Footsteps sounded, slowly approaching Issei's room, and the following voice sounded doom for the owner of said room.

"Issei, wake up! You're going to be late for school! Issei!" came a woman's voice.

'Oh fuck me' he thought with horror.

"I'm getting up! Give me a moment!" he screamed out as he rushed around the room, clamoring for anything to hide himself and his nude guest.

"Hurry up, usually you are out by now!"

"Seriously, it's fine, just give me a moment!"

'Is she seriously going to come in!' was his silent scream. An idea came across him suddenly and he grabbed a long forgotten blanket off of the ground. He rushed to Rias and prepared to throw it over her to hide her. Sadly, his luck this morning was at an all time low. With a single bad step on the very blanket he had been carrying he fell head first, right into Rias's breasts and knocking her back onto the bed in the process.

It was at this moment that his mother walked in.


He slowly lifted his bright red face up and turned it to face the woman that had been yelling at him just before.

"Good morning" Rias said from under him, completely unphased by the situation.

"...Good morning. P-Please get ready soon" was his mother's stuttering reply before she closed the door.

As soon as the door had closed Issei lept off the bed and crashed into the ground… again. Once he had gathered his wits, he ran for the closet and as fast as he could he threw on a clean pair of underwear and pants. In the background he could hear his parents screaming at each other, causing him to place his face in his palms from embarrassment.

'Wait, why was I in a bed with Rias?!' he thought, spinning around to face her with wide eyes 'I don't remember anything! What the fuck happened!'.

"You have quite an energetic family" she said casually, like it was a simple conversation starter. Seriously, how could she act so normal right now?

"...Please just cover yourself!" he finally yelled "I can see them!"

"See what?", great another casual reply.

"Your breasts!"

"You may look at them if you want"

"Are you trying to kill me!" Seriously, if his head got any hotter it was probably going to melt.

Luckily for him Rias took this chance to walk over to her neatly folded clothes and began to put them on. He faced away so she could change in peace, and also for his own mental sake.

"Oh" he heard from behind him, "Is your stomach all right? Where you were stabbed."

He quickly looked down at his own bare top half to search for the wound that he just remembered about, but no trace could be found.

"Yeah, it's alrigh…" he spun around so fast that he nearly got whiplash, only to turn back just as fast when he realized she still had no bra on.

"How do you know about that?" he asked, prepared to finally be getting some answers.

"It wasn't a dream if that is what you are wondering. You have an unexpectedly sturdy body. A fatal wound like that healed in less than an hour, after all".

"I… healed...?" he wondered aloud, was his hollow powers coming back?

"I shared some of my demonic powers with your weakened body. Say… Mind hooking my bra?"

With a quick scene of stuttering he spun around and quickly hooked up her bra, but not before failing a few times due to nervousness and inexperience. She giggle a bit at his clumsy handwork.

"Um, Rias… Why were we naked" Issei asked, turning around again once he had finished with the bra.

"I just told you, I shared some of my power to heal you up. As such I had to hug you naked."

"What!" he screamed out, taking her last words in the wrong way, he didn't even remember having sex with her!.

"It's all right, I'm still a virgin" she spoke out, and thus saving him from a possible panic attack.

He turned his head slightly, giving her a small scowl for the joke she had just played on him, though it failed due to the heavy blush upon his cheeks.

"Don't make such a face" she said with a smirk as she reached forward and placed a head on his cheek, stopping him from looking away again, "This world is full of many mysteries"

"Mysteries?" Issei asked, "Um, Rias..."

"What is it?"

"You were talking about Devils before, right"

"Yes, I am a Devil, and your master."

That last word completely bugged Issei out, like hell would he be somebody's servant. It took all his concentration to keep his face straight.

"Say, May I call you Issei?" Rias asked, staring into his eyes while leaning forward, giving him a view down her breasts again.

It was at this point that he had had enough.

"Just… Get dressed so we can go!" He yelled.

The walk to Kuou academy was awkward to say the least. Well, awkward for Issei anyway. Rias on the other hand, acted as if the entire morning scene had never happened.

At this point, Issue was beginning to think Rias would be another Yoruichi.

He shivered at that thought. Like hell did he need a second version of Yoruichi, no matter how much he missed her.

"Say, Issei" Rias asked, "When did you get those pendants?".

He quickly thought of what could be a suitable answer before he remembered that he couldn't lie for shit. Lies were not his speciality, but Kisuke's. And sadly he did not have an inner Kisuke to channel, and instead decided on telling the truth. A short truth, but truth nonetheless.

"Not that long ago actually" he replied, and hoped she would leave it at that.

Rias smiled, appearing satisfied with the answer, and they continued on their way in silence. That is, until they reached the school gates.

"Oh my God, did they…?"

"Are they going out?"

"No! My beloved Rias is taken!"

'Bloody hell, the rumor mill is definitely going to go nuts today' Issei thought as they passed the awed students of Kuoh academy. A single comment from the background made him blush though.

"I wonder if Gremory will tell us how 'big' he is down there, hehe".

His eyebrow twitched as he tried to ignore that comment. They paused in their walking once inside the door and Issei turned to Rias as she spoke,

"I'll send an errand boy later".

Issei raised an eyebrow at her choice of words, "Errand boy?".

She ignored his look and continued, "See you after school".

He scowled after her while she walked off to 'who knows where'. At this point he was really getting annoyed that she seemed to just brush off his confusion. Hell, he had already been stabbed twice within twenty four hours, and getting stabbed hurt. But then again he had a long history of getting stabbed, slashed and shot through.

With a heavy sigh he turned to make his way to the roof only to see two boys standing in front of him. If he remembered correctly they were those two pervert kids in his class that kept on looking into the girl's changing rooms.

That very thought made his scowl deepen. He hated perverts, and idiots even more so. And considering that they never stopped trying to peek at the girls, he would think them to be both.

"Issei, you bastard! What are you doing hanging around Rias like that!" the near bald one, who he believed was called Mitsuka or something.

"Calm down Matsuda." said the second of the two.

'Ah, so that's his name' Issei thought.

"Motohama!" yelled Matsuda. Well, now Issei had their names.

"First, we want to hear what's going on Issei". Motohama spoke, pushing up his glasses with two fingers, just like Uryu Ishida used to do. Damn, that thought alone wanted to make Issei punch their faces in, instead he settled for speaking.

"I don't have to tell you two perverts anything, do I" he growled, slowly releasing a small amount of killing intent.

Both of them froze, paled and grew wide eyed, only now realising their mistake. Sadly, they should not have even approached him while he was in such a bad mood.

"Listen here you two, if you so much as piss me off again I am going to tie you up and hang you upside down in the Kendo hall for the girls to use as target practice. Do I make myself clear?"

They both nodded and Issei gave a small, evil smile. Upon a wave of dismissal from Issei, the two boys ran, bolting out of the hall with such speed Issei could swear they nearly used Shunpo.

Issei once again brought his right hand up to grab Yuzu's Quincy cross that hung in front of him. It was brief, only to check that it was still there, before he walked up the stairs and onto the roof.

Over the morning, he thought about all that had happened, trying his hardest to make connections with the clues.

"Gathering from what Rias said, I am now a devil. Seeing as her spirit ribbon is black, that must mean all those with black ribbons are devils." He nodded at the sense this made, happy that he now had an idea of what was happening.

"Since they are devils, then the ones with the feathered wings would make sense to be angels of some kind. And that also explains why they were hunting me the second time. It's Yuuma that I don't understand though. Did she somehow sense something about me that she felt she needed to stop, or was she just suspicious of me."

Damn, this entire mess was confusing. This was nearly as much of a mess as Soul Society, and that was saying something. Wait a minute… wasn't he being followed by a devil when Yuuma had asked him on that date?

That thought made him angry. Did the devils know she was going to kill him but let him die anyway? He was going to have to talk to Rias about that. Anyone with power letting another innocent person die was a sin in his book. It was the duty of the strong to protect others.

But how did he become a devil himself? Rias said she had done something to him, and that must have been after he had died to Yuuma. Did that mean she let him die to turn him into a devil? Was that what the piece of paper with the magic circle was for?

Now he was really mad, but sadly now was not the time for answers. Soon though, very soon.

Once lunch had ended Issei decided to, for the second time this year, actually join his class. He didn't listen to the teacher though, he had long ago mastered his current year levels work. Before long the bell had rung for the final time that day and Issei waited, feeling the nearing presence of a devil.

His clue that they had arrived was the squeals of fangirls. With one palm over his face in a show of annoyance he stood, and looked over to the devil that had just entered the room.

"Hey" the second year boy said, his blond hair and blue eye seemed to leave a glowing twinkle around him.

'What the fuck? Are those real?' he mentally exclaim at the sparkles.

"AH! It's Kiba!" screamed a girl in excitement.

"Excuse me for a bit" Kiba said kindly to the fangirls, moving passed them and making a beeline for Issei, "Hello".

Issei raised an eyebrow at who the apparent errand boy was. Kiba was the second most famous male in the school, right after himself. Kiba was the top student in the boys Kendo team and an all around pretty boy that had nearly all of the female student clamoring over him.

"So… you're an errand boy?" Issei said emotionlessly, the single brow still raised in silent question.

Kiba merely smiled, "Of a kind. I'm here on behalf of Rias Gremory. Would you mind following me?".

Issei snorted and lowered his brow. It's not like there was anything else to do. With a short nod Kiba led the way out of the room, the silent and shocked eyes of the other students being left behind in wonder.

The walk towards the old school building was silent, leaving Issei with much time to prepare for whatever could possibly happen once inside. What happened though, was completely unexpected.

An old room lit by multiple 'three pronged candles' and a Victorian vibe to it was his first look into the clubroom. A small white haired girl sat on one of the two couches in the room, a small table sat in between said couches. The girl, he quickly realised, was another school celebrity, Nekono or something, was nibbling at a… he didn't even know what that was, but it looked good. Like a small piece of chocolate fudge on the end of a stick.

From beside him, Kiba spoke up, "She's Toujou Koneko, a first year student."

Koneko glanced over at them and gave a small nod as Kiba introduced him to her, "This is Hyoudou Issei"

"Mmm" Issei said simply, trying to keep calm after he realised that this was the girl that had been stalking him and Yuuma.

The girl was undoubtedly what would be called, a 'loli', and was practically a mascot for the first years. Issei was quite surprised to find out that she was a member of this 'Occult Research Club', but then again, she was a devil, just like the others.

The sound of a shower running alerted him to another presence.

'They have a shower in here? That's pretty cool' he thought, letting himself go with the flow of the current happenings. After all, there was not much he could do until Rias could answer his questions. Speaking of Rias, was she the one having the shower? Best not to think about that.

"President, I've brought your clothes." comes the new voice of the other occupant of the bathroom.

"Thanks, Akeno" Rias replies.

A black haired girl walks out of the bathroom, a smile on her face and hands held together in front of her large breasts. Her hair was done up in a ponytail with an orange ribbon, very much like the colour of his own hair in his past life.

"Oh my. Look who's here." she says sweetly as she moves towards him, "You're the new club member, right? Please to meet you."

Akeno gives a small bow in greeting then continues speaking, "I'm the clubs vice president, Himejima Akeno. Please to make your acquaintance. Hehe".

Within Issei's mind, only one thought was prominent, 'Please don't be another Yoruichi. Please don't be another Yoruichi! Please don't be another YORUICHI!'. But all he could do was cross his fingers and hope.

"I'm Issei Hyoudou. Nice to meet you too" he repeated back to her, intent on at least following formalities at the moment.

Rias chose then to walk out, in uniform and drying her hair with a white towel, "Thanks for waiting. Sorry, I spent the night at your place, so I had too…"

Issei cut her off, not wishing her to finish her sentence due to embarrassment, "No, it doesn't matter. I could wait".

"Well, everyone's here now!" she exclaims, a grand smile lighting up her face. She guides everyone to the couches, which they all sit on while Rias leans on her desk at the back of the room."We welcome you to the Occult Research Club."

Issei holds his hand up, his now usual way of cutting people off. It was time to get serious.

"I'm sorry, but I am not here to join your little club"

Her smile drops at his words. Just from that single sentence Issei gained the focus of the entire group of Devils.

"Oh" was all Rias replied with.

"I came for answers. You let me die to that Angel, didn't you?"

Their surprise is evident in their eyes. Obviously they had not expected Issei to figure out that the ones who had attacked him was an Angel.

Rias cleared her throat, her own attempt to regain composure, "That is not true, we saw that she was hanging around you and wish to see what she wanted to do. Sadly that ended in your death."

Issei scowled, though his instincts allowed him to see that she was telling the truth, "So you admit I really did die. Tell me, how did you not only revive my physical body, but also stabilise my soul?".

Now they stared directly at him, both confusion and shock blaring out from not only their faces, but also their aura.

"What are you talking about? How did I 'Stabilise' your soul?" Rias said, uncertain about what was being said.

Now it was Issei's turn to be confused, "You mean you don't even know what you did?"

The members of the Occult Research Club locked eyes for but a moment before facing back to Issei.

"Issei" Rias said "The Occult Research Club is a mere facade. It is only a hobby. To be frank… we are devils".

Issei had long gotten sick of this conversation. Standing up, and towering over the other members he began to yell, "I've had enough! I know you are all Devils! What I want to know is why that fucking angel, Yuuma, killed me! And now what the fuck you want with me!" on those last words he slammed his fist down onto the coffee table between the couches. It would have ended at just that, had the table not completely shattered under the force of his strike.

The Occult members all looked on in shock at the new devil in their midst. And what they saw scared them, severely.

His eyes were no longer human, but had changed into a form none of them had seen before. Issei's irises had brightened from his normal colour into a fiery storm of piercing yellow, but his scalera had deepened into black, darker than they had ever seen before. As Issei calmed himself down from his rant, his eyes slowly bled back to normal. But what had already been seen was unforgettable.

Nor was what they had felt. While there was definitely the overlaying magic energy of a Devil, underneath that was something stronger, more primal. And it was not magical. This energy had felt like it came from deep within, carrying Darkness, Despair, Bloodlust, Rage, and raw Evil.

This was much more than they had bargained for.

Issei faced the ground, face hidden by his hair, and spoke "If you will not tell me, then this talk is over."

Issei walked out of the room without another word.

The members of the Gremory peerage sat in silence. This silence was not natural, but born of fear, confusion and surprise. What they had just experienced was abnormal, even for them, and they were practically the definition of abnormal, being devils and all.

Issei was different, and not in a good way.

Rias Gremory herself was at a loss. That talk had not gone as she had thought at all, with one unknown thing after another. It was almost like they were on completely different pages. Actually, that probably wasn't far off from the truth. Issei's knowledge was different, and he connected the dots in ways most people would never even think of. And every single time he hit the mark.

Naturally smart, nearly cunning, in the ways people seemed to work, almost like he had faced people that worked in even more complex ways in more complex situations. Not what she expected… At all.

"Rias, what was that?!" came Koneko's shaky voice, an event that did not happen often due to her easy and calm nature.

"I… I don't know" she replied, and turned to face Akeno.

"Aken..." she paused when she saw the look on Akeno's face. Akeno's face was red, her bottom lip quivering in a way not even Rias had seen before, while her knees shook slightly. Her eyes were completely entranced at the very spot Issei had stood, glazed over in… something.

Akeno was not going to be helpful any time soon.

Rias turned this time to Kiba, "I need you to send a message to my brother. Tell him that… Tell him what happened and ask if he has any advice."

"Right away" Kiba said, before disappearing into a magic circle. Rias walked around her desk and sat on her chair before placing her forehead on her desk. This day had turned out terribly.

Issei was furious.

Not only had his suspicions been all but confirmed but he now had other things to worry about. This anger was not completely natural. Yes, he would normally be angry, but not enough to smash a table. He had to see if he could get into his inner world now that he was no longer bound as a human.

But at this time he could not help but feel utterly disgusted. People never seemed to change, only helping others if they saw gain. Rias's gain would have been that 'Sacred Thing' that Yuuma was talking about, in the form of a servant through him. Somehow she had turned him into a devil, a servant for her to control. He would not allow that, he had his own will and it would not be crushed.

His one and only wish was to protect others, and if more people would die due to Angels, Devils and whatever else existed in this world, then he would pull down the sky and crush the heavens to protect them. He would not let this world end up like his last, a world left in ash and eternal darkness.

He paused in his slow steps through the midnight alleys of town.

'It seems one of them has decided to come to me' he thought, reaching up to stroke at the grey/gold spirit ribbon of one of the dark winged angels. This was one that he had never met before, he could tell by the small difference in their energy. But this time, something bugged him. He was getting a lot more information than normal from the ribbon. It was almost like touching it told him what this angels emotions were, interesting.

The same warped sound that went off when he first met the male angel echoed through the nights streets.

"How strange." came the voice of a grown woman, "I don't seem to have the wrong person. I, Calawana, have been ordered to erase all traces."
Issei stayed facing away from the woman, hand held firmly on the ribbon that stretched behind him onto the woman, reading her emotions even as she spoke.

"How utterly strange. Why are you alive?".

Calawana's wings burst out of her back as she prepared for the kill, but halted upon an unexpected sound.


The boy was bloody laughing.

Calawana grew both angry and careful. There was no reason for this boy to laugh, so why was he. Had this been a trap?

"If you think I'm laughing because I led you into a trap, then you obviously have no sense of humor" Issei said, before frowning, "Great, now I sound like Urahara with that blood message through the window… I need to bleach my mind of his antics."

Issei turned to face Calawana for the first time. He just stared in annoyance when he realised that the only thing she had on her top half was an incredibly loose leather coat, half her bust sticking out. Her hair was purple and expression almost bored, despite the previous range of emotions he had felt though her ribbon.

Seriously, what was with these God damned Angels and their clothes, or lack thereof. He choked at his own unintended pun. How could Angels be damned by God? No matter.

"So, you are an angel, yes? What is it with you all and your monologues?" Issei asked, matching her own emotionless face.

Calawana cringed, "Do not mess me up with with those do-gooders! I am hardly like them."

Issei was confused now, "Then what are you?" he asked.

"A Fallen Angel, boy. Did you not do your homework?"

'Well look at that, she really is God damned.' he joked, and finally dismissed the ribbon that had been in his hand. It seemed that the beings here could not see the ribbons. Maybe they are not sensitive to Spiritual Energy?

"Sadly..." Issei says, "I am rather new to all this Angel and Devil business, so I have had to slowly try and get my information together. You have been a good help, so thanks. Now if you don't want anything I will just go home now."

He dived out of the way as a light spear with a golden outline flies past.

"I take it as a no then" he frowns, "Truthfully I have had a bad day, so let us end this fast please".

For the first time since reviving with his powers as a demon, Issei flared his power.

And his shirt tore off his body.

'The fuck?!' he thought, before looking behind him. Wings. Two large bat-like wings extended out of his back, pieces of his broken school shirt hanging off of them like a clothes hanger.

The only problem, he was sure bat wings were meant to be black. His own though, were a gleaming bone white. Red fur rested along the top of the wings, covering what he was sure was meant to show.

Calawana seemed to think it was shocking as well, judging by the fact her face had shown its first emotion, surprise.

"Um, I don't actually know what happened, but I will just go along with it" Issei said, turning back to face Calawana, legs bent in preparation.

Calawana seemed to have different plans though.

"This is most unexpected, we shall meet another time. But for now I have to report this to my colleague's" she spoke out. With a single flap of her wings she flew up, before gliding out of sight.

Issei reined back his power, annoyed that he had torn his shirt for nothing, no matter how accidental it had been. With one final sigh at his horrid luck he spun, and headed towards his home.

After much internal debate the next morning he decided to go to school, if only to show that he had no intention of fighting against the devils… Yet. He would see when the time came. But so far the devils would have to pull of something pretty damn amazing to gain his trust.

His walk to school started out rather uneventful, a completely different feeling from the last few days. He was just glad to finally catch a break.

A girls squeal and a crash sounded off from behind him, he turned quickly just in case he would have to fight on that instant. Instead he got a direct look at a pair of pure white panties.

His hand was in front of his eyes faster than he could blink.

"Ohhh, why did I trip?" came the girls squeaky voice from underneath her flipped dress. As she sat back up, recovering herself, she noticed the man just a few meters away, hand away from his eyes now that she was decent.

The man looked down at the girl and studied her. She was blonde, with shining green eyes and clothing of a nun. A small cross hung from her neck stopping right between her small breasts. But the moment Issei reached out with his senses to see if the girl was an Angel or a Devil, he paled. She was neither. Far from it, because she felt very human. The problem was that she felt scarily similar to Orihime…