Permanent Disclaimer: I don't anything from the Voltron universe, I just have fun with writing new stories in that universe.

In this collection of mostly one shots I will publish thee drabbles (up to 500 words) that I wrote for prompts on the site Hunk's Corner ( ). The prompt word had to be used in the story somewhere. The title of the chapter will inform you of the word or phrase to be used.

The characters will vary from story to story, but I liked the idea of writing short stories around a different word each month, so, here is the first one.

Happy reading.

Mix Up

Lotor walked into Haggar's lab, looking for a poison his father had ordered from the witch. He needed it to kill some rebels. The poison would cause a very painful death, perfect to make an example of dissidents. He had planned to ask Haggar where she kept the poison, but she wasn't in her room. The one thing he found was a cauldron with some liquid in it. He didn't know what it was, but knowing Haggar, it was evil. He decided that taking a sample to use against his enemies would be a great idea. It might even help him in finally defeating the Voltron Force.

He filled a small bottle, not enough for Haggar to notice that anything was missing, and left again, planning to later ask her for the poison. With her not labelling the bottles, it would be too risky to take the wrong one. And his father would blame him, not Haggar, for the mistake.

On planet Arus, Lotor lay in waiting for the Voltron Force to appear. He had brought Haggar's creation and planned to drug Keith with it. He just needed a good opportunity. His chance came when the pilots left their lions to investigate the explosion he had set off to get them out of the castle. The way of delivery might be childish, but efficient. He aimed carefully and threw a water balloon filled with tainted water at Keith. It hit perfectly. Of course, the group looked for the source of the balloon, but he kept hidden, wanting to stay undiscovered.

The problem was, nothing happened, except for his hated enemy cursing at getting wet. This wasn't going to plan. He decided to wait, perhaps the stuff was time-delayed.

After two hours, nothing had happened and Lotor had enough. He left his hideout and attacked the Voltron Force while they were away from their lions. Sadly, it wasn't to be and his robeast was destroyed again. Why couldn't Haggar make one that worked? He returned to Doom to complain about the uselessness of her brew to Haggar.

"You used that on Keith? I wonder what kind of secrets he told others. It wasn't a poison, Prince Lotor, it was a truth potion. A powerful one at that," Haggar revealed, "It will make the one drinking it spill their deepest secrets."

"Why would you make that instead of something evil?"

"Do you know how useful it is in interrogating prisoners?"

Lotor had to admit she had a point. When he went to the throne room, his father looked at Lotor with a look that screamed pity.

"Ah, Lotor, I have to tell you some bad news."

"What is it, father?"

"Your quest for Princess Allura is over. Planet Arus has just announced her engagement. It's all over the news."

"What? Who?" Lotor raged.

"The Voltron commander. Seems he confessed his feelings to her and she agreed to marry him."

Lotor blanched. Had the truth potion forced Keith to confess? It would make sense. He swore he wouldn't let that stand.

I thought the idea of one of Lotor's plans backfiring that way very entertaining.