This had to be the worst snow storm since he had come to Arus. They had had lots of different types of weather, including snow, but a heavy snowstorm like this was new. And it was natural, not caused by a new robeast from Lotor and Hagger. They had checked. After the one that dried out Planet Arus, a snow monster wasn't too farfetched as the cause.

The storm had cut off the villages and towns that the Arusians had managed to rebuild from electricity and supplies, therefore the Voltron Force had decided to deliver care packages after three days of the storm burying everything under a thick layer of snow.

"Keith, can you hear me?" Allura's voice came from the communicator on his belt.

"I can hear you Princess," He confirmed.

"I'm done with my deliveries and back on the way to Blue Lion, but I can't see much in this storm."

"We will return to the castle soon. I'm done with the last house on my list as well. I can't wait to warm up in front of a fireplace."

"That sounds great. Hopefully Nanny has some hot chocolate too. I could use it."

"Great idea. I'll go back to Black Lion now."

He put the communicator back to his belt and waded through the deep snow to his lion. He wished he could have landed it closer to the houses, but the lion was simply too big for that, especially as sight was basically non-existent and he had to rely on sensors. Carrying the packages to the houses had been hard, even for somebody well-trained like him.

Finally, he reached his lion and he was glad that he had let the lion lie down instead of the normal sitting position. He would never have managed to jump up to the head with the wind howling like it did. It was hard enough this way. A look at the sensors told him that Blue Lion was active and ready to take off.

He entered his key and Black Lion sat up. He took off, Blue Lion following him. Hopefully, the weather would calm down soon.

Nanny frowned seeing the scene in front of her. Thanks to electricity at most of the castle failing, and Hunk and Pidge being unable to repair it until the morning, when they would have enough light for it, the inhabitants of the castle had assembled in the few rooms that had fireplaces. And right now, Princess Allura was asleep on the shoulder of Keith, both being wrapped into a blanket on the couch. It was totally inappropriate, but she was loath to wake the girl. She had worked hard all day, delivering needed supplies to her people. And her room didn't have a fireplace. She would let it slide just this once, but she would remind Keith that the Princess was taboo for him. She would marry a prince. Not a commoner like the commander of the Voltron Force.