He quietly glided through the halls with silent footsteps, gliding with immense grace and elegance. Not the type that would come from one being a noble, not even close. These were the movements of a warrior. One who had fought in life or death battles. One who had put his life on the line many times.

And yet this boy was an just an ordinary child.

Ichigo Kurosaki-Shiba, was this ordinary boy. Or at least, that was his name in his last life. His last life had long ended, upon a bloody and long fought victory. But no victories are ever 'True' victories. Aizen Sosuke, the Shinigami who had merged with the Hogyoku, an ever evolving titan of power and trickery had been the first steps on Ichigo's path of sacrifice. But once the Emperor of the Quincy's, the very first of his kind, came into the fold of the war, everything changed. Yhwach or, Juhabach, Ichigo had never truly got his real name, had the powers to see and change the very future.

Three years of death and carnage went by as the war tore apart the three worlds. Soul Society became a barren desert of stone and rubble, the world of the living much the same. Hueco Mundo became a sea of glass from one of Aizen's 'Hogyoku enhanced kido', quickly being abandoned by all spiritual beings.

The final battle started where it all began, atop sokyoku hill, where Aizen had first shown his betrayal. Yhwach and Aizen, in a final attempt to seize victory, teamed up to try and kill a single human boy, Ichigo. But by then Ichigo was already too powerful, his unlimited growth potential forcing him to overlap his centuries older enemies.

Under the combined power of three gods that should never have existed, the already tattered universe finally gave out as Ichigo gave a final attack, the attack that tore everything to pieces.

His soul was left adrift in absolute nothingness, drifting around to try and find another home.

He awoke in confusion in darkness, different from the nothingness from before. This darkness felt more normal, natural and warm. His confusion over where he was soon turned to horror as he was born from a new mother.

No more needed to be said than that he quickly tried to forget.

His Mother and Father knew he was different within the first few months of this reincarnated life. As a baby he nearly never cried except for food, but stayed calm in all situations. Not only that, but he had picked up proper speech by the time he was two years old.

He never complained. He barely spoke unless he needed to. He picked up any skill even after only being shown once, sometimes he even knew what to do beforehand.

Yet his parents gave him an ordinary life.

For that he was grateful.

Sure he did love his new parents, but he would always miss his old family and friends even more.

Issei's reminiscing continued as he made his way through the school halls, making his way to the classroom that had been his since the beginning of his second year of highschool.

Kuou academy, was a prestigious academy that had recently been an all girl school. It had recently become co-ed upon his first year of high school, so he had decided to join. Not because he wanted to be around more girls, no he wasn't a pervert. He was here because he wanted to stay away from boys, who had an idiotic tendency to try and fight him, simply for thinking him a punk due to how he acted, uncaring and scowling at everything.

His new body had taken him to hell and back just from him learning how to control it. The differences in sizes to this body and his last were astounding, and near crippling in his early childhood. He now was shorter and skinnier, his hair brown and curly, which he kept slightly long to hold back in a small ponytail. He could have had it shorter but he could never be bothered getting it cut, after all, you never have time for haircuts amidst a war.

He slowed as he neared the room, loud voices from inside reaching his ears, and placed his hand on the sliding door, ready for what always happens.

The silence was abrupt as all students inside instantly went quiet once the door opened.

Issei stepped forward towards the teacher's desk in slow deliberate steps, pulling out his pendrive to hand to the teacher. But midway through pulling it out of his pocket he noticed a slight difference to the room. Two girls were standing in front of the teachers desk both looking at him with assessing eyes.

If he remembered correctly one of them was the student council president while the other was the vice president. 'Brilliant' he thought sarcastically 'it looks like they want to speak with me'.

The shorter girl with neck length black hair and large pink eyes hidden behind circular glasses took a step towards him. She smiles politely even though he can instantly read it's fakeness, hiding her slight nervousness to be in front of him. Obviously his reputation was pretty bad.

"Issei Hyoudou, if you wouldn't mind we would like to have a private word with you" she said.

Issei just stared for a moment before talking back in his uncaring attitude.

"Umm, Suni Shintora, right?"

Her eyebrow starts twitching and smile grows even more visibly forced. As she opens her mouth to reply he cuts her off by holding his hand up and finishing his few steps to the teachers desk. Dropping the pen drive that held all his recent school work on it, he turned around and walked for the door, completely ignoring the two girls that wished to talk to him. Just as everyone thought he was just going to leave the girls behind, he paused and angled his head around to side glance at them.

"You coming or what?" he questioned, before finally leaving the room.

Sona disliked being around Issei, though dislike might be a rather weak word for it. Don't get her wrong, sure she had a crush on him like all the other girls in the school. His bad boy image made sure of that.

But the way he acted annoyed her, and his aura was downright terrifying. While even the humans could feel it, it was even worse for the devils in the school, all of which made sure to stay away from him. While he was undoubtedly human, there was something about him that sent her devil instinct crazy, wanting her to run without looking back. It was a feeling that had made her peerage unanimously agree to leave him be.

But here she was, being forced to talk with him due to his behaviours in school. Sometimes she hated having her duties as the student council president. She wanted to hand this job onto one of her other subordinates, but none wished a chance to gain Issei's ire, so it was she herself that had to do it.

Sona, along with her trusted Vice President and Queen of her peerage Tsubaki Shinra, followed Issei out the door and into the hallway. They watched as he went to the other side of the hall and leant back against the wall, crossing his arms in front of him and assessing them from under his long fringe.

That was another thing the girls loved about him, his looks. He may have normally seemed like an average boy but his skin was slightly tanned and smooth, and his hair was also shoulder length, tied back with a leather band midway down his spine. Completely against school regulations, yet hot as hell.

She cleared her throat to get that thought out of her head before finally speaking up.

"Ahem, Hyoudou, I am just here to inform you of the fact that you really should be going to your classes instead of just doing the tests and homework while lazing the day away."

With a sigh, Issei shifted his position to get more comfortable while stroking his hand through his hair to push some away from his eyes.

Both Sona and Tsubaki had to struggle to suppress the blush while they listened to Issei's reply.

"I don't see a problem with it." he spoke, attitude still uncaring.

She promptly replied "Even if your grades are perfect in all of your tests you still have an obligation to go to classes, as you are a student here."

Issei let out another sigh "Listen, Suni-"

"Souna Shitori" she cut in.
"Souna, there really is no point going to classes. It's not like I will actually learn anything in them."

"That's not the point, it is an obligation. And another thing, your hair and clothing is not complying with regulations."

He looked down at his clothes, trying to find what was wrong with them. He only had his school shirt unbuttoned, showing his regular T shirt underneath, he had completely discarded his jacket as well.

With one final sigh he looked back to her and said "Fine, is that all you needed?"

She was slightly taken aback by how fast he accepted what she said, she had expected more resistance.

"Yes that is all" she replied.

They all began to leave their impromptu meeting when she realised that again Issei was walking away from his classroom, intent clear on skipping, ignoring her words completely.

This time she couldn't stop her eyebrow twitching as she watched him go.

He made his way to the building's rooftop, which was undoubtedly his favourite place in the school. From here he gained nearly a full view of the campus.

It was peaceful up here, always was. Except on rainy days, in which he would still come up to the roof, despite the fact he was soaking wet by the time he got home. He didn't really care though, and not much could make him care. Probably only anyone that threatened his new family, but that was it.

That Suni girl rubbed him the wrong way. No she wasn't annoying, he was fine with her really. It's her black spirit ribbon. This was one of the only abilities he still had access to after his rebirth, the ability to see spirit ribbons and to a miniscule degree his fullbring abilities. This powerlessness annoyed him, a shit load.

The thing was, in this life, he still hadn't died yet. So he had zero access to his Shinigami and Hollow powers. He was sure that if he had a Quincy cross he could use some Quincy powers, sadly this world had zero Quincy's that he could get some off. Along with that, the only ones he actually had with him would be stuck to his spiritual body, which didn't even need the crosses to use in the first place. Again, he would have to die to gain it.

Suni was not the only person in the school with a black spirit ribbon, there were actually quite a few. He didn't know what they were, but they seemed to be fine around humans, so he was in no rush to find out. For all he knew, if they suspected he thought they were different they might try to capture him. As such, he would rather avoid them until he had his powers.

"How troublesome" he said aloud. He pulled out his cellphone and began to read a web page on Shakespeare, preparing his activity for the day.

He stood on a bridge over a large road on the path between his school and his home. Issei stood patiently watching the cars speed along under him, rushing on their way back from work. He didn't feel like rushing home though. He was content with the fresh breeze that traveled around him, lightly chilling his skin with its magnificent and gentle kiss.

Something was about to happen in Kuou, he could just tell. His Hollow may not be active at the moment, but the instincts definitely stayed. Probably Zangetsu's way of keeping him safe.

But it wasn't only his instincts that gave it away. There were more spirit ribbons that normal, and none of them matched the colours of the students in his school. These ribbons were a bright grey, sometimes shimmering with gold.

To be honest, it made him nervous, being without powers near possible supernatural beings.

'Wait a minute' he thought as he looked at one if the new ribbons. It was close. Very close.

Issei prepared to make a quick escape before a voice cut in.

"U-um… You're Hyoudou Issei from Kuou Academy, aren't you?"

Issei turned to the source of the voice to see a young girl, probably in her first year of highschool, though he didn't recognise the uniform. A scowl grew when he noticed that she was the source of the ribbon that was nearby.

"Yes?" he replied, an allowance for her to continue.

"Um" she mumbled again.

This time Issei raised an eyebrow.

"Can I help you?" he asked.

"Well… Hyoudou, are you seeing anyone at the moment?"

That was a question he was genuinely not expecting.

"Not really" he replied, trying to keep a straight face.

"I'm glad to hear that!"

Now he was really confused.

"Huh?" he let out unintelligently.

"U-um, would you mind going out with me?"

He replied after a pause.

"What did you say just now?"

Holy crap he probably sounded like an idiot. But supernatural being or not this was just weird.

"I've always seen you pass by here and… well… I knew you were my…"

'Is she… confessing' he thought to himself, slowly growing more and more confused, listening to her continue.

"P-Please… Please go out with me!"

"..." All he could do was gape in surprise. I mean seriously, from both this life and his past life this was the first time anyone had done this. Sure she was probably lying for some ulterior motive, but he didn't know how to act in these circumstances.

Once his mind had caught up with him he began to actually think this through. This might be a perfect chance to actually learn about what she and the others were. With that in mind he made up a decision.

"Sure" he answered.

The look of pure joy on her face made him blush.

'This is going to be tough, isn't it' he thought in exasperation.

By the end of the week, Issei was ready to pull his hair out. Not only was he bad with girls but he couldn't get even the tiniest bit of information from her. She was definitely skilled in the making of background stories. And it was infuriating him.

But today was his best chance. Today was sunday, the day they had chosen for a date. And this time, if he couldn't get any information… his planning hadn't gone that far yet, so he'd deal with it when he got to it.

Sadly, another problem had arisen. Last friday, when Yuuma, his girlfriend apparent, asked him for this sunday date, one of the black ribboned girls from his school had been stalking him.

This entire thing was turning into a mess.

He stood in front of a sign near one of the entrances to Central Kuou Mall, their designated meeting place for their date that he had planned for them. He had arrived here thirty minutes ago, fifteen minutes before the meeting time, and she still had not appeared.

"She's a bit late" he mumbled.

Suddenly a slip of paper was handed to him from his side, him having been distracted enough to not notice the approaching girl who handed it to him. She was dressed in a red cosplay like dress with black shoulder straps and little bat wings on the back.

"Please check us out!" she said as she placed it into his now outstretched hand, before giving a small wave and walking off.

"I didn't mean to take one" he mumbled, because he was about to hand it back to her before she had left. He looked down at the paper to read it.

It was rather odd looking, with a large magic circle like symbol in the middle and the words 'We grant your wish' written around it.

"Pft, it's just a scam" He said as he placed it in his pocket to throw out later on.

"Issei!" He heard Yuuma say from his left.

"Good morning Yuuma" He said to her, giving her a small smile to try and play his part of boyfriend.

"Sorry. Did I keep you waiting?" She asked, putting as much cuteness into her voice as she could. It almost made him cringe, his younger sister from his old life, Yuzu, could have done it much better.

"Nah, I just got here" he gave the appropriate response.

And thus started the nightmare. Issei had to try and not look annoyed while putting up with Yuuma's excessive amounts of clothing choices for them both to try. The ice cream they had at the cafe did cheer him up a bit, until Yuuma started to try and give him views into her cleavage, forcing him to try hard to hide his small blush.

At last the date was ending with a walk in the park near Kuou academy. They approached the fountain that stood in the middle of the park, holding hands at her own insistence. While the hand holding did give him a chance to study her energy more directly, it got him no further to figuring her out. Even if it was scarily similar to a Quincy's, it was highly different at the same time.

"We had a lot of fun today!" she spoke out, in a glow of excitement.

"Yeah, it was a great day" Was his reply shortly after, eyes staring into the darkening sky.

She ran forward towards the fountain at that moment, surprising him a little, but he prepared himself to ask her what she was before she left.

"Say, Issei" she said, again trying to use that cute tone of voice to catch him off guard, she slowly began walking towards him while looking at the ground while continuing "Do you mind doing me a favour to commemorate our first date?".

His instincts were starting to flare in warning as she stood in front of him, and he tensed up even as he answered,

"What kind of favour?", he hoped she thought his tensing was due to nervousness.

Her glare as she spoke was the final nail in the coffin that let him know he was in danger.

"Could you die, please?" Came the dark question.

Yup, he was in danger. He decided to play along with it, hoping to try and buy time to think his way out of this mess.

"Huh, um… sorry Yuuma, can you repeat that? I think there's something wrong with my ears."

This time she leaned forward to speak directly into his ear,

"Could you die, please?"

He jumped backward while bringing his hands up in preparation to fight, calling forth his miniscule level of bringer light to speed himself away faster. What he saw next though completely blew his composure.

Yuuma's clothes dissolved right off of her body for a split second as her form changed and grew older. The next second a new set of clothes, if the could even be called that, grew into existence. Her large breasts were barely covered and held up by a thin slip of leather that stretched around her bust. Something that could practically be called leather underwear barely hid her pubic region, while thigh high boots and shoulder length evening gloves appeared on her limbs. All of which was pure black to match the bird wings that grew out of her back.

'Wait… Bird wings'

Issei had to do a double check to make sure he was seeing correctly. Yup, those were definitely wings. All in all she looked like some cosplayer from an ecchi anime.

He was brought out of his shock by her voice,

"Although short lived, playing innocent lovey-dovey with you was fun. I'll take good care of this gift from you" she said while looking at the pink wristband that he had bought her that very day, "So… Please die".

A large glowing white spear with a red outline flashed into existence in her hand, before she threw it at him with incredible speed. Not even with his reflexes could he dodge the spear that pierced into his abdomen before vanishing, leaving a hole for his blood to spill out of. He held his hands over the wound, regretting that he had fallen into her trap, before being replaced by the memories of failure and weakness from his past life.

"Sorry" Yuuma said "Your existence poses a threat to us. So we took the initiative and moved in for the kill. Blame God for planting a Sacred Gear inside your body."

Now he was lost, what the fuck was a Sacred Gear.

It was at this point he knew something was up with that spear she had thrown into his body. It didn't feel like he was dying, and he knew what that felt like. The shattered shaft training gave him that experience. No, the spear had left something inside his body that was tearing into his soul and pulling it apart from within. It was excruciating.

"Fuck… You…" he growled out as he collapsed to the ground, convulsing from the pain of what he believed may be soul suicide.

Yuuma merely smiled "Thanks for the wonderful memories" before spreading her wings and flying off.

'Shit, I can't die like this, not after getting this second chance at life!' he screamed at himself. But by this point he knew there was nothing he could do. His vision was already starting to darken.

A glow from inside his pocket alerted him to a new energy that was now pouring out of it. Pulling out the paper that he had gotten that morning, which he had completely forgotten about, he noticed it had started glowing after being touched by his quickly leaking life blood.

He saw the glowing sheet fly out of his hand just as he passed out from blood loss.

Rias Gremory looked down onto the dying form of the boy that had caught her interest the moment he had walked into the school with his terrifying aura. There was definitely something different about him, that she was sure of. And she wanted whatever it was. His good looks was just another perk to the collection.

"You called me, didn't you? If you're dying anyway I'll take you" She smiled and extended out her wings before continuing, "You will devote your life to me".

Issei awoke to his phones alarm blaring to life.

His body felt heavy. No, scratch that, he felt like he had been hit by a truck. Memories of his dream flashed through his mind along with an annoying headache. Before long he froze. That wasn't a dream, it was a memory.

He leapt up and rushed down stairs to the bathroom just get a look at himself in the mirror. What he saw was completely unexpected.

He looked slightly grown, like an inch or two had been spontaneously added to his body. His muscles had grown in size as well, sadly only a small amount. That was both relieving and worrying at the same time.

His biggest joy however, would be the two five pointed Quincy crosses that hung from a small necklace. He checked his left wrist to see his mother's cross as well, and was not surprised by how relieved he was by that.

He grabbed one of the necklace bound Quincy crosses in each hand brought them to his mouth for a short kiss, before whispering to them, "Yuzu. Karin. I am glad you are with me again".

He could not stop the single tear that leaked from his eye at the memory of their deaths.

"It will be different in this life, I swear it to you girls" he finished, taking one last once over of his new look, checking for yesterday's wound and being semi satisfied with no sight of it before taking off his underwear and getting into the shower.

He took quick preparations of getting into uniform before heading off, resolving himself to spend the day thinking over what had happened the day before, and figuring out how he had survived.

He was so lost in thought that he never even realised that he had walked into his classroom and taken the seat that would have been his had he even actually joined the class.

The rest of the class was in a heavy shock though.

"Is he actually staying for this class?!"

"Is he okay?"

"He never joins us though!"

"He looks different, look at his neck!"

"Is he religious? What's up with those crosses?!"

The class settled down though once the teacher showed up, but only after her own shock had been displayed.

The day passed by quickly after that, with Issei still zoned out until the lunch bell finally went off. At which point he stood up and left for the stairwell.

It was on his way to the roof that it happened. Halfway up the stairs he noticed her, the crimson haired girl with the black spirit ribbon made her way past him. This in itself was a change, and made him tense up. Her small smile as she stepped around him made him nervous.

All around him he could hear the students speaking out about how amazing it was to see the two top school celebrities so close to each other at once. It was then that he caught her name.

"Rias Gremory" he muttered. The name made him shiver. But this time, it was something about her that was, alluring. A blush glowed on his face before he continued on his way. Let it be known that he didn't not acknowledge beautiful women.

The sun had just set and Issei was no closer to figuring out what had happened. No actually, he had some form of small idea.

Somehow, right after the incident with Yuuma, he had healed and either unconsciously brought himself, or was taken, back home to his own bed. He still had no clue on his changed looks though.

"No, buy me one!" came the cry of a child to his left. Looking over to see who was speaking, he was hit with surprise when he saw how far away the child was. Not only that, but he could see the girl arguing with her mother from nearly a hundred metres away, in the dead of night.

"I'll leave you here if you keep whining!" the mother replied, and Issei felt that he was hearing them as well from that distance as he would had they been right beside them.

"Okay, either my Hollow eyes are on and I don't realise it, or something is seriously wrong. And I never remember having crazy hearing as a Hollow."

Shit, he needed to rest with this new information.

He made his way down the block to the park, and made his way over to the fountain. The very spot that this had started. He placed his hand on the fountain's edge to make sure what he seeing was real. Only to notice another sensory boost. His sense of touch had increased as well.

"What the fuck is happening?" he murmured.

A strange noise alerted him to the fact he was not alone so he spun around to face it.

A man stood in the shadows of the trees, face hidden by a dark hat that closely resembled Kisuke's own. His clothing was a simple trench coat, yet it made him seem all the more creepy.

"How unfortunate" he said in his deep voice, as he was beginning to walk forward, "It might just be my lucky day to meet your kind in such a place".

The man's word shocked Issei. He should have been radiating the spirit energy of an slightly strong human, but a quick internal check made him realise that it was no longer he could still deeply feel a human part to him, the energy he was now radiating felt way too much like the other supernatural people in his school.

'Shit' he thought.

The next moment the man flashed a small view of his eyes and Issei leapt back on instinct. But this time the distance he covered was humongous, and he hadn't even used bringer light.

"Running away?" the man asked, causing Issei to growl at the fact that he had technically retreated. That was not going to happen again.

Black bird wings sprouted from the man's back, and now that he had realised it Issei found that the man had the same ribbon colour as Yuuma. Great, another one.

"Hmm, I cannot sense the presence of either a master or a mate. You aren't trying to escape nor are you expanding a magic circle. Analysis of the situation suggests you must be a stray."

"What the fuck are you talking about" Issei said for the first time since meeting this man.

The man ignored him as he continued,

"Then I can just kill you".

A spear just like Yuuma's, but now with a blue glow instead of red, formed in his hand, but this time Issei was ready. As soon as the man threw the spear Issei jumped into action. Using his now greater speed, alongside his bringer light, he spun around the spear and dashed at the man.

The man seemed shocked by this sudden display of speed, but quickly hid it and summoned two extra spears, using them to block Issei's first strike. Issei's fist crashed against the spears with heavy force, cracking the front one. Again, a look of shock came onto the man's face while he kicked Issei away and gained some distance.

Using bringer light once more, Issei launched himself forward, prepared for what would probably be a long battle. This was not the case, because as soon as Issei got close to the man, he disappeared.

It was now Issei's turn to be surprised as a spear of light came out of his stomach, the same place that Yuuma had hit. He fell to his knees in pain, though this time the accompanying sensation of his soul being torn apart did not come with it, for which he was grateful. He grabbed the spear to try and take it out, but it was no use.

"Does it not hurt? The light? Light is a deadly poison to your species, after all. I thought it would finish you off, but you seem to be quite resistant to it." the man recalled his spear, and it flew out from his back, causing him to cough up blood and finally collapse from the fact that his spine had been stabbed in half.

"Worry not" the man continues "I will put you to rest soon".

The man rears his hand up, preparing for the final blow, when a ball of red light slams into and destroys the spear.

"Did you do that?" The man asks Issei, before he looks over to where a magic circle has formed on the ground.

"Guess not" He says, and looks at his new guest.

"Don't lay a finger on that kid." A woman's voice sounds out.

The first thing that Issei noticed when he turns his head is crimson hair.

"Rias…" is all he manages to get out, before once again losing consciousness from blood loss.

"Who the hell are you?" Questions the man in the trench coat, forming another light spear in preparation. With a quick flick it sails towards the crimson haired girl, though it never makes it. From the sky, a white haired, short girl falls down into the path of the spear, smashing it away with her fist and taking her place beside the crimson haired girl.

The man catches his thrown weapon before yelling out,

"Damn you!"

He dashes towards the girls, and a new interruption comes in the form of a bolt of lightning. Out of the trees comes a black haired, large breasted girl, lightning flickering around her fingers in a small show of force, and lets out a giggle.

"Red hair… I see" the man says "You must be from the Gremory family".

The crimson haired girl smiles, her violet eyes flashing in the moonlight.

"I am Rias Gremory" she says "How are you today, my dear fallen angel?"

"Oh, Wow" the man laughs "Who knew this was the jurisdiction of the Gremory families heiress apparent? Is this boy of your household?" He gestures to Issei with a wave of his hand.

Rias replies "I will not show mercy if you mess with him."

"Well, I apologize for today, but you'd better not let your menservants run free. Someone like me might just hunt them down during his walk, you know?" he says with a smirk adorning his face.

"Thank you for the most helpful advice. Then let me give you a warning too… I will not let you off scot-free should you do something like this again."

"Same to you, heiress apparent of the Gremory family." upon those words he takes off, "My name is Donnasiege. Hope we never face each other again."

Donnasiege vanishes into the sky, leaving the park once again in silence.

The three girls walk towards Issei and stand over his body.

"I was careless." Rias says about the unconscious boy. "Who knew he'd come into contact with a fallen angel?"

"He'll die at this rate" says the white haired girl.

"I won't let him die. After all, he's my…" Rias replies as she bends down towards Issei.

Issei once again awakens to his phone alarm going off.

"Damn, I feel so heavy" he grumbles in his morning tiredness, "Why does this keep on… Wait, why the fuck am I naked!".

It was then that he noticed the large shape of a human underneath the blankets that covered half of his bed. He was almost scared to find out what was under them. He reached forward, pulled off the blankets, and subsequently fell off the bed in shock, hitting the ground with a heavy thud.

The unmistakable view of a naked Rias Gremory slowly waking up from the noise of his fall gives him what he hopes is his only shock of the day.

"RIAS!" he yells out, only now remembering to vocalise his surprise.

"It's morning?" Rias mumbles as she rubbed her eyes and gets up. A yawn followed by a large jiggle of her breasts is what shakes Issei out of his funk.

"Why are you naked!?" he screams, pointing at her obviously nudity while using his other hand to try and cover his eyes. Though the small gap he leaves between his fingers allows him to still view what sat upon his bed.

"Good morning" came Rias's reply, completely ignoring his previous question.

"Um, Rias" Issei repeats "Why are you…?" he could not finish the question this time in his embarrassment. "I'm dreaming, right? This definitely has to be a dream, wake up Issei!"

Rias merely giggles and places her cheek upon her hands that lay on her knee.

"Everything you experienced was real" she speaks out as Issei searches for something to hide his own nudity, "I am Rias Gremory, a Devil"

Issei stares into Rias's eyes as she says this, his own opening wide at this information.

"Devil…?" he mumbles out, before she continues.

"And your Master. Nice to have you, Hyoudou Issei"