yeah Yeah, Kenny, Bertram, Timmy and Tommy. " I wonder how that man Mr. Mertle is doing.

Skip to tomorrow at the house...

Mom I'm leaving to go to the field I'll be back later to pack and to get to the airport. "Ok honey but please come back before I will do your clothes but come back before we have to go to the airport." Mrs. Smith said.

At baseball field..,

Hey guy I have some bad news. " what is it? The team questioned. I'm moving going back to the Valley. "What" they said. Yeah but let's forget about it and just practice. Our team was pretty well known around here. We practiced hitting and fielding I hit a home run today the boys hit it to third base. It time for me to go home and get to the airport ( Sorry I don't know how far it is and if you have to take a plane to get there.) send me letter or I will send all of you letter when I get there.

At the house...

"Ok is that everything are we ready to go to the airport to go back to the Valley." Mrs. Smith said. Yeah let's go!

Skip car ride...at airport

Flight 104 to Salt Lake City airport now boarding (Sorry I really don't know what the airport name is.)

One the airplane...

I just had one thing one my mine will anybody recognize me or will they be there. One thing I know it will be a crazy summer.

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